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Sunday, 5 April 2015

5th Anniversary of the Blog

Hi all. Welcome to the fifth anniversary of the blog. I have several things I would like to talk about in this special post.

“History of the Blog”

About a month before the blog started, I started write a log which I only shard with a selected number of people. But then one day Blaire, an old online friend of mine who I had a crush on back then which the log did talk a lot about back then, said that if I do not start posting them online, she will stop reading. I asked her about a good place to do it and she pointed me to Blog Spot/Blogger. The log has changes over the years and still is going strong. This has shocked me as I have tried making websites in the past, but always gave up after several months. At the start of this year thing did seem to be on a downer due to personal problem “THAT I WILL NOT RECOVER HERE” as talking about it here coursed problems with the problems. But luckily the blog has survived, it just lost “Life” section of the “Neoscream’s Life” posts where I took about what I have been doing, dreams that I have had and my thoughts and feelings. So sadly now I do not really talk about what I have been doing during the week outside gaming and what things I have been watching/buying. This has led to a reduction of the number of set weekly posts to two a week.

In the being I use to write the log/blog in a note pad during the day and then type it up in the evening. This took up too much time as I was writing it twice. I then decided to pick up a BlackBerry to save time and then I moved on to a HTC Flyer tablet. Nowadays I write it on a Samsung Note 2 and save the work in on Dropbox. So when I post, I can do it on my computer without messing around downloading off the phone or dealing with trying to do pictures on the bleeping blogger app. Yes you can do pictures on the app, but they all end up at the bottom of the post as you cannot place them like you can on a computer.

Sadly I was hoping to do a redo to the site will a new look that had site draw images (by me or someone else) then using image I got off the web. I might try to slowly work on this.

“Gaming Event Update”

Wargames Workshop MK Is open on Monday, but only from 6PM to 11PM. Normally It is close on Bank Holidays, but they will be open more for game Is bank holiday. I do plan on going. Oh and the gaming evenings start at 6PM or 7PM.

“Some Bad WWE News”

Yesterday I received some bad news that will sadly change the blog. AJ is retiring from in ring WWE action. The statement does not really say that she will not be doing anything with the WWE anymore or wrestling outside the WWE, just that she is retiring from in ring action with the WWE. If she is still going to be working with the WWE, I would love to have her on commentary on ever Raw or Smackdown.

This will most likely mean that there will be no more AJ section in the “Neoscream’s Life” post, yet another blow to the post. What will replace it? Not a beeping clue.


OK technically I do not do this section in posts any more, however I do what to talk about what I have been doing this week as I have been off work and as this is an Anniversary post. This does not include how I am feeling, problems in my life (other than space based) or people I know (well a couple of names are mentioned. I know that the Baka, Immad, will be upset.

I have been busy this week tidying my pit hole bedroom and up grading my computer. I have taken photos before I really started on Monday:

The Black framed storage draws were a new thing that was added during the weekend

Of Thursday evening before emptying/remove the old chest of drawers:

The Computer and TV set-up
Hobby Area
The old chest of draws that I am/have gotten rid of. The wheels at the bottom where no longer standing up and the draws where a nightmare to open and close (why the top three draws were open.

And on Friday when most of the major work was done.

Opps. Been too busy with my room I forgot to change the calender to April.
Two Shades of Turquoise
A more tidy hobby area

As you can see above there was a problem with the chest of draws. Ikea massively changed the shade of Turquoise they use. Instead of being a light shade like the one I got a year or two ago, it’s a very dark shade now. Well there goes the match chest of draws I was hoping for. All that is left real is some more reorganised to the selves, draws and a couple of small boxes.

With the computer upgrades, I have moved all the internal parts into a smaller case as the one Darren H let me was far too big. I have added two new larger hard drives as I was starting to running out of space. The first drive is a 250GB SSD for new software and the other is a huge 3TB to up storage and to hold my music as Windows 8 media software does not like adding stuff off NASs to liberties for some weird reason. I original forgot it was a problem with me until Richard got Windows 8 and ran into the same problem. He installed a second OS, Linx, to play media his media. I have also got some new fans too, but sadly I cannot install yet due to power connector problems. I just need to pick up a couple of converters like the one with the case fan. Due to the hard drives I had to drop any kind of optical drive as the mother board only has four SATA posts (OK I have an odd feeling you can get splitters). Luckily optical drives are becoming less and less important and my mum has an external USB DVD drive which I can borrow if I really need to use one.

“Top Ten Posts of All Time”

Lastly I wanted to post a list of the all-time top ten posts (by view count) of this blog so far. Please note I did this last night, but I dealt that there will be any real changes between then and when I post this. However after posting this is a different thing. Sadly it is mostly Cosplay Deviants post then gaming post which I would prefer these day or Life based post that everyone think it is.

10. Cosplay Deviants: 15th to 21st July 2013 I am stocked that is not higher as it has been in the top ten post of the week most of the time (and mostly at first) since I have added the list to the right hand side of the blog.
1. Heroclix the 14th of July, Avengers vs JLA part 1 At least the top one is gaming related.

Well that is it for this post. So until next time:

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LOL! Had to do that.