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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015

Welcome all to my Salute 2015 post. Unlike the past two years where I post pictures and little content on my blog and then edit them the next day, this year I posted all the pictures on Twitter which then get automatically posted on Facebook and then a big post of the event with all my pictures of the event when I can. Apart from a little chaos (underground being one of them), everything went well with tweeting. I even got several new followers, several posts were favoured and there was a couple of comments on Facebook (family).

Well, where to begin. It was a good time out. Sadly I could not find everything I was looking for. These were magnets to use on my Robotech RPG Tactics stuff, figures to use as M and Q for my Bond team for 7TV and some Zombicide bits I was after. But I did get some interesting stuff. Here is a list of the stuff:

·         The goody bag that came free with my ticket that has the 2015 figure, the 2015 dice, the 2015 programme, a fire arc template (useless to me) and a ton of flyers.
·         A second copy of the 2015 figure as it has two weapon and head options. (£2)
·         A fifty pot paint stand. (£5)
·         Two packs of ten 30mm resin bases from Secret Weapon for my Cygnar Warmachine stuff. (£6 each)
·         A pack of two 40mm resin bases Micro Art Studio for my Convergence Warmachine stuff. (£3)
·         A Torii from Plast Craft Games. (£4)
·         Seven pots of Vallejo paint (the brand I normally use). Light Flesh, Heavy Green, Sun Yellow, Chainmail Silver, Squid Pink, Heavy Orange and Charred Brown. (£10)
·         Peter Pan and Tinkerbell from Tale of War in a bargain bin. (£4)
·         Matlal the Elder from Deepwars in a bargain bin. (£3)
·         Snooper from Sphere Wars in a bargain bin. (£4)
·         Collector from Sphere Wars in a bargain bin. (£3)
·         A pack of three resin base inserts from Dark Age in a bargain bin. (£1)
·         A 100mm resin base from Secret Weapon in a bargain bin. (£3)
·         Cirae from Joek Minis. (£5)
·         Baby Doll New Hope from Agora Miniatures. (£8)
·         A pack of six pure red sable paint brushes. (£8) I decided to not go for better quality brushes as brushes do not long with me sadly.
·         Close Combat Futura from Infamy Black Market. (£15)
·         An Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Office from Warmachine. (£5.35)
·         A purple dice bag. (£2.50)

I shockingly only spent £108.85. Less than the last two years of Salute and everything into my backpack. No extra bags being carried, however I did sadly lost my hat. Face palm.

This year’s theme was Agincourt and it did not really stand out. The only real place I remember seeing the apart from the event goodies at the South London Warlords stand (the people who run the event). I did not get a demo game of beta second edition 7TV in, but I did watch a demo being played and chatted to the person running it afterwards about second edition. I was planning on reposting all the pictures of the event here. However as the is about eighty of them and I have to add one at a time, so it will take too. So here is my Twitter @Neoscream where you can find them all. The labels for this post also includes the pictures from the Twitter post

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.