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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Neoscream's Life: 22nd to 28th June 2015

Welcome to the new Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of what games I have been playing and what I have watch. Sorry for another late post.

“Wargames Workshop MK Monday”

On Monday last week I went down to Wargames Workshop MK to continue our campaign of Arcadia Quest. We played “The Orc’s Hive” scenario. Bob was the clear winner of the scenario and he chose "The Manor" as the next scenario (which we played this week).

After the game Bob had to go so me, Adrian and Michael had a game of Batman Love Letter, the first to five points. I managed to cream them.

After that I had a game of Cardfight Vanguard with Keaton with my Dimension Police Dimensional Robo deck. He destroyed me.


On Thursday I went down to York House for HeroClix. We finally got to do the "Daemon in the Bottle” scenario. 500 points. Team must contain an Iron Man at the start of the game roll 2d6 and Iron Man is affect by the following effect until 2D6 are rolled again. Once per turn any player can spend a power action to force their own or their opponents Iron Man to Re-Roll 2D6:

2-3       Hammer Hacked (Opponent Gives Iron Man an action as a free action at the start of controlling players turn).
4-6       System Errors (Iron Man can't be given power actions and modifies all stats by -2).
7          Trouble on the Horizon (Power Actions required Double Power Actions modify all stats by -1).
8-10     "Demon in the bottle” (Iron Man loses all TA & Keywords and modifies all stats by -2).
11-12   In control of his 'Demons' (no effects).

I went for the cheapest Iron Man with the Avengers keyword and built an Avengers themed team mostly using my new figures from Marvel Avengers Assemble.

75 IM3001R Iron Man Mk 7
85 AVAS002 Hawkeye + 8 ATA004 Thunderbolts
110 AVAS001 Black Widow
96 AVAS010 Echo
80 AVAS015 Living Lightning
50 FFCW006R Scarlet Witch
=504 points

On the first round I was up against Adrian who was also using an Avengers themed team who were:

85 AVAS002 Hawkeye
110 AVAS001 Black Widow
96 AVAS010 Echo
100 AVX002E Iron Man
105 AVAS011 Firebird
=496 points

I managed to win this game. In the second round I was up against Darren S who was also using an Avengers themed team who were:

100 FFOA003R Iron Man
75 FFOA001 Ant-Man
150 FFOA005 Thor
100 FFOA006 Captain America
75 FFOA002 Wasp
=500 points.

Like normal against Darren S, I lost the game, but I was over the moon as I took out Captain America (oh and I also took out Wasp too). On the third and final round I Michael who was using a Stark Industries themed team who were:

35 IIM016 Pepper Potts
37 IIM017 Happy Hogan
125 IIM029A War Machine
300 IIM001A Iron Man
=497 points

I managed to win this game with ease making it two wins out of three games.

This Thursday we should be (unless things change) the “The Reservists”. Named theme teams only, 400 points build plus each team will also have up to 400 points of ‘Reservists’. Essentially a sideline of characters with the same keyword as the main team. No characters may have the same name in both teams. When a character is KOed from your main team, you may, on your turn, use an action(s) from your action pool 1 per full 100 points added to bring in a Reservist(s) figure from your sideline. This character is now a permanent part of your force until KOed itself or removed from play by some other game effect. This Reservist is limited by the point limited of 400 points, so that you may only bring in character(s) to take your force up to 400 points. Reservist may be placed in any legal square adjacent to one of your existing figures, or within your starting area. This reservist may take actions immediately and does/does not have first turn immunity.

“Cardfight Vanguard"

On Saturday I went to Wargames Workshop MK after a brief coffee with my mates, to play some Cardfight Vanguard. I had totally rebuilt my deck on Thursday before going to HeroClix as I received a ton of new cards in the post. My new deck was many now mainly a Dimension Police Cosmic Heroes deck. With the format being Extreme and Free-fight where you have permission to mix clans in decks and G-decks. I also had a grade three Link Joker and two non-Dimension Police G-Units (more for G-Assist) due to the mix clan rules. I managed to get ten games in, winning half of them. There will be a Sneak Peek event at the store this coming Sunday for the new set G Booster Set 3 “Sovereign Star Dragon”, but sadly I will not be able to make it as I am working.

"Borderlands 2"

On Saturday night me, Darren H and Simon got together online to play some Borderlands 2. They were much higher up level than me as I have not really played the game. To be honest I was terrible but I did improve. I was Gaige the Mechromancer, while Darren was Zer0 the Number and Simon was Krieg the Psycho.

“Loot Crate”

On Thursday my June Loot Crate arrived. The theme this time was Cyber. Basically anything Robot and computer based. In the crate this time was:

An Exclusive Transformers T-shirt of Optimus Prime in a Tron style.
An Exclusive Nerd HQ Sticker Sheet.
A large Exclusive Borderlands ZerO Game Mat which I first used on Saturday to play Borderlands 2.
A half scale Exclusive Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica.
An Exclusive Terminator Genisys Brain Chip Keychain
A Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch
A Battlestar Galactica Cylon Target Poster Set
A Exclusive  Glow in the Dark Circuit Gadget Pouch
The June 2015 Badge.
The June 2015 Magazine

It was a great crate. July's theme will be their first ever sequel theme, Heroes 2. By the sound of things it will be DC and Zelda heavy and there will be an exclusive figure.

“Painting and Converting”

It is back, the "Painting and Converting" section is back and for this post I have the MVP Galdo and three Rebs Players from DreadBall.

On Friday's post I should have at least two BattleZones terrain spues. I managed to finish painting last week three more zombies for Zombicide. Yes I know, not really much, but I was busy last week. I am hoping to make up for it this week.

Here is a reminder of the details for the Wargames Workshop MK Painting Contest. Figures must be a Monster or a Machines and be on a 50mm/60mm, however odd shape and slightly bigger based, but only if the Carl or Keaton allows it. Figures must be handed in by the 19th of July.


“Watch, Listen and Read”

Events: Work and then Wargames Workshop MK for some gaming.
Brought and Received: More tiny card sleeves for my Arcadia Quest equipment cards, a Cardfight Vanguard G "Generation Stride" booster and two Cardfight Vanguard G "Fighters Collection 2015" boosters.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Raw.
Events: Work.
eBay: Won a bundle deal of four copies of all the commons and single rares as will as two copies of three of the double rares

Watched: Episode 27 of Cardfight Vanguard G.
Events: Work.

Events: Work and HeroClix at York House.
Received: All the Cardfight Vanguard stuff I brought from eBay and June's Loot Crate.

Watched: That week's episode of WWE Main Event.
Events: Work.

Events: Off work, a brief coffee with Richard, Darren H and Lisa, then Wargames Workship MK for some games of Cardfight Vanguard and afterwards played Borderlands 2 with Darren H and Simon.
Brought and Received: Cardfight Vanguard G "Generation Stride" booster, a Cardfight Vanguard "Golden Mechanical Soldier" Trial Deck, the Cardfight Vanguard G "The Dark "Ren Suzugamori"" Legend Deck and four packs of card sleeves.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS and The Theory of Everything.

Still in the post or soon be should
Half-Orc Adventurers.
My Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King KickStarter stuff.
DreadBall Xtreme wave three.

Until next time, hope for a better tomorrow.