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Friday, 2 July 2010

Blaire and Friends Update 2nd July

Ok a little later then I was first hoping, but here is this week’s Blaire and friends update. Before I start I would like to point out that I made a major mistake in last week’s post, Blaire is from San Diego and not San Francisco like I typed in the post. So wrong San, never mind. Also there were some errors on what I thought was Blaire plans. These will be covered later on in this post.
When I woke up on the morning of the 24th of June I spotted that ZoeySmartz was on line on MFC. As I never really know her, but have written about her on this blog, I decided to pop it to get to know her. When I enter her room I found several surprises, not only had she just logged on, or with SuzySmartz who had not logged in yet, but the fantastic and dreamy Blaire was there too trying to get her laptop working. For people who do not know, her laptop is a Mac/Windows hybrid. After about five minutes of being online Zoey logged off and Suzy and Blaire logged on. I am guessing Blaire was using Zoey’s laptop as she was trying to get her own one to working again later. It was a hotter show then I expected from a trio of known non-nudes models, LOL. Zoey was so luckly, she was able to play with Blaire, LOL. I blame the pimpmister Suzy for that. With the hat she had on she really does look like a pimp. They were all over at Suzy's place. From what I have been hearing there was a lot more fun had after they went off line LOL.

On the 25th of June there was a Tweeter from Blaire:
"First fashion sketch since graduating! Finally able to do things I love :)"

It is good to see that after the ten ton of collage work she did has not put her off desgining.
The next time Blaire was online on MFC was on the morning of the 27th of June. She was still at Suzy's, however Suzy was away on holiday for several days and Zoey was out. Blaire was making lace bras and panties for a ruffle that the Smartz girls will doing at the eXXXotica convention on the 9th to the 11th of July. After see the final product of the bra on Blaire (yummy), I am hope they will not be wearing only them at the expo. After the show we chatted for a bit on PMs:

PMs were removed by request.

Part of the PMs was about the mistakes about her plan. Her mom and grandma are not going on holiday at all and Blaire is going to Switzerland first not Germany

F'ing lag. I decided not to edit the last post as all of the errors would be highlighted in this post.
Blaire made two more Tweeters, one on the 28th and the other on the 30th. The first one was:

"Little kid on hollywood blvd just pointed his finger gun at me and shot me dead"

I will finger nuke him back for that LOL. And the second one was:

"Xoxo love her"

That's Suzy's dog! Oh and speaking about the pimpmister, Suzy, she has recruited a new smartz girl called CharlieSmartz. I have not seen her on cam yet so I have no idea what she is like yet.
Sadly on the night of the 1st of July I found that Blaire was on cam on MFC and must of just left cam as there was chat still on the chat side of her chat room. However she was still log on, so I PMed her saying hi. About five minutes later, she logged off without even saying hi back. I felt down from missing her and upset that she never replied. I think in was the first time I missed her being on MFC, but when I woke up the next morning I find that Blaire was on MFC again. Hippy. She was reading the book I brought her which real made me "so happy". Why can I not get that song she plays out of my head when I think of her. LOL. She was so turned on by reading it when she went in to group, she did what she normally does in private show. I never heard her scream that loud in pleasure before. OMG. WOW. She also showed one of her cute and yummy nipples. After the group show she said she was filling really fantastic after it but tired too. OK, fantastic was not the word she used but sadly I can not remember whgat the word was. Then she logged for with out saying bye. She relogged back on and I PMed her:

PMs were removed by request

And guess what? She logged off again without saying anything. Blaire! LOL.
The girl Blaire's introduced to MFC, NataliaRose, has not been on line for just over a month now. In fact the last time she was on MFC was the first time she was on the site. LOL. Oh, also it looks like I have spent enough tokens on Blaire to unlock her in the Private galery section of were the give random pictures of her in Private show. Well that is it for the Blaire and friends update for this week. The Heroclix post should follow. The Blackberry is really helping getting these posts done much faster. Until next time, enjoy.