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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Cosplay Deviants: Quinn and Kickapoo - Starter

Well it is Wednesday and it is the first new set on a Wednesday on Cosplay Deviants. Also today marks three years of Cosplay DeviantsI found out I was wrong about how often there will be new set. It will not be every Wednesday, but every other Wednesday. This will mean that there will be about 6 new sets a month instead of the 4 we use to get. In this set Quinn cosplays as the Pokémon Mudkip and Kickapoo in to début cosplays as a Pokémon Trainer. This is the photo set Quinn has done that I have seen that had something to do with Pokémon. The first time she did the character May and the second (a non Cosplay Deviants set) one as Mudkip with Noel as Persian.  Wow, this is the first ever Quinn set for a very long time. Luckily there are more waiting to be post and more being made like Magik from the X-Men. Well that is it for today. Until next time, enjoy.