MK HeroClix House Rules

Monday, 13 September 2010

Watch, Listen and Read for the week 6th to 12th September

Another week, another Watch, Listen and Read.
On Monday I watched episode 118 of One Piece, episode 1 of MÄR (MÄR) and episode 6 of Bubblegum Crisis.
On Tuesday I watched this week’s episode of the Gadget Show, five Gadget Show web clips (Best Phone Deals Reviewed, Top 5 Frisbees, Focus Group Test: Music Gadgets, High Definition Camcorder: Smallest vs Cheapest and Nike+ and Competitors Reviewed), episode 37 of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, episode 119 of One Piece and listened to episode 164 of TFWire and episode 246 of Anime Pulse.
On Wednesday I watched five Gadget Show web clips (Robot Olympics, Top 5 Stupid Gadgets, Focus Group Test: PC Peripherals, Luggage Tested to Destruction and Underwater Photography).
On Thursday I watched the recentent Sharlock Homes movie, episode 214 of Bleach, two Gagdet Show web clips (Coolest Water Transport and E-Readers Reviewed), episode 6 of Full Metal Panic, episode 14 of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, episode 13 of Pokemon the Abridged Series and the second Marik's Evil Council special from Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.
Digimon Xros Wars
On Friday I watched a Gadget Show web clip (Top 5 Travel Gadgets), this week New Trick (new season) and episode 7 of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
On Saturday I listened to episode 55 of Manga Pulse.
On Sunday I watched episodes 120 to 122 of One Piece, this week’s episode of Law & Order: UK (new season), episode 1 of Digimon Xros Wars, a Gadget Show web clip (Nokia N810 Internet Tablet) and listened to episode 165 of TFWire.
MÄR was from another demo DVD I got from Neo Magazine. I might try getting this as it was OK and Spike Spencer voice the main character too. But the demo came with two episodes this time so I will wait to make a decision until I watched the second episode. I also tried to watch episode 1 of Saint-Seiya from so studying for the stuff I am doing for DreamClix, however the only full episode I could find was a sub titled one with such bad video quality you barely could read the sub-titles if you could read them. So sadly I had to dump that idea for now. Sadly as this week's list is not that long, I will not be adding an opening or closing video this week. But I try to do a special sometime soon to make up. Until next time, enjoy.