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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Neoscream's Life, 30th of August to 5th of September

Starscream from
Transformers: Animated
Welcome to another week of my life. Last week we had internet nightmares and battery problems with the Wii board, what will this week led to. Oh I will try to put a random Starscream picture at the top of each "Neoscream's Life" post.

Ok on Monday morning there was still no sign of Blaire. I was really worried about her. I thought I would be seeing more of her on-line or at lest on Twitter as she was leaving her fathers and head to London. The internet was working fine. As it was a Bank Holiday, my mum was off, normally this does not effect my Wii Fit training, but after I finished testing, my mum wanted to have a go on it when I had only a little bit of time for training. Never mind. I had lost another 1cm in my waist but gained 4lb. Well gaining weight is not good thing, but with the nightmare of last time of trying to lose but ending up turning some of the fat I loss into muscle which is heavier than fat, I am working on the waist so still losing than is good for me. I was told I had work like normal for a Monday (11am to 5pm), but when I got there, I was told that I started at 11:30am. So I ended up waiting around for half an hour. Luckily I had last week's "Neoscream's Life" to finish writing up. When I got home I found that Blaire and a Twitter post while I was away. She was in the place in Germany she had tried getting to earlier. Other than that I had not a clue on what was happening. Had she already been to the UK and know left? Has she been to the UK at all? I had not a clue. Also I found out from my mum that the washing machine has broken down again. A repair man should be coming in on Wenseday and my dad should off for them. That was really it for that day other than work on last week's "Neoscream's Life" post and watching stuff.

The Twitter Picture from Blaire on Monday 
"Finally made it to the right gundelfingen,
Germany! In the grape vines
On the next day, Tuesday, there was still no reply from Blaire from my e-mail. I know after seeing her Twitter on Monday that there was no need to worry about her, as I knew she was safe. I did a bit of Wii Fit before heading to work. I had work from 11am to 5pm as we were down a member of staff for a month starting this week. In fact it is the assistant manager that is on holiday. It was very busy again and I ended up not getting a broke again. I also badly damage my trousers. They were not bad enough for any major problems because I had a belt on, but I had to bin them as they were not repairable. When I get home SuzySmartz was online on MFC. I popped in to say hi as I was finishing off and post last week's "Neoscream's Life". She had to go a couple of minutes afterwards. Also later on in the evening Noel came online too. As my mum headed to bed, she remembered she forgot to tell me something. Earlier on in the day when she was at work, she was training her staff about selling Post Office Broadband. She showed them how to cheek the maximum speed a customer can get due to phone line and she used our line as an example. It came up as 256Kbps. too damn slow. That most of been the reason why my internet speed is crap. It is not the provider (technical it is as it is BT that maintains the lines), the router or computer/laptop. I phoned Richard to let him know what is happening and he replied that it was worse than his 1Mbps (1020Kbps). After chat about it, he told me about going out the next day to an open mic night at the Slug and Let use with possible Jake and asked if I wanted to go too. I said sure as I had no work the day after. Not long afterwards I headed to bed.

The Twitter Picture from Blaire on Wednesday
"Hello London! Its cold here... Lol captain
On Wednesday, I was not able to do any Wii Fit as dad was off. I decided to watch some Gadget Show web clip, which was playing without much buffeting. While watching the web clips, the washing machine repair man can in and repaired the washing machine, or so we thought. I had work from 11am to 4pm, earlier then I had been doing on Wednesday just recently. When I got home from work, I found out the washing machine had broken down again. My dad had a look at the machine and found that the repair man only re-attached the old warn out belt instead of replacing it which he was meant to. So we had to re-book the repair man to come out again, but it will not be until Monday, lucky my mum was off that work so she will be there when they come. I then went up stairs to me room and noticed that there was a new set up on Cosplay Deviants. To cut a long story short, I decided to finally post about Saturday’s set and this set. At about 7:30pm Richard phone to say that he is on his way to pick me up to go to the open mic night. When we got there, we meet up will a teacher from the school we use to go to when we were back in secondary school and sixth form (collage). She was a performing arts teacher and later Jake and his older brother Nathan (who looks younger) turned up. There were tons of students there. The music was ok and the atmosphere there was great. We are planning on to go next time. When I got home I found that there were two Twitters from Blaire while I was away, first one saying that she was on her way to London. In fact the first one came while I was at work, but for some reason I did not notice it until I got home from the open mic night. The second Tweet was to say that she was in London now with a picture of her standing outside some very British houses. I decided to head to bed.

Thursday was my day off and also both my parents had the day off too. We went off to Asda in the morning to get a couple of day’s food and some new work trousers. While there I glanced at the Transformer and picked up Drift, a new G1 character. Drift was introduced by IDW as part of the Wreckers. I will get into more details in the future when I get round to reviewing him. As we were leaving the store my phone beeped as I finally received an e-mail from Blaire. Hippy. Apart from rebuilding my team, I did not do much to write about. Headed to Heroclix and when I got back I found that Blaire had been logged into MFC. Now was she on cam or not I did not know. Also Noel was on MFC. I was too tied and busy working on my Heroclix post to say hi. About an hour after getting home I went to bed.

Blaire on MFC on Friday
When I got up on Friday morning I feet too tied to do any Wii Fit in the morning. OK I know I should of. I worked on finishing off and posting the Heroclix post. When I was getting ready I had two phone calls that coursed me to miss my bus. The first was the repair man reminding us that they are coming on Monday. OK fine. Then the second was my mum phoning to tell me to try to get Monday off work as she does not have next week off any more because of staff problems. As I missed the bus I got a taxi into work. When I got to work at about 11am, the manager was not so I could not sort things out for Monday on the day. I was down to work till 4PM, but ended up finishing at 5PM as the 4PM stuff were running late. I did not mind as it was extra money. When I got home I found my dad was not home yet, so I was able to do so Wii Fit. After doing twenty minute of Wii Fit I remember I was meant to be cooking dinner as I did not yesterday. However it was 6PM with no sign of my dad and no phone call from my mum. Odd! I was about to start when I got the phone call from my mum saying that she was just leaving work. So I started cook spaghetti bolognese. As my mum walked into to house I went to get the paster when I found that we did not have any in. My mum phoned my dad to see if had finished yet. He had not yet finish but he was about to leave. She told him to bring some paster. We then noticed that there was a message from the repair man saying that due to problems they will be coming on Tuesday instead during the day time. Ok, it was a good thing that I did not get around to try to get Monday. After my dad got home and dinning I head up stairs. While listening to Manga Pulse and working on this, I notice Blaire was online, but in private show. She must have not been on long before going into private as I am sure I checked MFC about 10 to 15 minute before hand. Afterwards the show we chatted vir PMs. She was enjoying her time in London. After she left, an old friend contacted me. We were meant to meet up will they were in town, however they had to cancel as they ended up being stuck visiting family and did not have the time anymore to meet up with me. I was a bit devastated about it. I really wanted to meet up with them. I know it is not their fault so I did not blame them, but it does not stop the fact that I am feeling a little upset. However knowing that they are upset for upsetting a friend, makes me know that the care and that is helping me not to feel as upset as I would have been. I stayed up a little longer than I was plan as I know I would just be lining in bed feeling down.

Street Fighter IV - Sakura kicking Ken's butt
On the next day Saturday I missed judged the time I had before going to coffee and found that I did not have the time to do any Wii Fit. When I got to Starbucks I found that Simon and his girlfriend Lucy had just got there too. This was a rare sight seeing them at coffee as they do not live in Milton Keynes anymore.  Then from out of the blue, moments after we had just sat down, Colette appeared. Another rare sight as she rarely goes to coffee. Darren, Richard and Jake turned up late like normal. We finalised what was happening as there was a change of plans. We were no longer going out drinking down by Simon's and Lucy's, instead we would be going to they place for games as most people did not have money to go out. Also Richard would be picking me up to go over some time between 6 and 7. After we finish our drinks I had a bit of time left before going to work so we popped in to the bookshop and bumped into Darren from Heroclix. Afterwards, I left for work. I started at 11AM and it was hell, Marisa was in and in a fail moud (she was the one I swooped days off lost week with). I asked the jark, as the manager was not in and thatv he was acting Assistant Manager while the real Assistant Manager was on holiday, about having Tuesday off. He first said I could not as they would be already two members of staff short including him. Then I said that I best phone my mum so she could change the day for the repairman to come, which he replied hang on I will have words with the Manager when he gets in. Then later on in the day the jark was constantly pestering me to stay till 9PM, even though I had told him I could not stay as I had plans which were made two weeks ago. When I got around asking Marisa what was up, she told me that she pissed off as it was her day off and she had things to do, but the jark told her she had to come in. Then later in the day at work the manager finally turned up. He told Marisa off for swaring to the jark in front of customers, which she never did. The only swar word Marisa uses is Hell, which is a minor word which most people did not even class as a swar word. In fact she tells people off for swaring in front of her as she is pregmant and does not want her baby hearing that kind of langerage. But the jark said to the manager that she said to him "fuck off". I finished at 5PM and as I was getting my stuff I receved a text message from Richard saying that he will not be going out as he had things to do and to try to get a left from Darren. I tried calling Darren but got no reply. As I was leaving I asked the manager if I had Tuesday off or not. He said I could as the jark and one other member of staff (his bum chum) where away for BMT (Basic Management Training), I would not be able to get a day off until Friday when they return. Ok, fine my I said while thinking "why the hell am I not going too, I have been wait to be sent a lot longer than them". It was too late to phone and cancel on the day so my dad had to try to remember to phone the repair man on Monday. I spent over two hours trying to get a hold of Darren. When I manage to get him, he said he is still waiting from Lisa his fiancée to finish and the he will picked me up. He arrived about 8:45PM with only Lisa, no one else from Milton Keynes was coming. When we got there two of Lucy's friends were alreadly there. We many chatted then than played games liked planned. We only played Scene It! and Street Fighter 4. End up sleeping over.

Transformers: War for Cybertron
He next morning, Sunday. I showed Simon Transformers: War for Cybertron. My and Simon did a little game swoop, Simon borrowed my Brütal Legend while I borrowed his Batman: Arkham Asylum. We watched several episodes of Ninja Warrior going back home. I was too tired to do much as I did not sleep well at other peoples places.  I played some Batman: Arkham Asylum and watch some Anime. When I was about to go to bed I went to close the laptop and the covers on one of the hinges broken. It reviled that there was a switch board connected to the hinge which the cover hold down and with the cover broken there is nothing stopping the switch board from bending and bracing. Meaning I cannot close the laptop unless I do more damage to it. Great, now I have to send it off to be repaired again.

Well that is another week over and done with. Apart from while down at Simons It was not a great weekend. A meet up with a friend was cancelled on Friday, Richard pulling out at the last moment and problems at work on Saturday and the laptop broking on Sunday. The only plan for next week is sending the laptop off for repairs again and Jake's Birthday Party on Saturday. Well until next time, enjoy.