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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Heroclix Special 2

OK, let me get this Heroclix special start. Next week we are starting a Heroclix campaign. The main reason I did not post this in the main Heroclix post was because that I only had a print out until now of the rules of the campaign.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths is a Multiversal catastrophe that resulted in the destruction of countless parallel universes and the recreation of a single positive matter universe (and an antimatter universe) at the dawn of time.  At the beginning of time, the Big Bang occurred, forming the universe. However, where there should have been one universe, there were many, each one a replication of the first, with their own separate histories. At the present time, a great white wall of pure anti-matter energy stretches out across the cosmos. It pervades the Multiverse, consuming entire universes threatening to destroy many world and realities, superheros unite to save their timelines. This will be a 12 week campaign game, 3 games per week. Build a pool of 2000 points worth of figures and each battle will be decided by the following die role:

1 = 200 points.
2-3 = 300 points.
4 = 400 points.
5 = 500 points with 3 actions only.
6 = 600 points with 4 actions only.

Figures Ko’d in a round might be unavailable for following battles dependant on a die roll.

           1-2 = MIA (Miss the rest of the campaign)
           3 = Broken Limbs (Miss 4 Rounds)
           4 = Hospitalized (Miss 3 Rounds)
           5 = Beat Up Real Bad (Miss 2 Rounds)
           6 = Concussed (Miss 1 Round)

Your force can be made up of Marvel, DC or Indy clix (No Banned Figures: Skull Miss Marvel and Warbound feat) and you are able to mix universe if you like. You may only add a figure to your Build Pool once (based on rank and figure number) and if it becomes MIA you can’t use the figure for the rest of the campaign; example you can have a Veteran Logan but if MIA you may only recruit/upgrade a rookie or experience Logan in future.

Figure will gain 5 XP when they KO opposing figures which may be spent on feats for the character or on upgrades (rookie > experience > HOT Spiderman   > WOS Spiderman or pooled to add a new figure to your build pool.

Week 1-3 Crisis begins (Standard Rules)
Week 4-6 Death of a Hero (Each week last character KO’d become MIA regardless of die roll)
Week 7-9 Replacements (Collect hero points to replace fallen comrades)
Week 10-12 Time to save your Universe (Team builds can only be hero or villains and single universe)

We have already rolled the points values for the first three weeks. Week 1 will be 200 point, week 2 is 300 point and week 3 is 500 points with 3 actions only.

On Friday my order arrived from 13Th Floor. I ordered a brick of Web of Spider-man (10 Boosters) as well as seven other figures (two extra Symbiotes, Robin from Brave and the Bold, Damian Wayne, Wonder Woman from Brave and the Bold, Diana Prince and Balder).  Below is a list of all the figure I got from Web of Spider-man:

01. HAMMER Agent x2
02. Symbiote x3 (2 order separately)
03. Researcher x1
04. Nurse x1
05. Code: Blue Officer x1
06. Mugger x1
07. Spider-man x1
08. Peter Parker x1
09. Vemon x1
10. Eddie Brock x2
11. Prowler x2
12. Puma x2
13. Will-O‘-the-Wisp x1
14. Iron Man x2
15. Molten Man x1
16. Ironclad x1
17. HAMMER Elite Operative x2
18. ?
19. Chameleon x1
20. Firestar x2
21. Lt. Marcus Stone x1
22. Spider-man x2
23. ?
24. Ben Reilly x1
25. Anti-Venom x1
26. Black Cat x1
27. X-23 x1
28. ?
29. Wolfsbane x1
30. Mary Jane Watson x1
31. Daken x2 (1 as a free gift)
32. Vector x1
33. ?
34. Victor Mancha x1
36. Vermin x1
37. Scorpion x1
38. ?
39. Iron Patriot x1
40. ?
41. Cardiac x1
42. Bullseye x1
43. Wolverine x1
Dark Avengers
44. Rocket Racer x1
45. ?
46. Jackal x1
47. ?
48. ?
49. ?
50. ?
51. ?
52. Morlun x1
53. Red She-Hulk x1
54. ?
55. ?
56. Mysterio
57. ?
58. Green Goblin x1
59. ?
60. ?
61. ?
62. ?
63. ?
64. ?

Sadly no Carnage, Norman Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson, Scarlet Spider, Nightcrawer, Deadpool or Iron Man/Warmachine duo figure.

I decided not to do any DreamClix figures for this special in the end. Instead I am going to talk about the Shonen Jump Heroclix (or ShonenClix for short) I am designing. I am planing on designing at first an eight figure starter and a standard booster set with 60 figures, 4 chases, 6 LEs and a brick figure. The basic idea is the starter will be a Naruto vs Bleach. Maybe Naruto, Sasuke, the daemon brothers, Ichigo (Soul Reaper, ever pre or post Zangetsu awaking), Rukia (de powered) and two random named Hollows like Sora (Orihime's older brother). The main 60 figures from the starter with split up this way. Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece geting 11 figures each. Yu-Gi-Oh and Death Note geting 5 figures each and the last 6 are from other mangas. Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece will each have a chase figure and them, Yu-Gi-Oh and Death Note will each have a LE. The chase figures will be ever, Character that are only mansoned or appeared in flashbacks, e.g. Kaien Shiba from Bleach or anime only characters e.g. Sora from Naruto: Shippūden or a sneak peck of the future of the magna e.g. adult Goku from Dragon Ball Z or non Shonen Jump characters e.g. Guyver. The theme of the set is “the start”. Characters will be from the first couple of story arcs. I will try to go into a bit more details in next week’s Heroclix post.