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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 20th to the 26th of September

Starscream from the up and
coming new show
Transformers: Prime

Well last week I was busy tidying my Heroclix, having battery problems and mad rush getting my blog posts written and up. What will this week lead to? Oh and I am not digging the new look Starscream from Transformers: Prime.

On Monday I was awoke by my mum phoning me on my mobile. She had talked to the guy in the repair shop by her and the said by the look of it the printer was damage due to pulling paper in the wrong way. They also said it would be better to buy a new printer than repair it. Great, so that means I have to buy a new printer after work. After the call I noticed my phone’s batteries were in the red. WTF. It was on change for most of yesterday and when I went to bed it was fully charge. So I had to plug in into the mains charge, which meant I could not work on last week’s log in the morning. Because of this I decided to watch the last four episodes Death Note. The show was great, but the second half was not as great as the first half. However the ending was great with the way Light reacted. Same it was the L want-a-be that revived him and not the real L who die. On the way to work my blue tooth headphones ran out of battery power. Really, WTF. They were on charge to of yesterday day and morning too. What is it with me and rechargeable batteries just lately? In face what is it with me and technology? Everything seems to break down or not work recently. Never mind. Anyway also on the way to work I write the whole of Monday’s entry for last week’s log.  Wow that was quick. I also finish Tuesday’s entry during my lunch break. When I finished at 4PM, I headed to Curries as they were right next to us. I was after a Kodak printer as we still had ten tons of ink for it as the old one was a Kodak and the ink is so damn cheap. You can get a black ink cartridge and a colour ink cartridge for less than a black ink cartridge for for make of printer. Ok a Kodak cartridge does not last as long as a cartridge from another company, but in the long run they are still cheaper to run. Oh and when I am talking about printer, I am talking about an all in one printer (printer, scanner and photocopier). Currys had three different models of Kodak all-in-one printers. One was £80 but on sell for £70, a wireless one that was £140 but on sell for £90 and another wireless one for £100. My mum was perpaired to spend the money on the one on sell for £70, but I said I would be willing to add £20 to it for the £90 wireless one. But sadly they were out of stock of the £90 one. However they did say PC World had one in stock. For those who do not know Currys, PC World and Dixsons are all a part of the same company. So I had to walk all the way to PC World. On the way I stopped at a newsagent by the train station to get a drink and notice they were selling Christmas Kit-Kats bars. There is still three months left until Christmas. I also decided to quickly pop into Toys'R'Us to see if they had any Transformers I want on sell. I picked up Transformers: Animated Prowl with sidecar/samurai armour (Samurai Prowl) for a third off. When I got to PC World they sadly did not have the printer I wanted in stock, so I had to go with the £70 one, but I did end up spending £16 more for a 3 month protection for it so if anything like this happens again I can get it replace with no extra charge. When I got home I found I had a massage on Twitter from one of the hosts of TFWire which I replied to. Also there was a new tweet from Blaire. She was heading to Milan for the Milan fashion week. That is so her. Hope she enjoys it. When I get home I watched some anime and finished all but Sunday and the end of last week log.

Samurai Prowl
It was Tuesday and I had the day off. When I was checking Anime-Media to see if there were any new episodes of the shows that I am watching, I notice a trailer for Final Fantasy XIV (14) and watched it. It looks just like Final Fantasy XI (11) but with better graphics. Both are MORPGs. After watch the trailer I finished and posted last week’s log and on time. Hippy. Then I decided to finally get back on working on my game MS Wars by fixing the four problems I had last time we tested it (Ramming, friendly cover, turrets and ?). I also posted on my MS Wars blog to let people know that I am back working on it. I was searching the web for a picture for my MS Wars blog post and found a picture I had to send a link to Simon and Blaire and show my mum when she got back from work. After fixing the problems I looked for an anime internet radio channel and found one called Anime Acdarmy radio. I then worked on the DreamClix side of my Heroclix post. I then received an e-mail for Blaire which was a reply re-email her eairlier on in the day. I than sent her another e-mail asking her how was the holiday going. That was it really.

On Wensday my Dad was off work so I could get a left into work. But before I headed off to work I built a 200 points team for Heroclix as I could not use the planned team and I did some major change to the game I am desgining, MS Wars. I will explain the changes in my next post on my MS Wars blog. I was down to work 12PM to 9PM but as we were dead and had all our staff in that meant to be in, I ended up finishing at 7PM. When I got home I just worked on this week's log and my MS Wars game.

On the next day, Thursday, we ran out of bread, milk and toothpaste. Luckily there was enough Milk for breakfeast and toothpaste to clean my tooth. I did not have the time to go before work, so I had to hope I had the time after work to get them somewhere. I worked from 11AM to 4PM. I decided to phone my dad to get the stuff we had run out of. He does work at a mini supermarket store so it would be easier for him to get them. When I got home quickly surfed the web before cooking dinner. I ended getting to Heroclix a little later than I hope because my dad was late home, so I had to get the flooding tables as the tables we perfer had been taken. I ended up getting back home at about 11:30PM and going to bed at 1AM.

On Friday I woke up from a nightmare. The nightmare begins with me and a large number of my mates for some reason went to this huge bank. Then out of no where, a group of armed men with angry dogs came in. It was an armed robbery. They locked the main doors and headed to the back of the bank to where the vault was. They had not left any one guarding the bank visitors. So for some unknown reason Darren H and Simon decided to get everybody to mob the robbers. I tried to talk them out of it but it did not work everyone went off after the robbers. I followed but for some reason I was lagging behind. Then I entered some kind of maze. It almost felt like I was in a computer game. Some kind of Final Fantasy and Batman: Arkham Asylum mix. Everybody was nearing the end of the maze. Though out the maze there were sleeping guards left by the rubbers which everyone were avoiding. For some unknow reason I could see an over head map of the maze but that is where the problem started the rout I took led me to a deadend. On the map it looked like I could turn left, but in fact what seemed to be a left turn was another path on a defferent elevation. I turned around and headed back. Even me or some else awoke one of guards, as all the guard woke up and the other robbers started rushing out of the valute room. Everybody retriter, but for some reason we ended up leave the maze a different rout then we entered it. We were out side. There were two swimming pools and it seemed that we were on top of a hill. For some reason it felt like a dead end and there was a moment were we wondered where are the robbers. But the robbers appear at the doorway. We all we crashed down. Most of the robbers stand there by the door while one of them walked up to me. He was carrying an electric drill. He started threatering to drill me. I was terrorfred. After a while he gave up and walked being me threatering some one else. Then out of the blue I felt a poke in the back and I woke up. I hate nightmares. But the scary thing is, about an hour after my mum received a phone call from my dad. The shop he runs just had an armed robbery. He said he is OK (knowing him that is a lie). I went to work worrying about my mum who was stressing out about it, which is not a good this becouse of her hart problems. I worked from 11AM to about 6PM. When I finish my dad was home. My mum told me that my stupid heroics my dad did. When the armed robbery was happening he was doing some work in the office. He then went to cheech on the store a notice a person in a ballayclrver holding a knife. My dad grabbed a near by trolly and charged at the guy, pinning him to the wall. Stupidy my dad forgot to cheek to see if there were more of them, which there was. They ended up returning the favour and rammed him into a wall with the trolly. He then co-oparated like he shouyld have had by his work contrate. His back is meant to be brused but how badly we did not know becasuse he will not show my or my mum. Also there was a post on Twitter from Blaire. She was opn the train to Spain now.

Only Rich and Jake turned up for coffee as Darren H was busy with Lisa trying to get breakfearst at Sainsburys, as according to what Richard said about the text he recived from Darren, the place they were at did not have a kictin. Have they finally gotten a place of their own? Did I miss heard Richard? Did Richard miss read the text? We planned to meet up later on, but I had to contact Richard after work to find out what was happening. I got to work for a 12PM start to find it was busy as the 11AM person had not turned up let. I was meant to of finished at 5PM but because of problems and the fact we were busy I ended up finihing at 7:20PM. Because of the later finish I could not get a left from my dad to the place I was meant to meet the others and as I felt tird I decided it is best not to go out sadly. As I recived an e-mail from Darren S with the information I needed I finished off and posted my Heroclix post before going to bed.

Sunday was a day of like normal. The was a new photo set from Jsica on Cosplay Deviants so I decided to post a post about it on the log but had a real nightmare tying to post correctly. It took an hour to post a post that should on taken ten minutes. After finally getting it to post correctly, I went to do a little bit of food shopping with mum as she forgot to get anything for lunches. While shopping I noticed an Iron Man advent calendar which I had to get being a big Iron Man fan. Apart from that not much happen apart from posting the new “Watch, Listen and Read” post.

Friday did really get to me. Never mind. Well until next time, enjoy.