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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 6th to the 12th of September

Starscream Prime ???
Welcome to another week of my life. Sorry about the late post, like I said eairlier in the week I have been a bit busy and had some problems. I decided not to combine the two weeks, but post them when they are ready. All of this will mean that the next Neoscream's Log will be late as well. Last week we had a bit of bad luck during the weekend, what will this week lead to?

Ok on Monday not much happened during the morning or at less what I can remember (I am writing this on Saturday with notes that were written Thursday). Did not do a Wii Fit, have not been in the mood. When I get to work at 11am I found out that I do have Tuesday off now and that I would be finishing at 9PM instead of my normal 5PM. I quickly phoned my dad and found out that luckily he had not cancelled the repairman yet. After work I had dinner, watched some stuff and went to bed.

On the next day, Tuesday, there was a Twitter from Blaire. She had just left London and was heading to Amsterdam now. Then I had a phone call from my mum. She was contacted by the repair man that he would be there between 12PM and 2PM. So I tidied downstairs, watch some stuff and surfed the web while waiting for the repair man who turned up at about 2:45PM. He agreed that the other guy should have replaced the belt as the old one had stretched and worn down too much to work. After he left I put a load into the washing machine, had a bath and then played a bit of Batman: Arkham Asylum. I just got to the part were you have to take out the goons guarding Commissioner Gordon.  Oh and my mum had took her car in to be MOTed in the morning. She had to take it in to another place then she normally does because of the lack time off. They phoned her mid day saying there was £1,050 worth of repairs needed to be done to it. They said they would be finish with the repair by the time she finished work. However, due to problems the car was not ready to be picked up on the day. Before going to bed I learnt that there was a new DLC coming/just out for Transformer: War for Cybertron.

On Wednesday morning I finally got around to order a brick of the new Heroclix set "Web of Spider-man and a couple of other figures. I had work from 11AM to 5PM. My mum got her car back with a note saying that she needed to replace her brake pads in the not too distant future. The main problems with it were the rear suspension and catalytic converter.

Thursday was my day off and also my mum's. We decided to do a little bit of food shopping. I decided to quickly check Cosplay Deviants forum to see if there was anything to reply to as I was close to hitting 100 posts. I notice a ton of threads in the Off-Topic section had new posts. However most of them were from a new member that joined the day before, garcia09. They were something like:
"Thank you for making this my 85th post"
ChronoClepsydra's Avatar
I was finding this very annoying and thougth I was the only one until the member ChronoClepsydra and deviant AyashaKitsune started to voice their annoyance about garcia09's posts. The only good thing about it was that it brought up a couple of old threads that I never saws. Like a Transformers: War for Cybertron thread and an X-Box 360 users thread. After doing a bit of food shopping with my mum I went back on to Cosplay Deviants and posted some more and managed to hit the 100 posts mark. I finally made it, I am a VIP Member. As Blaire had not been very active on Twitter, I decided to e-mail her to see how thing were going. At Heroclix I manage to get the Bruce Wayne AE figure. Darren had a spar one he did not need and as it was a common were was no need to keep for trade. At that point of time I only own one Brave and the Bold figure, which I got from 13th Floor with my new starter. I did not buy any boosters from this set because of money and the fact that I not really a DC fan. The only thing I really like about DC is Batman. Heroclix ended quickly for once, I did bsome work on the write up and headsed to bed.

When I got up on Friday morning, I finished off the Heroclix post and posted it. I also booked my laptop in to be picked up for repairs. It was booked in for Tuesday. I had work from 11AM to 5PM. When I got back home from work found my order from 13th Floor had arrived and spent the rest of the day cheecking my brick out and listing what I pulled. Also when cheecking for new posts on Cosplay Deviants and noticed that garcia09 post count had dropped to 48. The Admin had deleted his spam. Also the Admin noted the the forum was getting too busy for him and that he is thinking on hiring some mods to help out.

Nathan and Richard (wish I had a flash on my phone)

On the next day Saturday, I bumped into Adian from Heroclix on the bus on my way to coffee. We talked a bit about the campaign and the new Heroclix set Web of Spider-Man. Like normal I wasw the first too coffee. Darren H was the next to arrive. He had just recived an odd text massage from Simon. He said that Jake will not be going to coffee. The odd thing was about it was that why was Simon telling us that. Then Darren asked have you seen the change on Richard status on Facebook. I did not as I have not been keeping up to date with Facebook. Darren said that acording too his status, he is single now. Just the other week, we were wondering what was happening between him and Vicky as we have not seen or heard of her for over a month. Then Richard turned up without Jake. He confumed the fact that they had broke up yesterday. He seemed more cheerful then he had been for a while. I can not and will not be go into any details on this. As Jake was not there to say what was happening and Richard and Darren not having a clue. I said to Richard that I will call him after work to find out what was happening about Jake late birthday party. I started work a 12PM and was meant to finish at 5PM, but ended up finishing at 6:15PM as we were two members of staff down. When I phoned Richard he about what was happening, he told me that it will be at the Secklow Hundred at 7:30PM. Sadly because I finished work late and problems with dinner, I ended up leaving the house at 7:30PM, but when I got there no one was there. I phoned Richard to make sure I had the right time and place. He was with Jake as Jake’s mother offered them a left. They had just picked up Jake’s brother Nathan and were on the way. Not long after they turned up Colette, her boyfriend and a bunch of others turned and about an hour after that Darren, Lisa and several others turned up. Sadly as me, Richard and Jake are not smokers and everyone else are, most of them many hanged around outside the bar, leave the number people to chat to small (in the UK you cannot smoke in public buildings). I found out from Jake what was the odd massage from Simon was all about. Jake could not get Richard on his mobile and as he was chatting to Simon on Facebook, he asked Simon to contact us to let Richard know. However, he did manage to contract Richard to let him know. Oh the reason why Simon and Lucy were not there was because they had to look after Lucy's little girl. I jokingly tried keeping a trace of our drinking. Sadly as people were randomly buying Jake drinks I could not keep trace of him. I had one Diet Coke, three VK orange and 1 WKD blue as Nathan got me the wrong drink at Secklow Hundred while Richard had five double Vodkas, four of them with Monster Energy Drink. As I queued up to buy a round of drinks for me, Richard and Jake, people decided to head to a club called Groove, so I left the quee. A lot of people had left earlier including Darren and Lisa. All that were left was me, Richard, Jake, Nathan, Colette, her boyfriend and two others. Nathan and Colette's boyfriend were chatting and at first seemed to be getting along. Then Nathan did an acsent that the guy did not like and he snap, really snap. He had too much to drink. Colette held him off and Richard stood in between them. Nathan's chilled out and charasmatic way of things was not helping one bit. Colette shouted at everybody to stay out of it a leave. Me, Jake and one of the others, Lizzy, did what she asked and walked off. Colette had to shut at Richard several time to go and take Nathan with him. He finally did what she asked and then we headed off to Groove with three less people as the other person stayed at with Colette. After a round of drinks whichg I had a Diet Coke and Richard did not have one, and a bit of dancing we called it a night. The bust up and the lack of people readly damaged the mood to contiual.

On the next day, Sunday, I decided to reorganise my Heroclix collection. I use to have them divided up in TAs, but as TAs have started to cross univeres (Mystics and now PD) and more figures having two TAs are apearing, I need to find a defferent way. I decided of alperbeting them. I got about half way into spliting them up in their starting letter before calling it a night and going to bed

Sadly I had to dump a couple of things I was planning to put into the log so that I could speed up writing the log and getting it done so I can start on the next one. Next week will not be a big post as nothing much really happen. I have just been busy. Well until next time, enjoy.