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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Neoscream's Life, the 13th to the 19th of September

G1 Starscream

I will try to make this quick as not much happened and to get everything back in pace. So quickly I wrote most of it in one day. In fact six out of seven days was written. This has lead to me posting this week’s “Neoscream’s Log” on time. Oh and yes even thou I have a Transformer picture on this post I am not giving to the Transformer label.

On Monday about half an hour before I had to go to work I found my BlackBerry's when dead. I found this a little odd as I had gave it a quick charge the day before and had not used it at all on Sunday. I had work from 11AM to 6:30PM. I was down till 4AM but we were still down two members of staff. I was a little pissed that I had to stay as I bearly had power on my BlackBerry to contact my parents and that I was not told that I had to stay longer until less then an hour before I was meant to finish. Other than work I was still busy tidying my Heroclix.

Random picture of Venice
It was my day off on Tuesday and my mum was off too. My laptop was picked up by the curryer to go off to be repaired. After having a good look at it, it was not just the hing cover that was broken but the chunchy metal hing has snaped too. After it was picked up we went to PC World to get some printer ink and printerble sticky labels for my mum. Other than that I was still busy tidying my Heroclix and building the teams for the Heroclix campaign starting on Thrusday. Oh and there was a tweet on Twitter from Blaire. She was on her way to Venice now after visiting Paris and Amsterdam.

15mm Romans
On Wenseday morning I quickly colleted the Heroclix figures I needed for the campaign before going to work. I had a long work shift, 12PM to 9PM. As I was about to leave the person in charge of the shift got a phone call. After the call he told me to come at 12PM the next day instead of 11AM. Ok fine. When I get home I started to write up my teams on the team build pool form Darren S gathed. I also did a mad rush rebuild and re collecting the 300 point team (read the pervius Heroclix post). There was also two more tweets on Twitter from Blaire. One was a reply to someone saying that she would be back in the USA in October and the second was that she had now been to Venice and is heading to Rome. Oh my mum would so love to go to Rome, she is really into her Roman history.

My 200 points Gothan City team
The next morning on Thursday. I rebuild and collected the 300 point team again as I had a bit of time to rethink the time. When I got in for a 12PM start, I was moaned at for not turning up for 11AM. It was the Jurk moaning. I finished work at 4PM and when I got home I collected the cards for figures that had special abilities and then cooked dinner. After I got back from Heroclix I started doing the writeup for it. I got to ther end of the second round before going to bed.

I managed to finish the write-up for my Heroclix post on Friday morning just before heading to work. I was down to work from 11AM to 4PM but ended up finishing at about 6PM. As I was not feeling well and was tired from two long days, all I realy did weas posted my Heroclix post and went to bed.

On Saturday I had battery problems with my BlackBerry again. Lucky I noticed it early in the morning and plugged it in the mains charger then plugging it into the computer. This meant I could not do any work on the week before’s log. At coffee Richard and Jake were late as Richard was giving someone a left to somewhere else and Darren never came as only just woke up at when we were meant to meet up. It looks like Jake might have pulled on last Saturday as Lizzy and him have been texting each other a lot during the week about meeting up. Had work from 12PM to 6:15PM and I manage to finished last week’s log during my lunch break. Fantastic! So when I got home I posted it. Richard was meant to coming over to mine to swap around the DVD’s he was borrowing. He left it too late in the day and we decided to do it on Sunday instead.

I really want this piece of kit, the Nyko Wii Party Station
The next day, Sunday, I awoke from dreaming about Blaire. I am not worried about her as I can tell with the couple of tweets that she has posted that she was safe but busy. I am however really missing not seeing her on line or hearing her voice. Never mind. I managed to finish off tidying Heroclix figures and did a little bit of tidying of my room. Richard came over in the evening. He was borrowing some of my anime series and wanted to swap them for the next volumes. While I was swapping the DVDs around, my mum was using the copier side of print to photo copy some stuff for work. However for some odd reason the printer kept getting paper jams a first. Richard helped my mum un-jam the paper jam. Then the printer stopped working at all. We plugged it, opened it up, but could not find any problems with it. As there was some repair guys working by where my mum works, we decided to take it in to them on Monday to have them have a look at it. After chatting for half an hour to an hour, Richard headed off as he was feeling tired. One of the things we talked about was planning another Wii party ever next Saturday or the Saturday after that. When Richard left, I did some work on the next Heroclix post as I wanted a break from the log and then I went to bed.

With that done, everything should be back to normal now. OK I cut out a couple of minor bits like my cold to speed up the write up, but there was not as much to write up this week. The only real plan for next week is met up with Richard some time during the week (may be on Tuesday). However, other than that there are no real plans yet for the week. Until next time, enjoy.