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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 21st to the 27th of March

The first five Iron Man Armours

Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week was on car park duty at work and help a friend with their garden, but what does is week's post have hold for me.

Blaire was on-line Monday morning. (Again writing this days after does not help with writing it up.) Before going to work I manage to get something to work that I had been trying to get to work all weekend. I did not talk about is last week as it is a secrute project I have been doing. This means that I can do it, however I still need to decide on a formate to do it in. I worked from 10AM to 2PM. We were under staff most of lunch time as most of the 12PM start stuff did not turn up until 1:30PM due to problems on the M1. I did not go to the gym as my legs when hurting, most likey from the gardening I was doing on Sunday. When I got home I posted DreamClix Dial Design post I was meant to have posted yeater day and two Cosplay Deviants posts one of the set from Friday and one of a Jsica set I missed from just before Christmas. I manage to find it as the Cosplay Deviants website was heavly revamped. The models now have all their sets linked to their profiles, there is now a video section with old videos they use to have before I joined and you now stay logged in longer. The only problems at the moment are the fact that the event galaries are missing and they have not updated the preview for next Saturday's set. Sadly I did not get around to posting the new MS Wars post before going to bed. However it was all ready on the database.

Blaire on Monday
On Tuesday I got around to donating £15 to the Red Cross for the Japan Tsunami Appeal. However I found out afterwards that Fanprojects had ran out of Blesser two days ago. Never mind. I worked from 10AM to 1:30PM. As my legs were still hurting I did not go to the gym again. When I got home I posted last week's Neoscream's List post and the MS Wars post that was meant to have been done yesterday. Also the preview of Saturday's new set on Cosplay Deviants finally can up. It with be a Jsica set next and the preview picture is quite hot. Sweet.

On Wednesday apart from working 11AM to 4:30PM I did not do much notable. Busy on the project and the Heroclix post.

The preview picture of the Jsica's
new set
On Thursday I found that there were no updates for CosmicBreak this week as they still can not get into their Japanese offices. They are hoping to be back to do an update next week. I worked from 10AM to 2:15PM. As I was leaving Marisa came to visit with her body. He so does look like his father Atif. Still have no idea when Atif is back in the country. Legs are still hurting, but they are a lot better. I am hoping to be able to go to the gym tomorrow. There was no Heroclix this week so I post the Heroclix post a day earlier.

On Friday apart from working 11AM to 5PM I did not do much to be note wervy again. At about 9:30PM I recived an e-mail that said my brick of Giant Size X-Men was in the post.

On Saturday morning Blaire came on-line. She has not been on line for a while again due the Kola falling sick again with something else. Kola is currently at the pet Hospital and Blaire is busy bleaching her house. Blaire had some fun with Cudda again before leaving. At coffee was Richard and Darren H. Richard told me that he would be leaving his at about 11AM on Sunday to pick people up for a 12PM start. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM. As I was finishing work I asked when was I starting on Monday and I was told 12PM. When I gort home I found my brick of the new Heroclix set arrived in the post. I will talk more about it in next week's Heroclix post. Before going to bed I posted monthly MS Wars Update post and cheecked out the new Cosplay Devients set by Jsica. Oh and adjusted my clock as the clock are going forward one hour in the morning.

Blaire on Saturday
Sunday was my day off work like normal. Before going to Role-Play I posted a preview post of the new Cosplay Devients set and started play a new game that is in Open Beta testing called Pockie Ninja. It is a RPG/Beat-them-up game whern you get to play as a Chibi version of a Naruto or Bleach character. As I could not choose Hinata or Kakashi from Naruto I ended going for Momo from Bleach. Me text me at 11:20AM to say that he was just leaving but be needs to get pesal first. He pick me up at 12:30PM after pick up the others. So we did not start till 1PM. This week, our characters finally gained their powers. Nathean's character became super strengh and tough. Richard's character can not be dected by electronics and people forgrt about him. And my character can repair and rebuild anything and most of my skills went up 20%. When I got home I posted the next DreamClix Dial Designs, however I did not post the week's Watch, Listen and Watch.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thursday 31st March: Cosmic Break News Update (if it happens) and Units - Grey Jeep (MS Wars only).
Friday 1st April: Heroclix.
Sunday 3rd April: Watch, Listen and Read, DreamClix Dial Designs part 9 and maybe a Cosplay Devient set preview.
Tuesday 5th March: Neoscream's Life, DreamClix Dials List part 10 (Maybe) and Units - Human Bikers (MS Wars only).

Until next time, have fun.