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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 10th to the 16th of October

Welcome to another week of my life, now back on the tabet. The week before last was a lack of hours at work and the start of a bunch on new games, but what did last week bring.

On Monday morning before work I attempted to battle the first gym leader in Pokémon Rijon Adventures. Sadly I failed. His Vaporeon is a bit too nasty. I worked from 10:30AM to 3:45PM. When I got home I posted last week's Watch, Listen and Read post and did a bit of training on Pokémon. I decided to change Diglett for Slowpoke. As Slowpoke was level 5 I had a lot of training to do. On the Gadget Show this week they announced the dates for the Gadget Show Live 2012. I must check with my mate if they want to go. Before going to bed I battled the gym leader again and won this time.

On Tuesday morning I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I worked from 10:45AM to 2:30PM. When I got I played some more Pokémon. I catched a Cubone, called it Sixshot and replace Jackal (the Bellsprout) with Sixshot. In the evening Blaire came online and was later joined by Pudda, I mean Cudda. When I went to bed it took me about an hour to get to sleep even tho all day I was tired.

Blaire on Tuesday
On Wednesday morning I could not sleep as well. Great sleeping problems and there is a big managers' meeting tomorrow. I worked from 11AM to 4:45PM. When I got home I play so more Pokémon and found a jamming bug outside the Day Care. See picture. I tried battling the second gym leader but failed. I received a text from Darren S also, saying that then is no HeroClix this week.

On Thursday morning Blaire was online with Cudda again. I worked from 10AM to 4:45PM with managers from over stores getting in foot. When I got home I did a bit of training on Pokémon and got the dial designs ready for tomorrow's HeroClix posts.

Now for this week's CosmicBreak update news. There is a new chibi called Pepo-chan who is the Halloween based character I saw last week. She is the first of another Chibi Collection Campaign.

Blaire was online again on Friday morning. When I checked my phone for messages I found I had a text from Darren S from yesterday at about 10:30AM. As it was due to the brothers not coming again he wanted to see if I was up for a 1,200 points Teen Titans vs Legion of Super-Heroes. How did I miss that message I do not know as I normal check the phone on my lunch break and when I finished work. If I did get the message I probably would had said no as it was a bit too short notice to build a 1,200 points team. I did a quick search on the app store on my tablet before work and finally found a Marvel Comics application where I can buy and read Marvel comics on my tablet. At long last. They cost $1.99 (about £1.25) a comic over a year old or between $2.99 and $4.99 for a comic out this year. There is also a several free comics too which I downloaded. While on the way to work I posted the text version on the HeroClix post from the tablet. I worked from 11:30AM to 3PM. When I got home I added the pictures and dials to the HeroClix post, as well ad adding a little extra news. While searching the web I found that next year the will be two new Transformers game. There is Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to Transformers: War for Cybertron; and Transformers: Universe, a free browser based Transformers MMO. I posted a teaser trailer to Transformers: Universe on my blog. I battled the second gym leader again in Pokémon RijonAdventures, however again I failed. On Facebook I also started another game, Toyz and Zombies.

Regina Winberrl
On Saturday at coffee were Richard, Darren H, Simon, Lucy and her daughter. It was good to see Simon and Lucy  as we rarely get to see much of Simon these days. We will hopefully see them again in a fortnight's time for Halloween. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM. When I got home after work I worked to the update the DreamClix Dial Designs as I had not done a mid week one yet. I also decided to do Sunday's update too as I was already updating the page.

On Sunday morning I posted an DreamClix Dial Designs Update post about the double update I did yesterday. Before going to Richard's for role-play I popped the local shop to get two packs of Cherry Bakewells as Richard text a request for them as he forgot to get them. You can not have role-play without Cherry Bakewells. At role-play the dealt with a party of sixteen kobold and then a group of ten orcs. We ended the session with the party resting by a trapdoor. When I got home I found a teaser trailer to Transformers: Fall of Cybertron which I then posted on my blog. On it shows Grimlock transforming from a robot to a T-Rex. It was a bit odd as this is before Earth and too early beast alt forms (not beast like robot forms). However it is still cool and there has get to be a new reason in the story line of the game. Maybe the Dinobots, had returned from a scouting mission of prehistoric Earth and had taken dinosaur forms during the mission. Anyway, before going to bed I posted up the week's Watch, Listen and Read post.

Here is a list of post that will be posted during the coming week. Please note that things may change due to charges in work or time.

Wednesday the 19th of October: "Cosplay Deviants" review post.
Friday the 21st of October: "HeroClix".
Saturday the 22nd of October: "Cosplay Deviants" review post.
Sunday the 23rd of October: Start of eight day off work, "DreamClix Dial Designs" page update news and "Watch, Listen and Read".
Tuesday the 25th of October: "Neoscream's Life".

Well until next time, have fun.