MK HeroClix House Rules

Monday, 31 October 2011

Heroclix, The missing dial designs and special rules

Hi all, here is the second half of last week's the HeroClix post. A quick news update. Wizkids have reviled images of a new colossal figure out next year. One that I have been wanting to see for a long time. The Sentinel master him self Master Mold. Sadly they said it was too early for a dial. Also Darren text to say that there will be no Heroclix this week and at London EXPO I picked up a bunch of new HeroClix figures. I will try to state them in this week's HeroClix post.

Now here are the rules to last week's HeroClix game:

Bystanders and Objects
Normal amount of objects. (3 per player).
3D2 random bystander tokens each. (3 to 6 per player)
Bystander tokens are placed at random and will not move, but still block line of site, need to break away etc...
Bystander tokens can be attacked but it will get in a free preemptive strike first.
Once a bystander is KO'd used as follows, if the bystander is not picked up or used, the body decomposes at the end the current turn:

  • The bystander can be used as an object for two combat attacks. The first attack it is treated as a Heavy Object and on the second it is treated as a Light Object. (Must have Super Strength and must be an infected character to do this).
  • Throw the bystander as if you have a range of 8. It does 3 damage to the target and 2 damage to all adjacent figures (Must have Super Strength and must be an infected character to do this).
  • Eat Brains: Give the character a free action for a Regeneration roll. (Infected character only).
  • Life Juices: Give the character a free action for a Support action. (Infected character only).

The Infected
Characters with the Monster keyword starts the game as infected, infected characters cannot be infected again!
If a monster infected character damages a non infected character in close combat, the non infected character becomes newly infected!

Newly infected characters lose a clix of life at the start of every subsequent turn until KO'd.

Sometime they come Baacckkk!!!
What a character is KO'd all the applied (i.e. 4 damage on the last click means click through 3 clicks of KO's). If the clicks re-entered the start line, these clicks are classed as OKs. However sometimes they come back!
Characters with the monster keyword gets a free regeneration roll when KO'd, if a non KO click is showing after the roll, they rejoin the battle on that click.
Infected characters without the monster keyword gets a free support roll on themselves that automatically hit.  If a non KO click is showing after the roll, they rejoin the battle on that click and now has the Monster keyword.
A figure can come back an infinite amount of times dependent on the die roll it's best smash them fecking monsters to bits!

Victory points are only scored on characters that are KO'd at the end of the game including Bystanders. Last man standing wins.

And lastly here are the missing DreamClix dials from last week's HeroClix post. Just in time for Halloween.

Until next time, have fun.