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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 3rd to the 9th of October

Kuten Jikun Long & Feng Mei
Welcome to another week of my life, now back on the tabet. The week before last was returning technology, but what did last week bring.

On Monday I worked from 11AM to 3PM. After watching the Gadget Show in the evening, I downloaded a great application from Android they showed on Suzi's top five tablet applications. It was a face recognition security software. I also checked out their top 100 applications on their website and picked up a couple of new applications from it. On top of that I got a voice recording application as I was point on writing a story I have been planning on writing a long time and I wanted to record the basics of the story so I could fresh it out as I write it. Sadly it was not working for me.

On Tuesday morning I just managed to catch Blaire and Cudda as they came on Skinvideo. After they left I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post before going to work. At work I worked from 10:45AM to 3PM. Other than that I did not do much.

Blaire on Tuesday
On Wednesday I had no work. On Facebook I started playing two new games. Dungeon Overlord and Heroes City. Dungeon Overlord seems to a web remake of a classic PC game (and a all time favourite of mine) Dungeon Keeper. However it does feel a bit slow. Heroes City is a city building game were your city is home to a super hero group. You basically build a city, hire heroes and send the heroes on missions that will earn you resources. The heroes in the game are rip offs of comic book characters, anime characters and movie characters/stars. I also updated the DreamClix Dial Design which I never post about (until Sunday) and posted a review post about last Saturday's Cosplay Deviants set. Not long after I put together a HeroClix team, I received a text received a text from Darren S that there was no HeroClix this. Then about an hour after that I received a text saying that he called it off as the brothers (Michael and Adrian) could not. However if I was up to it, we could do a massive Mutants vs Sentinels HeroClix game, which I was.

I was off work on Thursday with my mum. We popped into the city center as the whole family needed sockets and my mum wanted to look at getting iPhone 3GS. She never bothered to get one as the pay as you go was sold up and they kept on upping the monthly cost of it. It start at £15 a month, it then went up to about £22 when they heard she needed it for called and internet instead of text messages. Then when they heard where she worked and they offer her a discounted package. With the discount she would have to pay £28 a month. WTF? No thank you. We had a little wander around. We picked up some sockets, a standard tablet pen (one that acts like a figure) and a light for my mum's Kindle. We had some lunch at Pizza Hut and then did the food shopping. In the evening I went to HeroClix were Michael did turn up after all.

Now for this week's CosmicBreak update news. A bunch of new campaigns have started, but the is no new Moes or Chibis released released this week. Unless you count the prize to the Chibi Collection campaign. However there is a picture Halloween style Moe on the site.

Was still off work on Friday. In the morning I received a phone call from Marise who was back at work this week after being away for eight months as she was having a baby. She wanted to know why I was not at work. Because management were not giving me hour. After the call I finished off and posted the HeroClix post and posted a post about Wednesday's Cosplay Deviants set. In the evening dad was very late home due to staffing problems. He is normal home by 6:30PM but did get home today until 8:30PM. Ok about fifteen to thirty minutes of it was due to picking up a take-a-way. After a late dinner I was watching a episode of "Let's Both Play Pokémon Emerald" on YouTube. In it the main host, said that he was not the first person to use split screen in a Pokémon Let's Play, which he thought he was. It was Mr Nintendo Fan Man who did it first. I had a look at at their account, where I noticed something interesting, a Let's Play of Pokémon RijonAdventures. I just it most be one of these hacked games I have been seeing around, but never bothered to try. I watch to two episodes he done and thought I should try it out. So I hunted around for a downloadable copy and played a little before going to bed. It was a hacked version of Pokémon FireRed, were the map and parts of the story line had been altered big time. It is a whole new region called Rijon. The starting Pokémon and all the wild Pokémon are first generation Pokémon, however other trainers do have second and third generation Pokémon. I picked Squirtle as may starter as it is me favourite all time starter and I catchered a Zubat.

Blaire on Saturday
I was awakened about 6:30AM on Saturday morning from sounds of a cat fight coming from outside the front and by how high pitched it was I know there was a Siamese cat in it. MING! I rush down stairs to open up the front door calling out to my mum about it. As the beep door was locked and I had to find the key to unlock it, my mum managed to unlock the back door a Ming came in from the back with Bandit. Ming was terrified big time and one on his ears was injured. Luckily not bad enough for the vets. Bandit looked a little shocked too. I went back to bed for an hour. I did not really sleep, just daydreamed. When I got up I played a little bit of Pokémon RijonAdventures. Then I got a text from Richard say he could not make it to coffee this week. I chat by text to Darren H and we decided to call off coffee for this week. So I played a bit more Pokémon before going to work. I also text Richard asking if role-play was still happening, as he could not do coffee. He replied, "Can't make coffee". At work I worked from 12PM to 5PM. Work wanted me to work on Sunday, but as I had role-play then I could not. Sadly I could have done with the hours with the lake of hours I been doing with both London Expo, Halloween and Christmas come up. Anyway, after work in the evening I played on the Pokémon game some more. Blaire came online about 11PM and I chatted with her until midnight, when I went to bed. By the end of the day my team it Pokémon RijonAdventures was Wartortle, Zubat, Vulpix, Paras, Meowth and Jolteon. But I did have a Venomat as part of the team for a while.

On Sunday morning I went to check the spelling for Richard's address to search online at bus times, I found I had a message from Richard from last night I had missed. He had cancelled role-play. Dam it, I found have earned so money. BEEP! I went food shopping with my mum then, as I had no role-play or work. While out I got a phone call from Marisa. She wanted to know if I seen next week's hours yet, which I had not. When I got home I tried hunting for a guide to Pokémon RijonAdventures and found another YouTube Let's Play. Watching it I noticed the Merson Cave was a bit different, like where the fossils were and person who took the other one. I did a bit of research online and found I had an old version of the game. The 2008 Xmas Beta version. I managed to find after some searching on the Rijon official website a newer version. 2010 Alpha Version. Also the are two other games that come before it. The first one is Pokémon Brown, it was a hacked version of Pokémon Red and winner of the 2007 hacked games award. The second was Pokémon Prism which was a hacked version of Pokémon Gold. Oh and Pokémon RijonAdventures was the winner of the 2008 hacked game award. As like most hacked games of this type, it is still being worked on and there are bugs. However it is complete up to the Eliter four, after that is still super buggy in South Rijon. With the new version on the game I restart. Last time I was naming the Pokémon after people or animals I know, but this time I decided to name them after Decepticons. At the end of the day I had my level 17 starter who had evolved into Wartortle which I named Starscream. Two level 14 main team mates, a Vulpix called Slipscream and a Paras called Soundwave. And three level 12 place holders place holders who were a Diglett called Skywarp, a Pidgey called Ramjet and a Bellsprout called Jackal (a made up con). Oh and in the box is a Zubat called Ratbat, a Geodude called Mixmaster, a Meowth called Ming (had to do it), an Ekans called Shockwave, a Growlithe called Thrust, an Oddish called Frenzy, Venonat called Laserbeak, a Mankey called Rumble and a Slowpoke called Devastator. Also some time during the day I updated the DreamClix Dial Design page and posted about all the updates I have done to it this week.

Here is a list of post that will be posted during the coming week. Please note that things may change due to charges in work or time.

Wednesday the 12th of October: "Cosplay Deviants" review post.
Friday the 14th of October: "HeroClix".
Saturday the 15th of October: "Cosplay Deviants" review post.
Sunday the 16th of October: "Watch, Listen and Read".
Tuesday the 18th of October: "Neoscream's Life".

Well until next time, have fun.