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Friday, 28 October 2011

HeroClix, the 27th of October, Halloween Chaos

Welcome to another week of HeroClix. The previews for this week were Matt Murdock, two Daredevil, Red King, Hercules and Amadeus Cho from the Incredible Hulk set; and Boromir, Faramir and the Frodo and Sam duo figure from the Lord of the Rings set. A new players guide was released. There were several new Addition Team Ability for the Captain America set, a heavy change to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team Ability and several errata.

This week's game was a Halloween special. 500 points. Three actions. No Inside Information or Monster Hunter. Characters with the Monster keyword will gain secret bonus. I will post the special rules to the event at a later date. I was first thinking on go for an Indy monster team, as Marvel monsters are very common. However apart from the Hellboy figures, only the Dark Judges from Judge Dredd have the Monster keyword and the Judges's defense values were crap. So I decided to go DC. My team ended up being:

Kid Devil (Arkham Asylum) 55
Doomsday (Justice League) 261
Yellow Lantern (Arkham Asylum) 65
Tornado Tyrant (LE, Collateral Damage) 92
Man-Bat (Rookie, Hyper-Time) 23
=496 point and no re-rolls.

I was going to go for Veteran Man-Bat, but sadly it was not classed as themed as I needed six members for a theme team, so I went for Rookie instead. As there was not Adrian this week (and next week), it was a three way battle. Darren's team was a Marvel Monster team heavily using the Marvel Zombies who were:

Capwolf (Captain America) 100 + Vampirism (Feat) 12 = 112
Iron Man (Mutants and Monster) 70
Giant-Man (Mutants and Monsters) 97
Colonel America (Super Nova) 55
Wolverine (Super Nova) 50
Hulk (Super Nova) 100 + Protected (Feat) 8 = 108
=492 points and two re-rolls.

Michael's team was a non theme Marvel team who were:

Else Bloodstone (Giant Size X-Men) 73
Red Guardian (Captain America) 47
Moonstone (Hammer of Thor) 76
Howard the Duck (Secret Invasion) 35
Scarlet Witch (Avengers) 72
Ben Grimm (LE, Fantastic Forces) 123
Mystique (Rookie, Universe) 34
Black Panther (Rookie, Universe) 27
=487 points and no re-rolls.

This event was crazy. The amount of 1 and 6 rolled on Regeneration and Support was crazy. Sadly I was the first knock out. It ended up as a burial between zombie Hulk and Donald Duck, so I mean Howard the Duck, who killed must of Darren's team. For a 35 point character he ruled the battlefield.

Next week well be a Fireworks Special. 400 points, at least two characters must have Energy Explosion somewhere on their dial.

Now for DreamClix. Sadly I did not get the time to do an extra size DreamClix side to the post this week like I was planning. For some reason I just did not have the time. Anyway this week I will be doing ideas for Mifune, a Mummy generic and Anubis from Soul Eater; and Pepo Pucci and Nemlim from CosmicBreak. Sadly there will be no will be no dial designs in this post. I will ever try to do them on Sunday or do them on next week's post with the rest.

First is Mifune from Soul Eater. He is a recurred human character who seems to be of normal human birth (not witch / weapon / kishin / shinigami). He has not demonstratedany ability as a Meister, rather as a samurai who wields multiple normal weapons, nor has he wields a Daemon Weapon; yet he seems to have knowledge about them, as he was able to appreciate Tsubaki's abilities. Mifune has been hired by gangsters and unsavory types in general repeatedly for his skills as a bodyguard. Despite being a stern character, he has a defining soft spot for children and is hesitant, if not utterly unwilling to hurt them. The only known exception is Black Star, and that was to protect a younger child, Angela, and even then he holds back most instances during their battles. He should a trait called "Blades to Protect Children", Charge, Furry, Force Blast, Combat Reflexes and Willpower.
Blades to Protect Children: Mifune can use Blades. Characters with the Kid keyword gain a +2 to their defense valve and characters with the Teen keyword gain a +1 to their defense valve if not already modified by this effect.
He should have about seven clicks of health and starting combat values of Movement 8, Attack 11, Defense 17, Damage 3 and Range 0. He should not have a TA and his keywords should be Warrior and Witches.

Next is a Mummy generic from Soul Eater. These are the mummified people of Pharaoh Anubis who were resurrected by the necromancer witch Samantha. They should have Toughness and a trait called "Hordes".
Hordes: This character can use Defend, but can only share their defense value with characters with the Monster keyword.
They should have about four clicks of health and starting combat values of Movement 5, Attack 9, Defense 16, Damage 2 and Range 0. They should not have a TA and their keywords should be Evil Human and Monster.

Next is Anubis from Soul Eater. He is the evil spirit of an ancient Pharaoh inhabiting the Pyramid of Anubis. He was resurrected by the necromancer witch Samantha, but devoured her out of anger for trifling with the souls of his people. He captured the weapons Liz And Party Thompson, who had collected his people's souls in the absence of their Meister partner, Death the Kid. By the time Kid returnedx the Pharaoh attacked him from his sarcophagus. Kid did nothing to defend himself, as his obsession with symmetry prevented him from destroying the Pharaoh's perfectly symmetrical coffin. After brutally beating Kid, the Pharaoh emerged from his sarcophagus to finish him off personally, revealing his true, mummified, and horrendously asymmetrical form. Seeing this, Kid immediately recovered obliterated the Pharaoh, leaving nothing but the decorative circle on his forehead, which was the only symmetrical part of his body. The basic dial idea for his the later half of the dial being a reduced version of the Halloween Mummy and the first half being with a staring click based on him in his sarcophagus. On the sarcophagus clicks he should have Impervious and a special called "Mummy Waving".
Mummy Waping: Anubis can use Incapacitate and Sharp Shotter. Replace his range value with a value of 5. Give Anubis a power action, he can make two Range Attack actions as free actions.
His TA should be the Mystics one and his keywords should be Evil Human, Monster and Ruler. The next Soul Eater dial idea should be Shinigami.

Next is Pepo Pucci from CosmicBreak. She is a playful magical girl roaming the universe in search of sweets. If you have none, she will steal items instead. This is actually a customary practice on her home plant. She is a small support type Moe. She should have Energy Explosion, Toughness and a special called "Trick or Treat".
Trick or Treat: After dealing damage to a character from a close combat attack, place a light object adjacent to the target.
She should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Movement 9, Attack 9, Defense 17, Damage 2 and Range 8 with two targets. She should have the Unions TA and her keywords should be Artillery, Moe, Support, Robot and Unions. Yes, she does not have a trait and she has both the Artillery and Support keywords. The trait and Support keyword is because she is a Support type without any supporting abilities and the Artillery keyword is because all her weapons are anti Land types.

Lastly it is Nemlim from CosmicBreak. She is a blood sucking girl from the Vampyre Star Syste, who's star emits no light. When Pepo came looking for candy, Nemlim fell for her and has been following her around ever since. She should have the Duo symbol due to her wonder bits, the LND trait, Flurry, Toughness and Combat Reflexes. She should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Movement 9, Attack 10, Defense 17, Damage 3 and Range 4 with two targets. She should have the Unions TA and her keywords should be Land, Moe, Robot and Unions. The next CosmicBreak idea should be Blocky.

Well that is it for this week. DreamClix next week will be will be a fireworks night special mainly focusing on the Shiba clan from Bleach. Until next time, have fun.