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Friday, 13 September 2013

MK HeroClix: 12th September 2013 - Fantastic Skrull Flop

Welcome to the second to last MK HeroClix post. This was a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House. However, due to a college course I am starting the week after next, next week will be last week I will be playing HeroClix this year (well maybe at Christmas time if there is a Christmas break from the course). The HeroClix news will be moved to a new gaming post that will replace this post.

This week there was previews of Enterprise from Star Trek Tactics III; Goblin Pillager and Khan Bonespike from Mage Knight Resurrection; and The Riddler from DC Batman Classic TV. Also there was a major update to their mobile/tablet game TabApp Elite. There is a bit of good news this week with MK HeroClix. It will cut down to once a month while I am away on my course now instead

This week was the eight week of the special tournament that Darren is running. He will bring four 600 point teams each week for eight weeks (round one). One DC heroes, one DC villains, one Marvel heroes and one Marvel villains. All teams are classed as Named themed even if it is not. We will each take it in turns using the team. The top two teams of each week will move on to the next round. This week’s teams were:

"Suicide Squad"
Enchantress (016 DC Justice League 52) 250
Manchester Black (028 DC Superman) 96
Lashina (019 DC Arkham Asylum) 72
Count Vertigo (024 DC Arkham Asylum) 74
Nightshade (026 DC Arkham Asylum) 50
Major Disaster (044 DC Justice League) 59
=601 points

“Teen Titans”
Beast Boy (005b DC Teen Titans) 60
Kid Flash (002 DC Teen Titans) 90
Superboy (026 DC Teen Titans) 158
Cyborg (006 DC Justice League 52) 100
Nightwing and Starfire (058 DC Crisis) 125
Raven (030 DC Irons) 73
=606 points

“Fantastic Four”
Invisible Woman (057 Marvel Captain America) 110
Human Torch (058 Marvel Captain America) 120
Crystal (004 Marvel Chaos War) 105
Mr. Fantastic (037 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 130
Thing (038 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 140
=605 points

Xavin (022 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 75
Super-Skrull (034 Marvel Galactic Guardians) 143
Black Bolt (104 Marvel Incredible Hulk) 133
Ms. Marvel (008b Marvel Secrete Invasion) 168
Spider-Woman (100 Marvel Secrete Invasion) 79
=598 points

On the first round I was up against Darren. I was using the “Skrulls” team while Darren was using the “Suicide Squad” team. Like normal Darren beat me.  Also the “Teen Titans” beat “Fantastic Four”. On the second round I was up against Michael. I was using the “Fantastic Four” team while Michael was using the “Skrulls” team. The Fantastic Four managed to defeat their Skrull power doubles. Also the “Suicide Squad” beat “Teen Titans”. On the third and final round I was up against Adrian.  I was using the “Suicide Squad” team while Adrian was using the “Fantastic Four” team. This was a close game, but the Suicide Squad managed to pull a victory. Also the “Teen Titans” beat “Skrulls”. The two teams that are joining “Legion of Superheroes”, “Crime Syndicate”, “X-Men”, “M.O.D.O.K.'s 11”, “Sinestro Corps”, “Justice Society”, "Frightful Four", "Bat Family", “Sinister Syndicate”, “Midnight Sons”, “Young Justice”, the “Brotherhood of Mutants”, “Green Lanterns” and “Nextwave” into the next round are the “Suicide Squad” and the “Teen Titans”. However as next week is the last week of HeroClix until February due to a time change on a course I am taking, the other rounds will have to wait until next year.

Next week as it is the last game for a while will be 500 point, half the force must be from Marvel Wolverine and the X-Men.

Until next time, Armour Up.