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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Journeyman Model Painting: 18th September 2013

Welcome to the final Model Painting post. This post will be merged with the new gaming post called “Gaming with Neoscream” next week which will normally happen on a Friday. This week I have done a Robot Striker, the Dwarf Coach, the MVP Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel, parts to swap with the newer Cipher Heavy Vector to turn it into a Monitor Heavy Vector, one Attunement Servitor and Axis the Harmonic Enforcer.

This week's painting. Front View.
This week's painting. Rear View.
This week's Warmachine.
This week's DreadBall.

Oh and here is the upgraded Harlequin Hurricanes team finally.

At long last a photo

In the first ever “Gaming with Neoscream” post next week I should be posting pictures of two Fire Warriors, a Crisis Suit, a zombie runner and the survivors Doug and Josh. How if the secret project is finish by then (first it has to arrive) it will replace Josh.

Until next time, armour up.