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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

7TV Listings: The Hive (100) verses Section 9 (300)

Welcome to the second to last 7TV Listings post. Again it is a double bill. The first 7TV team is a re-listing of the Hive Organic Collective team. Since the beginning of time there had been a war between two god like beings, Dioron Lord of Death and Foxlong Master of destruction. Over time they both formed massive armies to battle each other. These were Dioron's Silicon Robotic Empire (The Silicons for short) and Foxlong's Hive Organic Collective. Long before Foxlong was imprisoned in the Pits of Darkness by Hyniks, he created a group of immortal beings known as the Hive Masters. The Hive Masters have a love of running genetic experiments on unwilling people to create new forms of warriors and servants, to new day create the ultimate organic being.

Here is the 100 rating team:

Next is the final version of my 7TV team Section 9 from Ghost in the Shell. 300 ratings. Now all the characters are no longer Extras. If needed I could throw in some Soldiers or Security Guards from other teams if I need a longer force, but this is it for this team.

Here is the 300 rating team:

Next week should be the re-listing of the Police and the Good Doctor Teams

Until next time, Armour Up.