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Saturday, 7 September 2013

7TV Listings: X-Guard verses SPECTRE (100)

Hi all, this week as post is a double bill however there is a change of what I originally planned. I will be doing the 100 rating SPECTRE team instead to the 100 rating Hive Organic Collective. The first 7TV team that I am re-listing is the X-Guard. The ongoing war between the Silicon Robotic Empire and the Hive Organic Collective has destroyed and ruin many alien worlds and races. Many survivors and races that have see how destructive this war has been have gathered together to form the Alliance of Worlds, to protect other worlds from this war. The Extreme Guardians, also known as the X-Guards, are the Alliance's elite combat lead by Rexson. They are assisted by a former foe turned allies Hyniks, who is the star of the show. Hyniks use to be the second in command of the Silicon forces (a job Warpuck now has), until a near fatal wound destroyed all control Dioron had of him and coursed him to remember old memories of a past organic life (more on this at a later date). Hyniks left the Silicon's, after leaving ten tons of destruction, and headed to the Alliance. They did not trust him at first and at times he had problems trusting them. Over the years he has earned their trust and respect. He is often called the "Ace of the Alliance" and the "One Man Army of Darkness", but many still call him after his old Silicon title, the "Lord of Darkness".

Here is the 100 rating team:

The standard generic X-Guard themselves are modified Soldier Extras with the Armour special ability sadly instead of the Military Training. Future plans for them will upgrade Rexson to a Co-Star, add the characters Neclaw, Seacon and Apothecary and a some more alternate X-Guard generics.

And now for the SPECTRE team. I am not posting any information on this team as you can search the web easily, however their re the main Criminal origination James Bond faces.

Here is the 100 rating team:

Yes I know that there is no Star in this line up so far. I just waited the 100 rating team to look huge with Minions. I will be adding Ernst Stavro Blofeld to my team at 200 rating and maybe his cat. I also plan on adding Odd Job at 300 ratings.

Next week should be the re-listing of the Hive Organic Collective and the 300 rating version of Section 9 from Ghost in the Shell.

Until next time, Armour Up.