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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Neoscream's Life: 26th August to 1st September 2013

RMS-108 Marasai
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on stuff from Crooked Dice Games, Mantic Games, Robotech RPG Tactics, Warmachine and the Geek Goddess AJ Lee. This week was a busy week for me. I have decided to divide the sections to be clearer. Note gaming events will be under “Life” than “Games”.


The Post Office my mum works at was meant to be closing down for a refit in about two weeks time. It is a Post Office owned by the Co-Op, however the Post Office company was paying for the refit. On Wednesday the local papers advertised that my mum's Post Office would not be having a refit anymore. This was the first anyone at my mum's Post Office or the Co-Op had heard of this. They contacted the newspaper to find out where the hell did they get this information from. According to them it was from the Post Office head office. No one could get a hold of the Post Office head office to find out what was happening on the day. However, earlier in the week builders from a different company than the one they had been dealing with visited to do a survey. They finally got a hold of the Post Office head office and found it was cancelled. This was because of the legal battle of the building the Co-Op store is in between the current owner and Milton Keynes. The Post Office want to wait until (this) battle over the building is over.

With work this week it was chaotic. Sadly I have to do a Big Show/Dolph Ziggler/The Miz here and say "No Comment" about what has been going on. Not because its my dream job, hell I want out of it, but because it's my current job.

Deadzone Peace Keepers with Claw
With new kitchen news, BnQ phone last Monday and said that they would call us with in five days to yet us know when they will be installing the new kitchen. They never did.

I have been thinking about it and decided that I will be doing a Gaming post that will replace the MK HeroClix post, the Model Painting post and 7TV team re-listing post, as well as the gaming news and results of tournaments and leagues I am in. This post will be on ever Friday or Saturday and will happen on the week of the 23rd of September regardless of if I get on the A+ Certification course or not. This new post will not include casual games like playing Zombicide over at Simon's like I did last week, but might include role play if that ever restarts. If am one is wondering, the Cosplay Cards from the Cosplay Deviants post will be staying on the Cosplay Deviants post.


New Minions from Crooked Dice Games
First off is the Mantic news. I was wrong last week last Sunday was the last day of the final DreadBall survey and not the week before. The Season Three rule book is finished and has been sent to be printed. The digital versions of it will be sent out to backers sometime in September, however you can find the new Ball Launching rules of Jake’s website Quirkworthy. With Deadzone, 3D images of the Enforcer Peace Keepers were revealed. WOW, their great.

Next is the Crooked Dice Games news. On Monday they added a new set of dice to their store. These are for 7th Voyage but can easily be used by Argonauts players for 7TV. I might pick up a set or two. There was a ton of news on Sunday. First the new Minion stuff was released. There are several deal of the month is September. 25% off on 7th Voyage PDFs, 50% off all the other PDFs, free WPC May Killan with every miniatures order and the Guru without head or heads is available at a clearance bargain price of only £1. Later this month should see the release of the first add on book for 7th Voyage called Myths and Monsters on PDF. A physical version will be out later this year. United Radionics Programme Guide, Villains Programme Guide and Robo-Minion figures should be out some time in October. Also later this year there should be a 7ombieTV add on book called Vlad's Army. It will add vampires and military casts to the 7ombieTV.

Now for the Robotech RPG Tactics news this week. Due to Monday THIS WEEK being a bank holiday in the USA, the end date of the add-on pledge manager was extended from Saturday last week to Tuesday this week, however due to popular demand it was then pushed back until this Sunday. Also there were images of the Super VF-1D Valkyrie and Objective Pack One was revealed on Monday. I am glad that I kept Objective Pack One as an add on.

Next is Zombicide news. It was revealed this week that Season Three is being worked on. There is no news if there will be a KickStarter for it or not but a new feature they are planning for it is rival survivor teams and that the box set will most likely come with twelve survivors.

Sadly there was no Warmachine and Hordes news this week.

“AJ Lee (and WWE)

Now to what AJ has been up to this week. She was on RAW twice. The first time was after the re-match between Natalya and Brie Bella, which Brie won due to help from her sister. All the other Divas that were apart of Total Diva were at ringside. AJ came out and stayed by the entrance. AJ had something to say to them all. And every bit of it was true (however in real life it does not mean they are untalented or not hard working, just it was easier for them to get into the WWE). This has pissed off all the Total Divas and painted a bigger target on her if the Divas Championship was not big enough. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley thought it was a fantastic promo from AJ statement. The second time AJ appeared on Raw was on the front line of wrestlers that were ordered out by Triple H to watch Daniel Bryan's destruction by the Shield. All the other Divas were hidden behind everyone at the back row. And that was is on TV last week for AJ. After two very busy weeks, AJ got some rest (however I am not saying she did nothing off seen).

Watch, Listen and Read

Watched: Several FCW clips with AJ from

Watched: More FCW clips of AJ, episode 1057 of WWE Raw and this week’s episode of New Tricks.
Listened: Episode 373 of Anime Pulse.

WRL: Nothing.

WLR: Nothing.

Watched: Episodes 43 to 45 of the dubbed version of Naruto Shippuden and episodes 1 and 2 of season six of On the Table.
Listened: Episode 138 of the Unofficial One Piece podcast.

Watched: Episode 689 of WWE Smackdown.
Listened: Episodes 139 and 140 of the Unofficial One Piece podcast.
Read: Finished chapter 13 “Removable Media” of CompTIA A+ Certification.

Watched: Episodes 422 to 426 of the subtitled version of One Piece.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up.