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Thursday, 19 September 2013

7TV Listings: Police verses the Good Doctor (100)

Welcome to the last 7TV Listings post. This post will be merged with the new gaming post called “Gaming with Neoscream” next week which will normally happen on a Friday. Again it is a double bill. The first 7TV team is a redo of the 100 rating Police team using the new Beat Programme Guide. This team is designed to be an add on force to any Heroic team as gap fillers and for special Episodes.

Next is the re-list of my 7TV team for the Good Doctor (not linked to Doctor Who). This team was based on the team Nathan, Pete and Richard used in our 7TV campaign. Richard's character was the Good Doctor, sadly I can not remember Nathan's character's name and I cannot spell or find the spelling of Pete's character's name, but it was heavily based on the DC comics villain Solomon Grundy. At 100 ratings sadly I cannot fit Pete's character. So you have to wait until the 200 rating team gets done.

In the first ever “Gaming with Neoscream” post next week I should be posting the re-listings for my Bot-X team. Yes I am cutting down to one. This is because I am almost done all the re-listings. Also, there was a problem locating my old Tau stuff to add them to my 7TV team. So the Tau Invasion force upgrade is on pause until I can find them (most likely will be during my time off in November). So things will be changing, but you will have to wait and see what it will change to. It wall most likely not include the Divine secret project as it has not arrived yet and the cut off point for painting is Sunday.

Until next time, armour up.