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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 9th to the 15th of May

Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Well the week before last I made sure of holiday time was booked and the return of Blaire, but what did last week had insteard for me. Note some bits are rushed as I had not gotten around to start to write this until this Monday

On Monday morning Blaire was on-line. She was having fun with Cudda. Afterwards me and my mum went on a trip to city centra to have a look around the shops and to get a pair of new shoes that fit my wide feet. After having lunch we headed off to do the food shopping. We rented a ton of films to watch as both me and my mum were off the whole week. When we got back I posted the next DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited post and we watched one of the films, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. In the evening Blaire came on-line. It was the morning after for her.

On Tuesday morning Blaire was on-line again. Afterwards I help my mum clean the living room carpet. I texted people to conform if they were coming to the meal and cinima tomorrow. Only the Darrens replied. Darren H could only make a cinima due to trivalling from work as he works in London. Darren S first replied that he will not be going to ever and then later I said he will be coming to the cinima. Other than watching one of the films we rented, Last Air Bender, I manly worked on my blog. Posting last week's Neoscream's Life post and working on the Heroclix post.

On Wenesday I posted the next DreamClix post and worked on the HeroClix post. While watching the King's Speeck and Kick Ass, we got a phone call from my dad. He was having problems with his eye sight and wanted mum to book he an opticians appointment for an eye test for tomorrow. As I been due an eye test for awhile I asked my mum to book me one too. Afterwards I contact the people who did not reply. Colette could not make it as she was not feeling well. Could not get a hold of Jake, however Richard say that they both would be going. So it was me, my mum, my dad, Richard and Jake having a meal at Pizza Express. Then we met up with the Darrens at the cinima to watch Thor in 3D. However Darren S, the Darren I know from HeroClix, all ready know Jake. They use to go to the same school.

On Thursday after my mum and dad take one of the cat to the vet, we all went off to the city centre for the eye tests. My eye sight was OK, well the right eye had inproved from the last time but the left got wrost, not enough for glassess or to worry about. However my dad needs new glasses and is being advised to wear them all the time. When we got home I ordered a ton of stuff on-line and watch two more rented movies, Jonha Hex (a load of crap) and Red. Like normal I went to HeroClix in the evening. When I got back Blaire was on-line. She wise me happy birthday not knowing she was half an hour too early. She said that she will give me a gift tomorrow.

On Friday, my 29th birthday, I had problems with blogger and was unable to post any posts. That is if I had finished posts to be posted. While my mum was away in a meeting I finished watching the finally rented films, Green Hornet and Skyline, and made a new friend on MFC, littleSARA4u. When my mum got back we went off to do the food shopping. Afterwards I grabbed my Wii and headed to Richard's. We were planning a get together and a mess about on the Wii. However Colette and Lynda popped in briefly to say hi and happy birthday, and both Darren H and Jake called off at the last minute. So sadly it was just me and Richard.

On Saturday morning Blaire was on-line. She told me about an e-mail she had sent that I did not notice. Sadly the gift she sent was too big to download so she had to do some changes. At coffee this week was just me, Darren H and Richard. Jake could not make it to coffee was heading to another city for a date. We then had a look around in the city centre. Afterward I headed home and posted the HeroClix post and the DreamClix Dial Design post that I could not do yesterday. About 5PM , Colette picked me up for Simon's 28th birthday party. Yes his birthday is one day after mine. At the party was me, Colette, Lynda, Simon, Lucy, Darren H, Lisa and one of Lucy’s friend. Richard never went as he hates smoky environments and Jake did not come as he was on a date  When I got home I started downloading the new version of the gift Blaire sent me. As I was heading to bed Blaire Twittered that she was going to be coming on line soon, however I was very tired so I went to bed.

The look for the NPC Holica is base on Lily Rain
for CosmicBreak
On Sunday morning I had a mad rush getting things ready for role-play. Technically today was not meant to be running anything but we might have time to run a introduction and a test battle which we did. Sadly I did not have the time to do all the NPC states like the NPCs the form the rest of the team the players are in and four members of the command team. The mini game went OK. Sadly there will be no role-play next week due to no Nathan and the week after due to no Richard. When I got home I phoned work to see when I was in on Monday. They said I have the day off and that I will be in on Tuesday. I posted the next DreamClix Dial Design post and started work on the missing NPCs. I received a phone call at 12:10AM from work saying that I will be in Monday, at 8AM. It really pissed off my parents phoning that time at night.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thursday 19th May: Cosplay Deviants preview
Friday 20th May: Heroclix
Sunday 22nd May: DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited part 8 and Watch, Listen and Read and maybe a Cosplay Deviants set preview.
Tuesday 24th May: Neoscream's Life.

Until next time, have fun.