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Monday, 9 May 2011

DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited Part 4, Karakure Town's Top Ten Most Wanted

Hi all, due to working on Sunday, this and the Tuesdays DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited have been pushed back one day.

The last dial of the post Renji Abarai is a new dial design for this series of Dial Designs.

Now for the team abilities of this posts dials.

Bleach: When two character that can use the Bleach team ability are adjacent, give one of them a power action and roll a d6. Heal the other character of 1 damage. If the result was 1-4, deal the character given the power action 1 unavoidable damage.

Lastly I forgot to post the rules for pogs in the last post so here they are.

Pogs: Pogs are 2D characters just like Bystander Tokens. However they are normally not part of your team when building it. They are place on to the map from a mechanic known as Summon. They are placed adjacent to the character that created them and may act this turn. This is used for things like creating clone or summoning creatures to help fight in battle and do not take time to summon and are easily defeated. If a pog is KOed it is treated to be the same points cost printed on the card. The Summon mechanic normally has a limit to how many pods there can be. If there are the same number or more than the character cannot summon any more. Also you can give the pog a power action to remove it from play your opponent will not get victory points from this.

Until next time, have fun.