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Monday, 2 May 2011

DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited Part 2, The New Clone Wars

First off we have a new dial, Usopp. He has changed a lot from the first ideas I had, but should show oft the character a lot better.

Naruto now sports the new Summon mechanic that I made. He will most likely be the only character to have the Summon mechanic as a trait.

I decided to give them the Naruto TA as it is a standard ability of most ninjas in Naruto.

I have changed Ebisu's special and combined it with the new Summon mechanic.

Now for the team abilities of this posts dials.

One Piece: Once per game per character, a character using the One Piece team ability can choose one opposing character, this choice can be made only once per game even if the character has used another team ability. When this character attacks a chosen character, modify the chosen character’s defence value by -1.

Naruto: Characters with this TA can ignore all terrain for movement apart from indoor walls and indoor blocking terrain.

Until next time, have fun.