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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 25th April to the 1st of May

Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. If you visit the MS Wars blog we may have noticed a lack of updates. This is because I have been too busy with other stuff like the Code Geass RPG to work on the new units. I will hopefully be able to get doing them next week if not the week after. Well the week before was problem matic as I did less than ten hours at work and my mum was in Hospital, but what did last week had insteard for me.

On Monday morning I started work on a information pack for roleplay. Putting togather details on the three major powers, the main knighmare frames that they will be using and the Area they will be starting the campaign in. On my way to work Richy texted me he was in Milton Keynes just for today and was checking to see if people were free to do stuff tonight. I replied sure, but I do not know when I would be free. I works from 11:30AM to 4PM. Afterwards me and my dad went to visit my mum in Hospital again. On the way I text Richy I will be free in an hours time. My mum was a lot better and she was now reading her Kindal which she has been to tired to do before hand. She should hopefully be going back home tomorrow. I tried to phone Richy afterwards to see what was happening as he never texted me back. However he never answered his phone. When we got home after seeing her I show dad the stuff I picked up for mum's birthday. By the end of the day Richy never contacted me. I ask Richard and Darren H at coffee on Saturday if anything happened.

On Tuesday morning Blaire manage to go on-line on SkinVideo on Cudda's Mac. She did not go onto MFC as the Model software for MFC does not work on Macs. Sadly no pictures of Blaire this week. After they went off line I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I worked from 11:45AM to 4PM. Sadly due to problems my mum could not go home today so me and dad visited her. She should been coming back home tomorrow. When I got home I put together most of the dial designs for the HeroClix post on HCRealms dial geneator and did some more work on the role-play campaign. Before going to bed I connected up the new Talk Talk hub.

This is not the map I made. The one I made was too big
to upload.
On Wenesday I get the other dials done before heading to work. The new hub and internet seemed a lot more stable but a little slow with live videos. I worked from 10AM to 4:15PM. When I got home my mum phoned to say she was going to be on her way home after dad picks her up. So I made sure everything was tidy and hovers, the garden was watered and that the cats were feed by time she came back, which she did. It was good to have her back home. With the Mekton Code Geass game I been planning, I been having problems with the Britannia colonies areas as all the data I have gives different lists, maps and details. Some say Korea is one of the areas and some say it is part of the Chinese Federation. So I found a blank map and a real world map, to put together my own map. This does mean I will need to rewrite the backgroup information I was going to give the players.

On Thursday after talking to another friend of mine on MFC, Kayann, I rushed around doing things for my mum before going to work. I worked from 11:15AM to 4PM. When I got home the new coolent pad for my laptop arrived. At first I thought it was not working, but later I found it was working, but very quite. In the evening I went to HeroClix like normal, but I manage to write it all up before going to bed.

Friday was my mum's birthday as well as the Royal wedding. I some how ended up with the day off work. I give mum her birthday gifes. The digital photo frame, electic egg boiler and the "1st Class Mum" mug. She enjoyed them. After would I posted the first of the all new DreamClix Dial Design Revisited post and the new HeroClix post and worked on the Code Geass Mekton game will watching the Royal wedding. The dress was fanatic and I but I know someone I know would like it too due to the lasy look. Other than that not much happen durring the day, other than sufferinf from a major heasdaek and making back ground characters.

At coffee on Saturday morning were Richard, Jake and Darren. We talked about Star Trek movies and Sci-Fi books. We also made a rough plan for my birthday and talked about what happened to Richy. Richy never got replied to anyone. A rough idea we came up with was to watch a film in the cinema on Friday night (most likely Thor) and on Saturday have BBQ and mess about on the Wii. Afterwards I worked from 12PM to 3:30AM. When I got home I decided to have a major crackdown on Pokemon. I gave up on catching the remaining two legendary fighting dogs for now and head to Victory Road. I cleared the road, deffeated the Elite Four fairly easily, N and a nightmare fight agaeist Ghetsis. This finished the main story line, but there is the secondary story line to do. At the end my main six Pokemon were:
  • Hyniks, a level 51 Samurott
  • Primus, a level 50 Victini
  • Kamitsure (the Japainese name for Elesa), a level 50 Zebstrika
  • Suzy, a level 51 Excadrill
  • Richard (the second), a level 49 Swellow
  • Slipscreen, a level 51 Lilligant

And the support Pokemon are:
  • Zekrom at level 50
  • Richard (the first), a level 25 Watchog cut slave
  • Woobat at level 32, former team member
  • Kayann, a level 26 Musharna and former team member
  • Buddie, a level 19 Herdier and former team member
  • Elves, a level 17 Simisear and foemer team

Sunday was a day off like normal. As my mum was not to driving yet, I had to bus it to role-play and meet up with Richard halfway as I do not know the way to Nathan's from the bus stop yet, but I think I know the route now. It was Pete's last game as the GM and Pete barely had a plan for it. Sadly my dice rolls were crap. We ended up finishing the game eairly, so started doing a bit of character for the game I will be running next. We still have proffesions and equpment to do. So far both Pete's and Richard's characters are quite intreasting with the backgrounds that they rolled. Richard's character's Family were exelled from Britannia, then his parents disappeared without a traces. But now he is back to gain reavenge on the person who charsed his famaily to be exelled. Pete's character is a Number from Area 8, formerly New Zealand. His perent's are both spies for the Chinese Federation and an ex-lover who is a still a friend has defeacted to Chinese Federation too. I going rto havew to ignore the whole Numbers are not aloud to pilot Knightmare's thing, or at least bend it slightly. Afterward me and Nathan did a bit of work on the Knightmare Frames, I left to go home while Nathan continued work on the Knightmares while I did some reading of the rules and searching for designs for a basic tank for Mekton to use for the game. We kept in touch vire Skype. Before going to bed I play I bit of Pokemon and found a major problem with compliting to main story. All the new stuff that is unlocked and the sports stadiums are very high level, 65 and above. Which is a nightmare as everything else are too low to gain much experience to help level up. I manage to do some trainning, but poor Richard the Second, my Swellow is suthering. I have been thinking of training up a new team from egg or very low level with ever an Exeggcute or a Ralts or both, Pawniard, Golett and Cybone if I can find one. My team by the end of the day were:

  • Hyniks, a level 54 Samurott
  • Primus, a level 51 Victini
  • Kamitsure (the Japainese name for Elesa), a level 52 Zebstrika
  • Suzy, a level 52 Excadrill
  • Richard (the second), a level 50 Swellow
  • Slipscreen, a level 53 Lilligant
However to be honest my dream team would be Squirtle, Cubone, Ralts, Pawniard, Golett and Hoothoot (or any of their evolved forms).

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Wednesday 4th May: Code Geass RPG Background
Friday 6th May: Heroclix.
Sunday 8th May: Watch, Listen and Read and DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited.
Tuesday 10th May: Neoscream's Life and DreamClix Dial Designs Revisited.

Until next time, have fun.