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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cosmic Cosplay for the week of the 23rd to the 29th of July

Dolly and Porphyria in "Exterminate"
Hi all and welcome to Cosmic Cosplay post. Cosmic Cosplay is a weekly post that (normally) happens on a Sunday were I talk about the new Cosplay Deviants sets, any Cosplay Deviants news I learn about, information about updates for CosmicBreak and three DreamClix ideas/designs.

First off are this week's Cosplay Deviants sets. On Wednesday there was revisit of a set from the deviant StellaChuu, called Observer. In it she cosplays as Yuki Nagato from Melancony of Haruhi Suzimiya. The set on Saturday was a duo set from the deviants Dolly and Porphyria. This new set is called Exterminate and in it they cosplays as Amy Pond in her Police Officer uniform and a humanoid Dalek from Doctor Who.

Next is the CosmicBreak update news. Another Mega Gara has been added to the game called Mega Violin Gara that features characters like Orin and Rone. Also another tournament is being planned.

Now for the last section of the post, the DreamClix Section. This week I am doing ideas for Zero Fighter from CosmicBreak and a special MFC Cosplay card. But first here are designs of Sonya Blade and the Mortal Kombat.

Next is Zero Fighter from CosmicBreak. His story started from "zero", but has since grown to involve many robots. Has taken up the sword again to fight alongside his comrades. This bot should be like Zero Saber, but with Energy Explosion. The next CosmicBreak idea should be King Megaton (not Megatron).

Lastly is the special MFC Cosplay card as this is the second chase card. Who is it? There are several cosplayers on MFC (talking about comic book and anime Cosplay, not the police officer, nurse and student type). To name a several non Cosplay Deviant cosplayers on MFC I know of: BadBadysitter (also known as Honey Chain), BadyZelda, Kiyoko and Omisuki. However this card is not based on one of them. If you know be and followed the blog from the beginning you might be able to guess who I will be doing, BLAIRE or KnottyBlaire as she goes by now. Blaire is a young fashion designer who is into vinyl records and anything to do with Zombies. She should not gain any keywords and she should gain the MFC team abilities. Her special should be: This character gains Probability Control. Give this Character a power action, one adjacent friendly character gains Shape Change. Her half price list should be: Zombie, Laundry Basket characters with “Zombie” in their name.

Well that is it for this post. Until next time, Mecha Up.