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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 2nd to the 8th of July

MA-05 Bigro
(pictures and WLR coming soon) Welcome to another week of my life. For those new  to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. The week before last was Richard is back to going to coffee and at work we are getting a new manager again, but did last week bring. (Yes I realised I forget to change this part in last week's post. Face Palm.)

When I got up on Monday morning I still had no idea when I was starting today. I text the  only member of management I had the number to, but got no reply. Now I had three chooses going for: Going for a 9:50AM start and wait for about two hours in the staff room if I am wrong; or wait by both the home phone and my mobile and go for a 12PM; or class it as a day off until they phone me. I decided to sit down stairs by the home phone painting my figures and go in for a 12PM start. This ment I could not go out on my trike. When I got in at 12PM I found I was down to start at 12PM. Also it was chaos at work as the fizzy drinks machine had broken down and early during lunch time the shake and half the juice drinks ran out. A nightmare of a day. I finished work at 5PM. As of yesterday the new bus stops outside the train station had opened up. The bus stops look good, but were too spread out. You have to pick which bus you getting instead of just waiting until the first one arrives. From example: To get home I need to get ever the 2 or 28. The stops for these busses were always next ro each other, but now are too far apart from each to wait for which ever turns up first. Also people I knew from work were finding it hard to find their stops. As my dad was already at home by time I got home I could not get out on my trike. I did some more painting and took some photos of the stuff I was painting up for 7TV. Oh and I also received an e-mail from Hasslefree saying that my second order from them has finally be posted.
Watched: Episode 38 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, episode 17 of GaoGaiGar and episode 32 of Dragon Ball Kai.

Izrei Rasesay
On Tuesday morning I posted a HeroClix Listings and last week's Neoscream's Life post before going to work. Sadly I did not have the time to go out on my trike in the morning. I worked from 11AM to 3:05PM. Work was a nightmare again as still had no fizzy drinks as the machine was still down and we were out of still cold drinks, Shakes ans and BBQ. A major headache. When I got home I started doing some painting, before going out on my trike. But sadly my dad arrived early than I expected, so I could not get out on my trike. I manage to finish all the painting I was planning to do for now, which was paint the 100 rating version of my Kung-Fu Detective School, Silicon Robot Empire, Section Nine and Tau Invasion teams were done as well as Amy and the Doctor. I also started converting the TLS Command I got into Ohgi from Code Geass for my Black Knights team.
Watched: This week’s WWE Raw, episode 296 of the subtitled version of Bleach and episode 18 of GaoGaiGar.
Read: Chapters 57 and 59 of One Piece.

On Wednesday I worked from 11AM to 4PM. At work we had Fizzy drinks back working again, but we could not take card payments. Yet another bad day at work. Other than that not much happened. I did not even get round to riding my trike.
Watched: Episode 16 of After War Gundam, episode 19 of GaoGaiGar and episode 397 of One Piece.
Listened: Episode 324 of Anime Pulse and episode 87 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.

On Thursday morning be work I posted a HeroClix Listings. I could not get out on my trike as my dad was off work today. I worked from 12PM to 4:50PM. I ended up leaving to HeroClix about ten minutes later than normal as dad forgot to get something for dinner. Also on the Crooked Dice Games forums there is a sell on the old Minion figures as they are being discontinued and replaced by new ones (which may be out next month). Sadly I might not be getting any of these as I do not have any use for them in any of my current teams or planned teams. But I am ifing and umming on getting an unarmed minion a the Henchmen heads to make Jaws from the Bond films. However they are not tall as Jaws.
WLR: Nothing.

Lilly Rain unarmoured
On Friday morning I finished off the HeroClix post, but do not post it as I did not have the time due to over sleeping. Sadly I did not have the time to go out on my trike in the morning as well. I got totally soaked on the way to work, even the spare top I had in my bag was soaked as well. The coat I have is crap in the rain and I mainly need it for the rain. I worked from 11PM to 4:10PM. There was still a little bit of chaos at work as we were out of stock of a couple of bits, but it was not s bad as I would have thought. When I got home my long awaited second order from Hasslefree arrived, smaller than expected. I know why it happen and it is a bit of a problem as I can now only do two of my many ideas due to time. So I have to do the idea based on Kallen from Code Geass with the second. The other ideas were one based on Izrei Rasesay (one of my bridge officers is Star Trek Online) and one based on unarmoured Lily Rain (more of a female mecha pilot).
WLR: Nothing.

On Saturday before coffee I posted another HeroClix Listings post. At coffee this week was me, Richard, Darren H and Lisa, however both Darren H and Lisa turned up gone 11AM. I asked Darren H if he could come round mine some time during the weekend to have a look at my laptop as I have been having problems with my laptop for awhile (and forgetting to blog about it). My laptop had been running very slow as for some reason the amount of RAM I have have dropped. It was saying I had 2Gb of memory while I know it came with more than that. Darren H he would come some time tomorrow. I worked from 12PM to 4:35PM. Everything was OK today at work. When I got home I did a little bit of work on the second Hasslefree Sculpting Competition armature. Also Cosmic Commander is back and this time (by the looks of things) in is not an Alpha or a Beta test. Several of the Moe characters from CosmicBreak have been added to the game now, like the fantastic Lily Rain and the poster girl CrimRose. So I am back to playing Cosmic Commander again.
WLR: Nothing. Watched: This week's WWE Smackdown.

Sunday was a day off work. I first updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page which took ages and started writing the week's Cosmic Cosplay post. The laptop was at a all time slow today. While waiting for Darren H, who was coming in the evening, I ran a virus check and went do to some more work on the armature. Darren H came about 6PM. The problem was one of the two 2Gb RAM cards must have gotten a little loss and just needed to be re-plugged in and now I know we're my RAM is so if it happens again or replace it in the future. After Darren H left I finish off writing the Cosmic Cosplay post, but sadly it was late when I finished it so I will leave posting it until Monday.
WLR: Nothing.

Here is a list of posts that will be posted during the coming week:

Wednesday the 11th of July: "HeroClix Listings: DC Green Lantern.
Friday the 13th of July: "MK HeroClix" and "HeroClix Listings: Marvel Captain America".
Sunday the 15th of July: "Cosmic Cosplay" and "HeroClix Listings: Street Fighter".
Tuesday the 17th of July: "Neoscream's Life" and "HeroClix Listings: Gears of War 3 and Halo".

Well until next time, Mecha Up.