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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

HeroClix Listings: Other Universes

Gears of War 3 was released August 2011 and Halo was released September 2011. Never of them are major tournament legal. Both sets adds Grenades to HeroClix, but are the only sets to use them.

1 - 005 Anya Stroud

1 - 008 Jackal (Beam Rifle)

Ok, ok I only own one figure in both sets. I would also like to cover two more Other Universe set here that I own nothing of too. Lord of the Rings was released December in 2011. It introduced Epic powers and Horde tokens to the game. Star Trek: Tactics was released February 2012 it is meant to be fully compatible with the original HeroClix game, but it is not recommended more due to the fact that they are ships. There is (or will be) an Away Team Fast Force as well fit in with standard HeroClix. The next set will be DC Superman.