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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cosmic Cosplay for the week of 25th of June to the 1st of July

Quinn returns in "From Russia" 
Hi all and welcome to Cosmic Cosplay post. Cosmic Cosplay is a weekly post that happens on a Sunday were I talk about the new Cosplay Deviants sets, any Cosplay Deviants news I learn about, information about updates for CosmicBreak, Minecraft news when there is any and three (normally) DreamClix ideas/designs.

First off are this week's Cosplay Deviants sets. There was no set this Wednesday, however it was advertised as a revisit of Porphyria’s first set, Mania. The set on Saturday was a long awaited return set from the deviant who got me hooked to Cosplay Deviants set with her Hinata cosplay, Quinn. This new set is called From Russia and in it she cosplays as Magik from X-Men. A character that real needs a new figure in HeroClix. It is great to see her back on Cosplay Deviants after all this time.

Next is the CosmicBreak update news. As they are at Anime Expo 2012 there was no major updates apart from this week's Weekly Garapon which features Ivis.

Now for the last section of the post, the DreamClix Section. This week I am doing ideas for a Skullroid from CosmicBreak and a Cosplay card for the deviant Paige. But first here is a design of the virus infected version of Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.

Paige in "Sagittarius"
Next is a Chaos minion called Skullroid from ComicBreak. They should have the Charge, Toughness and Blades. They should have about four clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 9, Defence 16, Damage 1 and Range 4 with one target. Their team ability should be the LND one and their keywords should be Chaos and Robot. The next CosmicBreak idea should be the third guardian Icy.

Next is a cosplay card the deviant Paige. Paige has retired after just doing three set / two characters. She should gain the Past and Cosplay keywords and the Cosplay Deviants  team abilities. Her special should be: This character and all adjacent friendly characters gain Plasticity. Her half price list should be: Sailor Jupiter, Makoto Kino, Lita Kino and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Well that is it for this post. Until next time, Mecha Up.