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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Neoscream's Life: 19th to 25th August 2013

RMS-106 Hizack
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on stuff from Crooked Dice Games, Mantic Games, Robotech RPG Tactics, Warmachine and the Geek Goddess AJ Lee. This week was a busy week for me. I have decided to divide the sections to be clearer. Note gaming events will be under “Life” than “Games”.


On Monday I had the fourth week of Warmachine/Hoards Gentlemen’s League. I decided to go almost fully Vectors, however as I had not finished the second Galvanizer yet, I went with a unit of Clockwork Angels. The team was:

Forge Master Syntherion -6 (to Warjacks)
Cipher Heavy Vector 9
Cipher Heavy Vector 9
Inverter Heavy Vector 8
Mitigator Light Vector 4
Mitigator Light Vector 4
Galvanizer Light Vector 3
Clockwork Angels unit 3
=34 points

On the first round we were playing the Close Quarters steamroller scenario. I was up against Dave Bartley and he was using a Legion of Everblight force. I made a stupid mistake by forgetting to move my warcaster after casting a spell as Kill Box was in effect, but this time it gives the opponent two command points instead of killing the warcaster. I could say this cost me the game, but by the look of things I would have lost anyway. At least I gave his force a bloody nose by killing the Angelius and almost destroying another of his warbeasts and Hex Hunters unit. On the second game we were playing the Incursion steamroller scenario. I was up against Will Osborne and he was using a Khador force. If it was not for time being called, he would have killed my warcaster. As we had two command points each we had to go to tie breakers, points left on the field (doubled in the item is adjacent to an objective). I won by five as I had knocked two of his three units and I had the Inverter at an objective. Ok I did loss my Clockwork Angels like normal and a Cipher, but that was it. So I won game and lose anther this week. Also this week I have added a third unit of Clockwork Angels, a heavy Vector and a light Vector to my Hobby Points. I am currently in first place in the full Journeyman and Hobby side of things, but currently at joint eighth place with three other people out of eighteen players. So I am doing well for my first league/tournament for Warmachine/Hordes.

On Thursday the week before last, my mum decided to shop for a new kitchen. The current one is around twenty-five to thirty years old and is in need of replacing as several draws do not work anymore and the bottom of some of the lower cupboards have broken (blood cat litter will do that). She went for BnQ and on Tuesday a fitter came in to survey the old kitchen to check on measurements and on things like piping. On top of a new Kitchen we will have to get a new fuse box as the old one does not meet modern safety standards. Everything went well and we added a couple of extra bits like an extra plug down by where the bins are currently located for the cat's water faulting so we can kick it out of the living room (the bins will be in a cupboard in the new kitchen). On Sunday morning, me and my parents went to BnQ to finalise at and pay for it. I will not going into the price. We also looked at Sheds as that will be the next thing my parents will be doing as well as the fencing.

I had almost given up on the A+ Certification course I was trying to apply for that starts at the end the September when I got a phone call on Thursday during my lunch break. It was to arrange a skills test I need to take before taking the test. It will happen on the 5th of September. Hippy! I hopefully should be getting the course. The course will be coursing problems with the blog, especially this post as the course will be on a Tuesday. What I might have to do is to do Neoscream’s Life on a Wednesday. I might even juggle around a couple of thing. Maybe take the Gaming news on of this post and then merge the MK HeroClix, Model Painting and 7TV Team re-list posts together with the gaming news to form a Gaming post on Fridays. This will cut it down to three posts a week.

On Saturday I went to a DreadBall Tournament at Wargame Workshop MK. I was using my Chromium Chargers team with my AJ Lee coach figure. I have realised I should redo her hair. In my first game I was up against Dave Brown. He was using a Season Two Corporation team (but using Season One figures). Sadly I lost this game. Dave got fourth in the Tournament. In my second game I was up against the event organiser Barrie Wardle. He was using Veer-Myn. Sadly I lost this game too as I was forgetting to use my Coaching Dice. Barrie got sixth place in the Tournament. In the third game that came after lunch I was up against James Curtis. He was using a Forge Fathers team. People who follow me on Twitter will know I won this game. My robots seem to love beating up Dwarfs. Must be AJ mistaking them for a group of Daniel Bryans. Anyway, James got eighth place. On the fourth and final game I was up against Bob Hambleton. He was using a Zzor team (bugs). I managed to kill a bug and won the game. However, Bob had given up on winning and was aiming to course the most recovery rounds of the Tournament, which he did. Bob got seventh place in the tournament while I got fifth. I did not win anything apart from a second Orky coach figure for entering. I am thinking on converting him into Triple H for my CWC 7TV team. For anyone interested, Rob Taylor got first place in the tournament with his Season Two Corporation team.

After the tournament I went to Simon's with Richard and Darren H. We played a game of Zombicide. The mission we played Mission 2 “Y-Zone”. I had Phil, Richard had Amy, Darren H had Josh and Simon had Doug. Apart from problems with the targeting rules with range weapon (they did not like the fact that it affected pistols in close range), everybody had fun and we won with no deaths. OK there was some problems with the Sawed-Off, which we need to remember for next time. But anyway it was great seeing Simon again.


Next is the Mantic news. Gen Con was busy for Mantic with in person views of the Basilean army for Kings of War, first time viewing of paint Season Three DreadBall Ultimate figures and un-revealing their new game Mars Attacks. The third and final DreadBall Kickstarter survey ended on Sunday. I have added the three new MVPs to complete the MVP collection, two Season three teams as birthday presents for friends and a bunch of bases for them all. I already had the Ultimate Patch from the original survey so I do not need to add it. I Just get a better deal on it than I first thought.

Now for the Warmachine and Hordes news. This Wednesday there will more Convergence of Cyriss figures coming out as well as the card game Warmachine High Command. The new figures will be the Warcaster Axis the Harmonic Enforcer, the Diffuser Light Vector, Attunement Servitors and the Prime Axiom Colossal Vector. I am not planning on getting the Colossal due to cost, but I will be getting three packs of the Attunement Servitors the next time I am at Wargames Workshop MK and I will get the rest at a later date. With the Warmachine Tactics kick starter the PayPal backing has ended bringing the grand total to $1,628,834. Sadly this did not clear any extra goals, however WhiteMoon Dreams have stated that they will be implementing the Spectator Mode and Replay Cam after all the stuff from KickStarter is done. At a guess this will be a DLC that will still cost KickStarter backers money.

Next is the Crooked Dice Games news. The master of a new Grandville figure has been revealed. It is a character from the second graphic novel. The character is called Billie. This will make it three Grandville figures Crooked Dice Games have on their store. Also they have released a limited print run of the hard copy version of their DWMG (Doctor Who Miniatures Game) rulebook which is available from their forums than their store.

Now for the Robotech RPG Tactics news this week. Gen Con was super busy for them with tons of demos being played, a big game each day and huge queues for the exclusive figures, Max and Miriya. Reading up on the comments of people who brought them or at least seen them and talked to the staff they are not so special as first thought. Max is the most special one out of the two as his Valkyrie figure is made of metal and has marking on it that the standard Valkyies do not have. However, a plastic version is being made in the future. Miriya is basically the KickStarter Queadluun-Rau, but does not have the removable cockpit cover. So I am not too sad in missing Miriya, but it would have been nice to of had Max with the rest of my stuff, however that is life.

Next is Zombicide news. This will not be a weekly part of Neoscream's Life posts, but will happen from time to time. The cards for the survivors for the two new expansions were posted on their website. They are looking great. I have decided to have a stab at designing my own Survivor and I have a figure for it that I am using for two other games. I star of a 7TV team and a coach for DreadBall. Below is the card, hope people like it. I might design more at a later date. I will most likely do Mantic's Orky.

I will change one of the "Slippery"s for something else at a later date

“AJ Lee (and WWE)”

Before we move onto the Geek Goddess has been up to this past week, let us talk about SummerSlam. In no real order, first off Kane verses Bray Wyatt the leader of the Wyatt family in a Ring of Fire match. The other Wyatt family members use a fire proof blanket to enter the ring to attack Kane and as it was No Disqualification, the ref could not do anything about it. Bray ended up winning. Then there was Cody Rhodes verses the Smackdown Money in the Bank contact holder Damien Sandow. Cody had shaved off his moustache, why not sure. There there wad the most important match of the night to me, Divas Champion and Geek Goddess AJ Lee and the mighty Big E Langston verses "HULK SMASH" Kaitlyn and the rat Dolph Ziggler. Big E had Dolph beat, but Kaitlyn interfered, costing Big E and AJ the match. Beep! Beep! Beep! Next is Natalya verses Brie Bella. Natalya won that match. Then there was U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose of the Shield goes up against RVD (I am talking Rob Van Dam and not the DreadBall MVP Rico Van Dien) in the Kickoff Match. I did not get to watch this match, but sadly Dean Ambrose won the match. Then there was "the Best" CM Punk verses "the Beast" Brock Lesnar. Sadly Paul Heyman interfering cost Punk the match. Next was the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio verses "One More Chance" Christian. Alberto won the match and it looks like he reinjured Christian. Lastly there was the WWE Champion John Cena verses Daniel Bryan match with Triple H as special guest ref. It was a long tough war, but Daniel Bryan managed to beat Cena and became the new WWE Champion. After the match and Cena leaving, Randy Orton came out. Triple H delivered the pedigree to Daniel Bryan and then Randy cashed in his Money in the Bank contact and won it in eight and a half second, betting his shortage championship lost of eighteen seconds. Do not get me wrong, this was a terrible thing to happen to anybody. This has led to chaos on Raw last week. First John Cena leaves for four to six months due to injuries. Then Stephanie McMahon had Daniel Bryan out of the building as he was angry with what the McMahon's done to him. Then Dolph Ziggler was placed in a three on one match against the Shield due to stuff he said about Triple H which Dolph lost. Just deserts for Dolph for what he did to poor AJ. And then Big Show was placed in a three on one match against the Shield due to stuff he said about Triple H on which he lost too.

And now to what AJ has been up to this week. And yet another busy week for the Geek Goddess. She was in tag team action on RAW last week. She teamed up with Layla El against the Funkadactyls. Before the match begain both AJ and Layla attacked the Funkadactyls, Ref the Ref managed to break them up to start the match. Sadly Layla mistakenly cost them the match by rushing in too quickly.

(Last minute add on as I just found this out when search for photos of RAW) AJ was on Main Event this week. Damn it, we do not get Main Event in the UK. She was in a Non-title match against Naomi. AJ had Layla El at her corner while Naomi had Cameron. AJ kicked Naomi's butt and won the match.

AJ was on NXT last week defending her title against Bayley. AJ won the match as Bayley was too kind. (I would like to see Bayley make it into the main WWE roster in the future).

AJ was on Smackdown as well last week.  She was supporting Big E Langston in his match against Dolph Ziggler. Sadly even with AJ slapping Dolph when the ref was not look, Big E lost the match.

Watch, Listen and Read

Brought and Received: The Convergence Tokens and black undercoat.

Watched: WWE SummerSlam and this week’s episode of New Tricks.

Listened: Episode 371 of Anime Pulse.

Watched: Episode 1053 of WWE Raw.
Listened: Episode 372 of Anime Pulse.

Watched: Episode 688 of WWE Smackdown.

WLR: Nothing.

Brought: I got a new case for my DreadBall figures as I have been finding the Mantic white cases to be a pain (does not help that we are STILL waiting for printable covers). My parents brought a new kitchen and a couple of bits to go with it.
KickStarter: Filled in the third and final survey for DreadBall.

Well that is it for now. Until next time, Armour Up.