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Friday, 30 August 2013

MK HeroClix: 29th of August 2013 - No more Master Rouges

Welcome to the MK HeroClix post. This is a weekly post with HeroClix news and results of Thursday's HeroClix game at MK Wargames Society at York House. This week there were previews of Iron Man from Marvel The Invincible Iron Man; Shame from DC Batman Classic TV; and Borg Sphere 4270, Borg Sphere 3095 and Tactical Cube 138 from Star Trek Tactics III.

This week was the seven week of the special tournament that Darren is running. He will bring four 600 point teams each week for eight weeks (round one). One DC heroes, one DC villains, one Marvel heroes and one Marvel villains. All teams are classed as Named themed even if it is not. We will each take it in turns using the team. The top two teams of each week will move on to the next round. This week’s teams were:

Masters of Evil
"Master of Evil"
Baron Zemo (041 Marvel Chaos War) 100
Scorpion (037 Marvel Web of Spiderman) 62
Tiger Shark (134 Marvel Incredible Hulk) 134
Ultron (208 Marvel Chaos War) 90 386
Moonstone (022 Marvel Hammer of Thor) 76 462
Black Knight (020 Marvel Chaos War) 95
Songbird (043 Marvel Fantastic Forces) 44
=601 points

Captain Boomerang (005 DC Brightest Day) 61
Gorilla Grodd (010 DC Arkham Asylum) 157
Dr. Alchemy (025 DC Justice League) 62
Abra Kadabra (042 DC Justice League) 100
Mirror Master (051 DC Origin) 88
Captain Cold (039 DC Collateral Damage) 82
Merlyn (019 DC Justice League) 55
=605 points

Rouges vs Sinister Syndicate
“Green Lantern”
Green Lantern (033 DC Teen Titans) 110
Earth Man (023 DC Superman) 98
Kilowog (002 DC Fast Forces Green Lantern) 100
Tomar Re (003 DC Fast Forces Green Lantern) 75
Abin Sur (006 DC Fast Forces Green Lantern) 50
Kyle Rayner (038 DC 75th Anniversary) 169
=602 points

Tabitha Smith (015 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 58 + Nextwave (ATA) 5 = 63
Aaron Stack (016 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 106 + Nextwave (ATA) 5 = 111
Elsa Bloodstone (028 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 73 + Nextwave (ATA) 5 = 78
Monica Rambeau (029 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 139 + Nextwave (ATA) 5 = 144
Machine Man (087 Marvel Supernova) 63 + Nextwave (ATA) 5 = 68
The Captain (054 Marvel Giant-Size X-Men) 124 + Nextwave (ATA) 5 = 129
=593 points

On the first round I was up against Adrian. I was using the “Green Lanterns” team while Adrian was using the “Nextwave” team. After a long game, the “Green Lanterns” won. Also the “Masters of Evil” beat “Rouges”. On the second round I was up against Michael. I was using the “Nextwave” team while Michael was using the “Master of Evil” team. For most of the game it was close, but during the last couples of minutes the Masters started to fall like flies making “Nextwave” the winners. Also the “Green Lanterns” beat “Rouges”. On the third and final round I was up against Darren.  I was using the “Rouges” team while Darren was using the “Nextwave” team. Like normal Darren beat me. Also the “Masters of Evil” beat “Green Lanterns”. The two teams that are joining “Legion of Superheroes”, “Crime Syndicate”, “X-Men”, “M.O.D.O.K.'s 11”, “Sinestro Corps”, “Justice Society”, "Frightful Four", "Bat Family", “Sinister Syndicate”, “Midnight Sons”, “Young Justice” and the “Brotherhood of Mutants” into the next round are the “Green Lanterns” and “Nextwave”.

Next week should be the final week of round one of the tournament, next week’s teams will be “Suicide Squad”, “Teen Titans”, “Fantastic Four” and “Skrulls”. Oh and next week’s Neoscream’s Life has some news on the future of this post.

Until next time, Armour Up.