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Thursday, 15 August 2013

7TV Listings: C.W.C. (100 and 200)

This week’s re-listed 7TV team is the C.W.C. team (Cyborg Wrestling Cult). When I first got 7TV I wanted to do a team that I could use my old Necromunda Pit Fighters with. An idea of a cult of cyborgs lead by a Insidious Industrialist came to mind I was originally going to use the old version of Colonial 'Iron Hand' Straken (from Game Workshop's Warhammer 40,000) that I have as a temporary Insidious Industrialist until I upgrade the team to have a Co-Star were I would get a better figure to use as the Insidious Industrialist and then use Straken as a Co-Star. However when I was painting the Cultist leader (NOT the team’s leader) I was also working on my DreadBall Coach based on AJ Lee from WWE, I noticed that the beard on the Cultist Leader looked a lot like Daniel Bryan's. After a lot of thinking, as I had AJ on mind a lot due to her just losing job as GM of Raw back then, I decided to use the AJ figure as the Insidious Industrialist as well as a DreadBall coach. With this change, I decided that the Metalnaut I was planning on using will need to be replaced with something more Kane like. However this changed over time and now the Kane figure is a Co-Star outside 100 rating and Big E Langston now takes the place of Kane as the Metalnaut and AJ’s Protector. But the originally idea of the Metalnaut was the bases of the cultists colours. Over the time I have also done figures of John Cena, Stone Cold, Ted DiBiase (Jr.), R-Truth and Tensai, plus I still have Undertaker, Edge, Hornswoggle and Eve to revile in the future. Oh and a have to do Dolph and Kaitlyn in the future, just need a Veer-Myn or Skavan figure and a She-Hulk figure. Opp sorry that is insulting, to the She-Hulk. (I am just joking. Please do not take the insulting of people like Dolph and Kaitlyn for real. I know it is all made up and that they are good people and friend of AJ in “Real Life”. However She-Hulk or Red She-Hulk might be a good fit for Kaitlyn.)

Currently there are two different rating of the team, 100 and 200 (as I have dropped the 150 rating team).

First off 100 ratings:

As I cannot find a photo of the 100 rating team with the Kane figure and the fact tht I do not have the time to take a
new one, here is a pic and AJ with Team Hell No

And Lastly 200 ratings: