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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Neoscream's Life: 5th to 11th August 2013

PMX-003 The O
Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done last week and news on stuff from Crooked Dice Games, Mantic Games, Robotech RPG Tactics, Warmachine and the Geek Goddess AJ Lee.

On Monday was the third Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League week. This time it was 25 points. My force was:

Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis -6 (to Warjacks)
Cipher Heavy Vector 9
Inverter Heavy Vector 8
Mitigator Light Vector 4
Galvanizer Light Vector 3
Clockwork Angels unit 3
Clockwork Angels unit 3
=24 points

On the first game I was up against David Copperwheat (I think). My official opponent Matt Luckett had not turned up. David was using a Khador team. I will not be writing up my opponent's teams now as it was a nightmare to work out what is what when you are new to the game. All most all of his force had stealth. Being mu sixth game ever and first time ever with using Units, I have a feeling that I was not using the Clockwork Angels right, as they died too quickly without doing much. I ended up losing the game with my Warcaster being killed. My next game was against Barnaby O'Callaghan. He was also using a Khador team. I decided to swap Aurora for Syntherion as I did better with him last time, more due to the regeneration and upkeep spells. The Clockwork Angels died again and I got to use my Reconstruct spell for once. However a missed shot from my Hot Shot Cipher scattered onto my Inverter. Me and my opponent thought it was safe as the attack was POW 6 once the Inverter had Armour 19, but sadly I rolled a triple six which killed off the Inverter before I could cast Reconstruct on it again. In the last seconds of the game he killed my warcaster due to the hole left by the Inverter dying. So that was two games lost. The Geek Goddess works in strange ways. LOL. The next one will happen on the 19th of August (the Monday before the next DreadBall Tournament) and it will be 35 points. I might stick to Syntherion and try to stick with Vectors.

And now for the chaos, and I am not talking about work or the Geek Goddess. As Pete is leaving Milton Keynes, and that we have not done role play for nearly a year, Richard and Nathan had arranged a role play gaming weekend. Basically it was originally meant to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The plan came along about when I got but to work from my sickness and I asked Richard to let me know ahead of time what weekend so I could try to book it off work if I could. However Richard told me when on Thursday, the day before it happened so I could not book it off. Facepalm. So we had to do it Friday and Saturday in the evening. The plan was on Thursday that it was happening at Richard's and that Nathan would be running an unknown Fantasy role play. However it was changed to Nathan's about two hours before we were meant to meet up, (again, face palm) and Nathan was running a heavy modified DnD 3.5 game. So I could not bring my physical copies of the books as I was at work and did not have the time to head home to get them. I got there at six liked plan as well as Pete and of course Nathan, but Richard turned up at seven, which cut character creation down to three hours. Pete forgot to bring his books or laptop even thou he knew what we were playing. Richard, like me, did not know what we were playing so he did not bring his books (I think he only owns two). And Nathan only had edition 3 as hard copies and Pete has them, which he did not bring ever. I did have my tablet had the PDF’s on them and I had the PDFs on Dropbox so I could get them on my phone, however it takes several minutes for a book to up load (that is if it does not somehow fail to load. Oh and Nathan had to PDFs on his laptop too, bus he needed the laptop most of the time. So we found it hard to create characters. Then about nine Nathan reviled that he could not did Sunday to everybody, so we only had four hours to play a game on Saturday. Face Palm. By about quarter to ten we realised we would not be able to finish character creation tonight and never me or Richard had the time to do them before Saturday’s session. So we had to call role play off sadly. Instead we plan on playing some board games. For those of you who are interested in the characters we playing, I was going for a plan and simple Human Wizard,  Richard was going for a Celestial Human Cleric, and Pete was going for a Double Ganger Bounty Hunter. Again it was a meet on at Nathan’s at six. So on Saturday both me and Pete arrived a six shape and Richard arrived a couple of minutes before seven. Face Palm. We were also joined by a friend of Nathan’s called, Lisa. We had DreadBall, Zombicide and Munchkin to play. Nathan decided that we will play DreadBall as he was just getting into it. I was using my Robot team, Nathan was using his Season One human team, Richard borrowed my Forge Fathers team and Pete was borrowing my Veer-Myn team. I played against Richard while Nathan played against Pete. Nathan won his game against Pete with a seven point win. After a very long game that took up all our time I won my game against Richard by two points. The game took about two and a half hours. It does not help with Richard taking ages to decide what to do. Sadly Pete did not enjoy the game as he is not a fan of two player games. We all realised that we should have played Zombicide first. Pete will be missed and hard to replace.

On Friday before work and character creation I popped down to Wargames Workshop MK to pick up a game I have been considering on getting for a while. The board game Zombicide. I had watched both KickStarters for it, but sadly never backed it due to other KickStarters happening at the time. During the first one I had DreadBall and during the second one I had Deadzone and Robotech RPG Tactics. The scary thing is I have seen the $10 KickStarter exclusive figures selling for about £60 on the second hand market. Wow, what a mark up. Well anyway you will be seeing painted figures soon.

During the weekend we had a major problem with the shake and ice cream machine. On Friday it was making ten tons of noise. One of the cogs in the back of the machine was rattling around loss. We called an engineer to fix it. The hole that holds the gear had widened due to wear and tear. He had to replace the cog and a couple of bits that go with it, but sadly he had to order the points in. Because of this the machine failed its heat cycle during the night and I had to come in early on Saturday to get the shake side back working again as the store manager was not understanding the instructions I was giving him. As we realised now that it will fail the heat cycle as the ice cream side was not working, I had to come in Sunday (my day off) to fix it again. So I got there at about 8:15AM on Sunday to fix, but when I got there I found that it for some unknown reason it did not fail its heat cycle. So I went back home. Then I received a phone call at about 2:30PM from the manager saying that at 1PM it went into heat cycle and has failed. This was odd as it is only meant to go into heat cycle during the night. As I had already came into do it he said that he will leave it for me to do on Monday. I asked him to pump out the shake base and keep it in the chillier, which he agreed to do. However he never did.

Next is the Mantic news. I forgot to say last week that the bills for the extra stuff for the Deadzone KickStarter survey have been sent during the weekend and beta rules for Rebels and Marauders have been posted. Also now beta rules for vehicles are up too. On DreadBall news all of the Season Three stuff has been printed and is currently having photos taken for packaging and the rulebook. The third and final DreadBall survey will be sent any day now (in fact it was yesterday). Also Mantic is gearing up for a new KickStarter and a massive website update which will include a new look website and a updated Mantic Points section that will include the DreadBall MVPs Gabe, Nightshade and Wyn.

Now for the Warmachine and Hordes news. New preview images of Temple Flameguard Protectorate Unit, Idrian Skirmishers Protectorate Idrian Ally Unit, Skarlock Commander Cryx Thrall Unit Attachment, Eiryss the Mage Hunter Commander Retribution Epic Character Unit Attachment, Accretion Servitors Convergence Solos. Reciprocators Convergence Unit, Raluk Moorclaw the Ironmonger, Trollkin Sorcerer Trollblood Solo and Night Troll Trollblood Light Warbeast were all posted this week. All this and more will be released durring November. This coming Wednesday will see the release of Exemplar Vengers Protectorate Cavalry Unit, Trollkin Warders Trollbloods Unit, Gobber Tinker Mercenary Minion Solo and Convergence of Cyriss Token Set. I plan on getting the tokens during the next Journeyman League. The Warmachine: Tactics KickStarter ended last week and the new stuff we got from updates and unlocks by the end were: All backers now gained Warmachine based skins for the computer game DoTA 2 (but you will need the game DoTA 2 and one of its DLCs to use them), single player Onslaught mode, co-op play, a third single player mission pack called “Dark Seduction”, Magnus the Traitor’s Battlegroup, Mercenaries as a playable faction and Retribution of Scyrah as a playable faction. The KickStarter managed to make $1,578,950 and had 19,829 backers. The stretch goals that were sadly not made are: the Mercenary Warcaster Ashlyn D’Elyse and her battlegroup at $1,769,000; and a Map Editor at $2,019,000.

Next is the Robotech RPG Tactics news. The Pledge Manager will be closing in loss than three weeks time. Also a preview image of the YF-4 Fighter mode was released.

Now for the other KickStarters news. With OVA the rulebook is close to completion but is being delayed by artwork. It will more than likely be released later than planned. With Mekton the miniatures are being done on computer and 3D images of them will be reviled when they are done.

There was no Crooked Dice Games news this week.

Now for what AJ Lee has been up to this past week. AJ was on Raw twice last week. The first time was when she came out in the middle of "HULK SMASH" Kaitlyn's match against Layla El. This distracted Kaitlyn to course Layla to gain a "Flawless" victory and then AJ and Layla went off together. The second time AJ appeared was when she was supporting Big E Langston in his rematch against the rat Dolph Ziggler. Dolph was doing better than Big E this time around. Kaitlyn came out to attack poor little AJ and their fight distracted Dolph which Big E used to win the match. So Kaitlyn cost Dolph the match.

Both AJ and Big E were Miz's special on his talk show MizTV that was on Smackdown last week. Sadly do to things like the bloody Ashes, I have not seen Smackdown yet. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. But I know it lead to a match at SummerSlam. I will talk about it next week.

Now yet us talk about SummerSlam as it is on this weekend. As of Friday morning last week five matches were announced and the Miz will be the host of the show. Also like I said above there is now at last another one now from Smackdown. There is WWE Champion John Cena verses Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is good and should not be underestimate, but I want John Cena to win. Well it will be one of Aj's exs as Champion anyway, unless Randy Orton cashes in his Money in the Bank contact on the winner. Then there is "the Best" CM Punk verses "the Beast" Brock Lesnar. I want to see Punk win, but will his blood thirst for Paul Heyman cost him? Then there is World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio verses "One More Chance" Christian. I want to see Christian won this one. Then there is Kane verses Bray Wyatt the leader of the Wyatt family. I like to see Kane win but I can see it being three on one. Then there is former friends Cody Rhodes verses Damien Sandow. Just beat the crap out of each other. And lastly the mix tag team match of Divas Champion and Geek Goddess AJ Lee and Big E verses "HULK SMASH" Kaitlyn and the rat Dolph Ziggler. If you do not know who I am checking for you deserve a slap.

Sneak Peek of next week's post.
The MVP Chris Nord.
We now move on to the Watch, Listen and Read section of the blog post:

Watched: Two Gadget Show web clips (“Surprise Special: Ortis” and "Gaming: 05.04.11”).
Listened: Episode 370 of Anime Pulse.

Watched: Episodes 1 to 9 of Season 17 of Watch It Played and episode 1052 of WWE Raw.
Listened: Part of episode 205 of Manga Pulse.

Watched: This week’s episode of New Tricks.
Listened: Rest of episode 205 of Manga Pulse.
KickStarter: Paid for the extra stuff from the survey for Deadzone.

Listened: Part of episode 206 of Manga Pulse.

Sneak Peek of next week's post.
The MVP Drake.
Listened: Rest of episode 206 of Manga Pulse and part of episode 207 of Manga Pulse.
Brought and Received: Zombicide.

Listened: Rest of episode 207 of Manga Pulse and episode 208 of Manga Pulse.

Watched: Episode 5 to 8 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.
Listened: Episode 7 of Fan Pulse and episode 80 of VG Pulse.

Until next time, Armour Up.