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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Journeyman Model Painting: 21st August 2013

Welcome to another Model Painting post. This post will normally happen on a Monday normally, however on weeks I am at the Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League this post will most likely happen on a Wednesday instead. This week continuous the Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League special that will last twelve weeks. Starting this week I have added Zombicide to the painting list a altered to why I group things. I will not bore you all with the details until the Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League is finished. This week I have done two minions (one 'Eavy and one Security Guard with Rifle), Amy and Ned from Zombicide, a Clockwork Angel and a Cipher Heavy Vector.

This week's figures. Front view.
This week's figures. Rear view.
This week's Warmachine figures.
All the posted painted Convergence of Cyriss figures so far.
This week's Zombicide figures.
This week's 7TV figure.

Next week there will be at least a Walker Zombie, the human coach, two Veer-myn player and one more Mitigator Light Vector, but if things go well it might also have a Robot Striker and another Galvanizer Light Vector.

Until next time, Armour Up.