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Friday, 5 September 2014

Gaming News from Neoscream: 5th September 2014

Welcome to “Gaming News from Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming news post for miniature games, RPGs, some card games and computer games.

“Gaming News”

First off is the Mantic news. Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest KickStarter has finally finished make a whopping $1,057,975 with 5,963 backers. It did so well it got to 13th place of the top 20 non computer game/hardware gaming Kickstarters. This sadly knocked DreadBall out of the top 20.
Let us look at what the main pledge level “Dungeon Master” looked like at the end of last week’s post: the Dungeon Saga game (I am not relisting original contain but new will be listed below); extra set of all the monster scalps; the Adventurer’s Companion which now includes rules for the Undead, the Orc, the Goblin and Forces of the Abyss ranges from Kings of War, rules for all the figure from the Dwarf King’s Hold game, an in-depth background section describing the Mantica setting and the races that inhabit it as well as a comprehensive system for building your own heroes and villains; an exclusive signed art print; Kickstarter Exclusive Dungeon Journal which now includes six Dwarf King’s Hold Ancient Grudge scenarios, two mighty Greenskins scenarios and two demonic hordes of the Abyss scenarios; resin KickStarter Exclusive hero Keldan Aury’mtor; two Armoured Zombies; two Dwarf Revenants; the villain character Grund Hammerhand the Undead Dwarf King with an extra scenario and a Bonus Tile; two Ghosts; Three Zombie Trolls; the villain character Hoggar the Undead Zombie Troll Shaman with an extra scenario and a Bonus Tile; five new plastic heroes called Ally McSween the Female Halfling Thief, Ibrahim the Male Human Paladin, Kapoka the Dryad Druid Shapeshifter, Venetia Beriassor the Female Human Cleric, Hratth Flamespitter the Salamander Fighter and Arianya the Naiad Daemonhunter; three exclusive plastic heroes called Logan “The Lofty” Mialsson the Halfling Fighter, “Hordin Goldstone and Gnasher” and Tyrant King Blaine; rules and cards for Solo (Heroes or Necromancer) and fully Co-Op play; the Ebil Dead booster pack; a Goblin Archer and two Goblin Warriors; an Orc Morax; an Orcling Swarm; a Mawbeast; a set of 3D Dungeon Furniture in plastic; an Orc Greatax; an Orc Skulk; two different Lower Abyssal; a Lower Abyssal Magi; a Succubi; an Abyssal Tortured Soul; an Abyssal Moloch; a character pad for keeping track of your newly-designed heroes; new equipment and spells cards; and a Hellhound.
The Stretch Goals that they managed to unlock since the last post was: Resin Legendary versions of Hratth, Ibrahim, Ally McSween and Venetia Berisassor was added as an add-on; the villain Drech’nok the Destroyer, two more scenarios and a new room tile were added to the Infernal Crypts expansion pack; an Abyssal Warrior was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level; a digital copy of Rise of the Shadow King, a Dungeon Saga Adventurer Gamebook by Matt Gilbert was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level; the Unholy Crusades campaign was added to the Kickstarter exclusive Dungeon journal; Ba’el the Undead Daemonlord and a new scenario was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level; two Abyssal Effrits were added to the Infernal Crypts expansion pack; an Abyssal Effrit was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level; a plastic and a resin version of The Denizens of the Abyss Figure Pack as add-ons; the Black Fortress tile and furniture pack as an add-on; Abyssal Dwarf rules were added to the Adventurer’s Companion; a Abyssal Dwarf Doom Guard booster pack as an add-on; a plastic door set was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level, both tile and furniture packs and as an add-on; legendary resin versions of Kapoka and Arianya as add-ons; the Green Tide campaign was added to the Kickstarter exclusive Dungeon Journal; the The Tyrant of Halpi expansion pack as an add-on; the Black Fortress campaign was added to the Kickstarter exclusive Dungeon journal; a set of Dungeon Tile Clips was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level, both tile and furniture packs and as an add-on; a digital copy of Backers Winter’s Knight, a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook by Matt Gilbert was added to the Dungeon Master pledge level; all magazine/online Dwarf King’s Hold scenarios have been added to the Kickstarter exclusive Dungeon Journal; the massive celestial demi-god hero Valandor; and resin add-on of Funny Bone the Undead Jester, a Twilight Kin Assassin and a Vampire.
Stretch Goal that were never made was: A Naked Ronnie Bard added to the Dungeon Master pledge level. The whole world was saved.
For an overall view of the Dungeon Master pledge level at the end of the KickStarter please check the photo. Last week I up my backing to include the resin version of Tyrant King Blaine so that I have all the different version of him.

Next is the Battle System news. With their Fantasy Dungeon Terrain KickStarter the Stretch Goals that they managed to unlock since last week’s post were: Six square long Walkway, a four square long Walkway, two sets of two different Balustrades, a Tomb, a Table, two Torches, a Barrel, a Bookcase, a Double Door Way with Portcullis and three Struts were added to the Dungeon pledge level; the Star Gate Dimension Gate set as an add-on;.
Stretch Goal that was still going when I posted this post were: The Great hall set and the Great Hall Extended set as an add-ons at £94k; and three Pairs of Converters, a Walkway, two Balustrades and two Gargoyles on plinths will be added to the Dungeon pledge level at a unknown amount.
The Sci-fi Modular Terrain, the USA backer rewards have been delayed due to paperwork problem which they are trying to fix. There is a chance that they will be on their way when this is posted.

Now for the Crooked Dice Games news. The Ghost Busters Paranormal Exterminators, Slimer Spook and their Exterminator Gear has been released. Also this month’s deal is two for the price of one on Hard Hats heads and Police Helmets head. Due huge orders and stuff running out, there are some major delays with orders. They are trying their best to things back sorted.

Next is the Stonehaven Miniatures news. They have decided to not do stretch goals anymore with their Half-Orc Adventurers KickStarter. Instead they will be adding a new figure every day. Due to problems with posting updates on Sundays, there will be no figure on that day. Instead there will be a double bill on ever Saturday or Monday. The characters we got since the last post were: The Half-Orc Mechanist, the Tengu Mage, the Half-Dragon Rogue, the Half-Orc Gladiator, the Urmahlullu Druid and the Half-Orc Cleric.
I will probably go for the Tengus for the Power Rangers link and the Half-Orc Mechanist.

Now for the Dust: Operation Babylon news. The pledge manager is finally out, but it may take time getting to people. I only just got my e-mail now.

Next is the Journey: Wrath of Daemons news. We got a ton of mass production pictures of the figures from the main box game.

Now for the Demigods Rising news. I wanted to talk about the KickStarter last week post, but due to work and a busy week I did not get the time to write much. Like I said last week, this is a KickStarter I sadly never reported on when it was going and had ended last week. I decided to back it at the last moment. The figures look a little odd but “F”ing fantast. The oddness makes them fantastic. The game play that I have seen so far looks great, however I have not seen how minions or the Demigod Cards will work like. Over the time of the KickStarter they have unlocked nine new heroes (two copies of each have been added to the main pledge level), a ton of new Demigod Items, special Demigod dice, a bunch of new Obstacles and new gameboard titles based on each of the four Demigods. They made $153,915 with 1,355 backers. New news from this week was that a basic pledge manager has been sent to backers. This is just so that they have contact details and an idea of what people are after in extra so that they can plan ahead.

Next is the HeroClix news. After a long time WizKids are back doing previews after miss both the comic book and movie versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy sets. First was 2014 Monthly Organized Play figure of Angle and then there was Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh Series Two. Yes that is right, they are releasing a second set of Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix. The Also revealed that in February 2015 there will be a new DC set called Comics Trinity War.

Now for the Ninja Division news. They have sent out invoices for postage for Arcadia Quest. It ended up costing me an extra £15.

Next is the Cool Mini or Not news. There is a now mission up on the Zombicide website called Coup De Grâce.
Lastly here is this month’s look at the top 20 non-computer gaming KickStarters. Here they are in descending order with how much they made unless the KickStarter is still going:

20. Arcadia Quest - $774,222 (Backed at Guildmaster level)
19. Zombicide Season One - $781,597 (Sadly did not backed, but I do own the game)
18. MERCS Recon - $816,273
17. Relic Knights - $909,537
16. Ogre Designer's Edition by Steve Jackson Games - $923,680
15. Myth - $926,112
14. Sedition Wars - $951,254 (Did not back, but I do own the game)
13. Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest - $1,057,975 (Backed at add-ons only)
12. Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King - $1,151,890 (Backed at $1 sadly)
11. Deadzone - $1,216,483 (Backed at Scout level)
10. Shadows of Brimstone - $1,341,305 (Backed at Cowpoke level sadly)
9. Cthulhu Wars - $1,403,981
8. Robotech RPG Tactics - $1,442,312 (Backed at Battle Cry level)
7. Revolutionary Miniature Terrain by Dwarven Forge - $1,908,156
6. Kingdom Death - $2,049,721 (Sadly did not backed, but managed to get in from the 2013 Black Friday deal)
5. Dwarvenite Game Tiles Terrain by Dwarven Forge - $2,140,851
4. Zombicide Season Two - $2,255,018 (Sadly did not backed, but I do own box sets)
3. Zombicide Season Three - $2,849,064 (Backed at Patient 0 level)
2. Bones II from Reaper Miniatures - $3,169,611
1. Bones from Reaper Miniatures - $3,429,236

I also would like make an honourable mention. Warmachine Tactics which made $1,578,950. I never listed it in the top 20 as it was officially a computer game KickStarter. However it is based on a miniature game and had some gaming miniatures in it as rewards.

“KickStarter Dates”

·         “Kingdom Death Monster”, “Mechabrick”, physical copy of  “OVA” and wave two of “Robotech RPG Tactics” all have been delay due to problems and currently have no dates on when these will start shipping
·         Wave one of “Robotech RPG Tactics” has started shipping
·         “Dust Operation Babylon”, the digital copy of “Mekton Zero” rulebook, “Arcadia Quest”, the non-coloured ran of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit”, the physical copy of the “Mekton Zero” rulebook, “Shadows of Brimstone”, "Mars Attacks" and “Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set” (comes with a digital copy of the old RPG rulebooks) all should start shipping this month
·         Both the “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain” and the “Half-Orc Adventures” KickStarters will end on the 21st of September 2014
·         Both wave one of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” and wave three of “Deadzone” are set to ship in October 2014
·         “StarCrawlers” is listed to be done and out by November 2014
·         Wave one of “DreadBall Xtreme”, “Last Saga” and the coloured ran of “Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit” are all listed to ship in November 2014
·         “Super Dungeon Explore The Forgotten King”, “Guild Ball” and “Mechadrome” are all listed to ship in December 2014
·         Wave two of “DreadBall Xtreme” is meant to ship sometime in 2015 and I am guessing wave two of “Journey Wrath of Daemons” has be push back to this time as well
·         “Zombicide Season Three” should ship in February 2015
·         “Half-Orc Adventures” should ship in May 2015
·         Both “Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain” and “Demigods Rising” should ship in July 2015
·          “Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest” should ship in August 2015

“Painting and Converting”

This week we have the Mandroid, two Samaritan Grenadiers, a Samaritan Lancer and four Samaritan Troopers.

This week's figures front view
This week's figure rear view
This week's 7TV figure
This week's Sedition Wars figures

In next week’s post there will be five Samaritan Troopers, two Berserker Zombie Walkers and two Berserker Zombie Runners.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.