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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Neoscream's Life: 22nd to 28th September 2014

Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done during last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ.


I forgot to state last week that on Sunday night of the 21st of September, I received an email from Hasslefree Miniatures. Even though non of my figures won or get runner up in their 2012 Sculpting Contest, at least one of them is going to get a mould. Which one or ones I do not know and I do not know at the moment if the mould is good enough for store use. I will have to keep a close eye out. I will keep you all up to date on both the "Neoscream's Life" and "Gaming News from Neoscream" posts. However this means I should be getting my greens back soon with a metal copy of all the winners and runners as well as a copy of any of mine that were casted. Most likely next month. Finally both my Black Knights and Silicon Robotic Empire teams for 7TV will have the right figures. Only everyone who has entered have been given a 25% off code which ends on the 1st of October. These orders will ship with the greens and prizes.

The Winners and runner ups of the
2012 Hasslefree Miniatures
Sculpting Contest
I have been finding being back at work is not helping with my feelings during the start of the week. It was nowhere near as bad as it was, but I still feel very hurt inside. I had managed to rip out/block my feelings for the girl I had a crush on (avoiding her helps) and I understand that likely hood that a relationship would work is very slim to none. It felt like I have a huge wound emotional. Seeing her name on the tills and router (her name was just under mine), hearing other work colleagues saying her name or talk about her, seeing anything that reminds me of her, and hearing about or seeing other people's relationships (marriages, engagement, dating, babies) just makings the wound hurt bad. It does not help that the assistant manager who thought he was funny by calling her my girlfriend as a joke (he now knows it was a stupid thing to say). I am just VERY sensitive at the moment.
Then on Saturday as I was leaving, the assignment manager told me that the girl I had a crush on was just fired due to attitude and reliable problems. Myself, Marisa and all the other staff members where like, WTF! I do not agree with what they are doing at all, but as this is a public place where anyone can read it. So I will just leave my opinions of this as "I do not agree with it". She is trying to fight it.
I hate to say this, but this might be a bit of a silver lining for me. I might not need to bottle up things any more as she might not be around any more. I will miss her, however I do feel that this could end the problems in my life I have been having. But I do not support what work is doing and I wish things could have ended differently (that we were still friends and good ones), but sadly that is life.
Marisa was meant to be transferring back to our store again, however due to this and another problem she will most likely refuse. 

Anyway with the rest of the week, I went to Simon's with Richard and Darren H for role play. Also Roxi made a brief out of the blue return to Milton Keynes with her girlfriend. It was see Roxi after all this time. Sadly it was only brief.

“WWE Night of Champions”

Sadly I been forgetting to do the WWE section until the last moment so they a bit short and rushed. On Sunday night on the 21st of September (Monday morning on the 22nd of September for us in the UK) was the pay-per-view Night of Champions. Here are the results:

Gold and Stardust (the Rhodes Brothers) defeated The Usos to become the WWE Tag Team Champions.

United States Champion Sheamus defeated Cesaro.

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler to become the Intercontinental Champion. However Dolph won it back on Raw the next day.

Due to Roman Reigns’ emergency surgery just one night before Night of Champions, he was unable to compete in his match against Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins made an open challenge and Dean Ambrose answered it. Sadly there was not a match. Get well soon Roman Reigns.

Rusev defeated Mark Henry and again on Raw the next day.

Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho.

AJ Lee defeated both Paige and Nikki Bella to become the three times WWE Divas Champion. The second person ever to hold the title so many times.

John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar by disqualification as Seth Rollin interfered.

"AJ and the WWE"

The three time Diva's Champion, current champion and Geek Goddess AJ Lee, was on Raw last week. She had a match against Nikki Bella. Oddly it was a tough match, but AJ still won.

AJ was also on Main Event (but not Smackdown) this week. Sadly as we in the UK do not get Main Event in the UK I never saw it and sadly as I do not have the time (as I am writing this at the last minute) to read up what happened or write about it. However she was on commentary and not a match.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

Received: A Cygnar Gun Mage Captain Adept and some missing Menoth card from Niall.

Watched: Episodes 7 and 8 of a Persona 2 Innocent Sin Playthrough from Sirlionhart and this week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Watched: Episodes 9 to 13 of a Persona 2 Innocent Sin Playthrough from Sirlionhart and this week’s episode of the Gadget Show.

Watched: Episodes 14 and 15 of a Persona 2 Innocent Sin Playthrough from Sirlionhart.

Brought and Received: The Warmachine High Command Faith and Fortune box set, the High Command expansion pack "Escalating Conflict", a Convergence Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex, a pack of Convergence Reflex Servitors and the Cygnar Long Gunner Infantry Officer attachment.

Watched: This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown and this week’s episode of Weekenders.

Watched: Episodes 16 and 17 of a Persona 2 Innocent Sin Playthrough from Sirlionhart, episode 6 of season eight of Doctor Who and this week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS.

Still in the post or soon be should
Resin Bases.
Mars Attacks.
Hasslefree Miniatures Sculpting Contest entry prizes and my greens.

“Wargames Workshop MK Warmachine/Hoard League 2014 Painting Challenge Day 15 of 28”

As there was no real change as I was busy yesterday, here is just a closer look of the five I am focusing on at the moment.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.