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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Gaming with Neoscream: 20th September 2014

Rough drawing of Hyniks
Welcome to “Gaming with Neoscream”. This is my weekly gaming report and event write up post for miniature games, RPGs, card games and computer games.

“This Week's Events”

On Friday last week I went to Simon's with Richard and Darren H for the first game of our Silver Age Sentinels D20 Campaign. Sadly due to the fact that never Richard or Darren H were nowhere near finishing building their characters about half of our role play time was taken up waiting for them to get them close enough to use. The basic events of the game was: My character's ship crushed landed on Earth. Both Richard's and Darren's characters headed to the crash site. Richard's character arrived first and then Both his and my characters got captured by a bug like humanoid alien race. Darren's character with the help of the ships AI had to save us, and with the help of of a NPC, we all took out the bug like humanoid aliens. However as we ended the game Richard's pinned down Darren's character with telekinesis as he knew that Darren's character only freed us for a bounty on him.
It was a good night with my close friends after the problem of two nights ago (look at the pervious "Neoscream's Life" post. The next game will be ever next Friday or the 10th of October.

Menoth verses Menoth
On Monday this week I went to Wargames Workshop MK for the first round of the Warmachine/Hordes league. With the league I decided to try out my Menoth. I was up against Naill this week who was also using Menoth. It was a long and close battle, however Naill managed to win the game. Next week I will be up against Joe who is using Legion.

On Thursday I went down to York House for HeroClix. We were playing a scenario called "Clone Saga". (400 points. One figure must be a Spider-Men or a Scarlet Spider. They will be arch enemies to one and other, plus they gain Shape Change.) Sadly Adrian called off on the very last moment. So there was only me Michael and Darren S. This week I was using an Avengers themed team.
The first round was me verses Michael while Darren S had the bye. Michael was using an Avengers themed team as well. Sadly I lost the game.
The second round was Darren S verses Michael while I had the bye. Darren S was using a Spider-Men Family themed team. Darren S won this game.
On the third and final round it was me verses Darren S while Michael had the bye. Like normal Darren S won the game.
Over all Darren S won this week and I was dead last. Next week will be the first week of a three week Batman run. "Batman Beings": 300 points. One figure must be ever Ra's al Ghul or a Batman that is ever a Rookie or under 100 point. You can not use any Batman you used in any of the future Batman games.

On Saturday I went down to Wargames Workshop MK for the Warmachine/Hordes tournament. This time was a standard Steam Roller tournament. I stuck with my Convergent with this tournament, using my tier four Forge Master Syntherion force again. There was only ten of us this time. Most of the Pro players were away at the UK National Masters 2014 in Manchester.
In the first round I was up again Luke who was using a Menoth force. I shockingly managed to won this game with five Control Points. This was most like due to the player I was up against was a newest player who had not play in a long time. This placed me (shock horror) on the top table of the second round.
On the second round I was up against Glenn who was using Retribution. He won the game in the fastest time of the tournament at eighteen minutes as he could shoot though my Vectors to do boosted damage to my Warcaster. Oh well there are ups and down.
On the final round I was up against Niall for the second time this week and he was using Menoth. It was a longer fight, but he managed to win by control points as I could not get close to the objective at all.
Over all I ended up in eight place out of ten (third to last). My highest place so far. Show that I may be improving. Lewis won the tournament and Joe Mead is winning the Grand Championship (based on all of this year’s Warmachine/Hordes tournaments at MK, plus bonus points). I am at 14th place in the Grand Championship out of forty player. This is most likely due to me using fully painted armies (one of the bonuses available).  
Afterwards I have an extra game against Luke. I used a different Convergence force this time. One led by Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer. This was a long and close fight. It looked at one point that I was going to loss as I had just Axis and a Monitor Heavy Vector while he had three units and his Warcaster, High Exemplar Kreoss. However to speed thing up, as the game was taking ages, he change his Warcaster into combat with Axis at the end of his turn and failed to kill Axis. This gave Axis the opportunity to have Kreoss say “Hello” and “Goodbye” to his Hammers as with too almighty blows, Kreoss fell to Axis. Let none imperil the great work of the Geek Goddess AJ Lee. Opps! I mean the Machine Goddess Cyriss. Geek Goddess, Machine Goddess, same thing.


Here is my force for the first week of the Warmachine League:

High Exemplar Kreoss -5 PC (on Warjacks only)
- Hierophant 2 PC
- Vanquisher 8 PC
- Repenter 4 PC
Vassal of Menoth 2 PC
Vassal of Menoth 2 PC
Vassal Mechanik 1 PC
Initiate Tristan Durant 3 PC
- Crusader 6 PC
A six man Choir of Menoth unit 3 PC
A five man Exemplar Cinerators unit 8 PC
= 34

Here is my Avengers team for HeroClix:

Spider-Man (007 Marvel Web of Spider-Man) 78
Iron Man (201 Marvel Invincible Iron Man) 110
Moon Knight (032 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 109
Hawkeye (039 Marvel Chaos War) 98
=395 points and four TTPC’s

Here is Michael’s Avengers team for HeroClix:

Spider-Man (004 Marvel Avengers vs X-Men) 125
Iron Fist (007 Marvel Fear Itself) 80
Daredevil (015 Marvel Deadpool) 108
Wolverine (029 Marvel Chaos War) 90
=403 points and four TTPC’s

Here is Darren S’s Spider-Man Family team for HeroClix:

Silver Sable (011 Marvel Chaos War) 100
Black Cat (023 Marvel Chaos War) 65
Venom (034 Marvel Chaos War) 96
Scarlet Spider (018 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 77
Dagger (203 Marvel Amazing Spider-Man) 65
=403 points and four TTPC’s

Here is my tier four The Great Machine force for the Warmachine Tournament:

Forge Master Syntherion -6 PC (On Vectors only)
- Corollary 3 PC
- Cipher 9 PC
- Inverter 8 PC
- Monitor 8 PC
- Mitigator 4 PC
- Galvanizer 0 PC
- Galvanizer 3 PC
- Mitigator 4 PC
A three man Optifex Directive unit 2 PC

And here is my force for the friendly game after the Warmachine Tournament:

Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer -6 (On Vectors only)
- Cipher 9 PC
- Corollary 3 PC
- Inverter 8 PC
- Monitor 8 PC
- Galvanizer 3 PC
Accretion Servitors 1 PC
A five bot Reciprocators 9 PC

“Future Events”

These are local gaming events in Milton Keynes I know of, Guardians of Tyr events at Wargames Workshop Northampton and other events I plan on going to or want to advertise.

·         On Mondays (not including Bank Holidays) at Wargames Workshop MK is Wargaming and board games night.
·         On Tuesdays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Card games night (or is it just Magic the Gathering).
·         On Thursdays York House in Stony Stratford is open from Wargamers and Boardgamers.
·         On Fridays at Wargames Workshop MK it is Friday Night Magic.
·         On Monday the 22nd of September, Guardians of Tyr will be running the second week of their Warmachine/Hoards league at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Thursday the 25th of September, there should be HeroClix at York House in Stony Stratford. The scenario will be "Batman Beings".
·         On Friday the 3rd of October, Guardians of Tyr will be running a High Command tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 4th of October, Guardians of Tyr will be running both a DreadBall and Zombicide tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 18th of  October, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Warhammer 40,000 tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Sunday the 19th of October, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop Northampton.
·         On Saturday the 1st of November, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Star Wars X-Wing tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 15th of November, Guardians of Tyr will be running a Steam Roller Warmachine/Hoards tournament at Wargames Workshop MK.
·         On Saturday the 29th of November, Mantic will be having one of their Open Days at their Nottingham HQ.

Wargames Workshop MK has a £2 gaming fee or £4 with a pack of Magic the Gathering cards unless it is a paid tournament run by Guardians of Tyr (not including High Command). Weekday events normally start “playing” at 7PM.

For rules for Guardians of Tyr tournaments and leagues as well as information on pre booking your place in tournament. Pre booking is highly recommended so they know how many people are coming. So please go to their website which there is a link to it under my links section which are located on the right hand side of this blog.

York House has a £3 on the day gaming fee and a £5 fee for a year’s membership. However the first day is free and they only take yearly membership fee at the start of the year. The Hall officially opens at 7PM, but normally people start arrived 15 to 20 minutes early.

“Wargames Workshop MK Warmachine/Hoard League 2014 Painting Challenge Day 6 of 28”

Here is what my paint table looked like last night before going to bed.

Here is a closer look of the five I am focusing on at the moment.

And Here are the figures I have finished yesterday.

That is one more hobby point done making my total to be seven so far.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.