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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Neoscream's Life: 21st to 27th October 2014

Welcome to the Neoscream's Life post. This is a weekly post of some of the things I have done during last week and news on the great Geek Goddess, AJ.

First off I like to talk about some changes to the “Neoscream’s Life” that have been going on for a month (or two) and changes that are starting today due to the past changes. In the past I use to write the post as it was the current week. A while age I changed it to the past temps as I post it on a Tuesday morning and knew most people would read it later as well.
However I had still done the “Watch, Listen and Read” section in “This week’s” and “Last week’s”, which was fine with weekend show like Wekenders, but terrible for shows like WWE Raw which airs on a Monday. Because of this I have changed it to “This week’s” to “That week’s” and “Last week’s” to “The previous week’s” (was not used in this post).

Gundam Build Fighter Try

For most of the week, work has been crap but a bit more liveable. But on Friday I wanted to finish ten/fifteen minutes early as I wanted to speak to Shenell before she started about a story I asked her to read last week (I might start posting it here at a later date) plus I wanted to worn her about something. I thought it would be fine as most of the other counter staff who were in finished at eight and ten and I started at least two hours before them. However at about just gone 4:30 the manager let both the eight o'clock people finish and the ten o'clock person to go on a second break. Beep. Beep. Beep. When the ten o'clock person, came back from break, Aura the new manager had a quite word with me to find out why I was upset. The reason why they ended up finishing before me was that they were moaning to finish early all day (just like every day) while I was waiting unit 4:45 to ask if I could go then as we “had” the stuff and if was only fifteen minutes. I was not too happy at first but over time I did feel better with work by Saturday from talking to her. Anyway I ended up finishing at five to which ended up being too late as Shenell had just clock in and needed to have important works with Aura about next Saturday (which was the thing I wanted to worn her about). I will not be going over this as it is not my personal problem and I should not make it my problem, but I am on Shennel’s side over it.

Life is tough and feels lonely, but I just have to keep on going. I have applied for a bunch of new jobs during the week as well. Sadly there has been no real relies yet. This is always the way sadly.

Lastly is the current Hasslefree Miniatures Sculpting Contest news. Sadly still no bill or news at the moment. This means that one of my ideas is useless now as I cannot get a set painted by the end of October for a birthday gift for Shenell. C'est La Vie. There is always Christmas like with everyone else. Damn it I revealed why I brought a ton of extra copies.

"AJ and the WWE"

AJ and Alicia Fox had two matches against each other last week. The first one was on Raw. AJ sadly lost the match due to Paige interfering. The second match was on Smackdown. Paige tried interfering in the match again, but AJ managed to counter in by throwing Alicia Fox into Paige. They clashed heads and AJ got the win.

Like normal the Hell in the Cell pay-per-view will be covered in next week’s post.

“Watch, Listen and Read”

KickStarter: Backed and paid for a team from Slaughterball.

Watched: That week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Watched: Episode 2 of Gotham.
Received: A unit of Cygnar Rangers.

WLR: Nothing.

Received: A Cygnar Hunter Light Warjack.
KickStarter: Backed Paranoia.

Watched: That week’s episodes of Weekenders and WWE Smackdown, as well as episodes 1 to 3 of Gundam Build Fighters Try.
Received: My Kindom Death order with Archivist and White Knight. Sadly I had to pay £14.43 due to customs. BEEP. Oh and yes I did forget to list it on the in the post part. Oh and I got the free Beasts of War game LocaliZed.
Cardfighter Vanguard 
Brought and Received: Some bits to build bases for my two Wet Nurses, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Lego Batman the movie: DC Super Heroes Unite and the new RoboCop movie.

Watched: That week’s episode of Weekenders XLBS and episodes 1 to 11 of Cardfight Vanguard.

Still in the post or soon be should
Resin Bases from Wayland (STILL).
Hasslefree Miniatures Sculpting Contest entry prizes and my greens.
Wave one of Robotech RPG Tactics.

Until next time, Keep Rolling.