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Friday, 11 March 2011

1 Year of Neoscream's Log

Me on the right hand side cosplaying as
Kakashi from Naruto with my friend Simon
on the left a a pirate
Well it is one year to the day when I first started writing Neoscream's Log. When I started it, it was a record of dreams and on line chat with Blaire. I also started to write down some thoughts and feelings on things like Blaire. Was a daily log at first, but I found it hard to keep up with the logs so I decided to make it weekly and to share them with Blaire. I also started to add more stuff to the log, Wii Fit training Miis, the stuff I have watched and my Heroclix games. Then one day, Blaire made an ultimatum, start posting it on line or she would not read it any more. I asked her if there is any good web sites top do it and she pointed me to Blogger, also known as Blog Spot. However I will leave the story here until the 6th of April. The one year Anniversary of the Neoscream's Life Blog. Here is the first ever log I made again. Also I have added several new labels. Enjoy!

11th March 2010 Dream log
The other night I had a very odd dream. In the dream I was a super hacker that went by the name Zero in the hacking world. I was more or less a good guy hacker, who helps the law most of the time. Also my mum it the dream owned a very powerful and well known business. Well in the dream I decided to hack into some chat room software to get some details on a girl I know online who goes by the user name Blaire. Details like real name and where she lived in the USA. I travelled to the USA (as I live in the UK) under a fake name, for some odd reason the fake name sounded Asian and it began with a Z. The plan was to “bump” into her and then chat her up. Then there was a blur of event or maybe the dream skipped a part, sorry can’t remember. Next thing I remember from the dream I had take Blaire to very expansive restaurant. Then a waiter came up to me and told me that there was a call for me in the lobby. I headed off to the lobby leave Blaire waiting at the table. In lobby there was a holographic image of a being on light. This is the phone call. It said that it was Zero and that it was working for a person with the same fake name that I was using. It also said that they was holding my mum’s company for ransom. People all around reacted to my family name. A young male detective was there and heared everything. He said he would help find this person. I decided to tell him the truth about me but not here. He said it would be best to go up stairs where there was a private party for law enforcement. I told Blaire that I had to go because of family problems as I paid the bill and then I went up stairs with the detective. It was a smallest place with a small self service bar/kitchen and a court stair in the middle of the room. There was just over a dozen people there. They were a mix of British and American detectives. One look a lot like a mix of Robert Hardy and Bill Paterson. That one was very drunk. The detective I went up with went to the bar/kitchen to make some hot drinks. The Robert/Bill person asked my why is there a court stand in this room. I replied I don’t know why. He said, useless, there must be a reason why it is in here. The detective I came up with said, don’t worry about him, he is drunk out of his head. And that were the dream ended.