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Thursday, 3 March 2011

CosmicBreak News Update, the 3rd of March

This week's maintenance is complete on Cosmic Break and here are all the new stuff and changes. First off, Patty Lop, older of the Lop Sisters, is now available in the new Garapon, Lop-Gara 2, which includes other new robots like the Vanguard Fencer. Also Cosmo Regret ALPHA has been added to one or both of the UC Garapons. Other changes they have done are:  

The Quest Mode layout has been shuffled.

Both the EVE Garapon and the limited edition blond haired Shop version of Renny Lop have been removed from Shop

And the 50% off sale of Shield Shotgun, Rail Gun, SB Pitcher, Chainsaw has ended.

Well that is all for this week sorry. Not even a time table for this month. Until next time, have fun.