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Friday, 11 March 2011

CosmicBreak News Update, the 10th of March

Well this week’s updates for Cosmic Break are up now and the winners of the Fan Art contest have been reviled.  First off [SP] Lotto Cube as Double Login Prize. You will now automatically get 1 FREE [SP] Lotto Cube as one of your Double Login Campaign Prizes until the April the 7th. When you use a [SP] Lotto Cube in your Garage, you will be asked to choose 1 from 5 SPECIAL Lucky Cubes to open. These Cubes include, but are not limited to, Robots, Parts, Accesories, and Items. Also there is a chance to get a [SP] Lotto Cube as a Drop Item too.

Next we have the 3 Month Anniversary Campaign. All Accounts which were created before today’s maintenance (March the 10th) will receive: 2 [Ro] Cube Alpha + 1 [A1] Challenge Cube Alpha + 1 [A1] Challenge Cube Beta. You will receive your 4 Cubes when you next login. However, you must log into Cosmic Break before the next maintenance (March the 17th) to claim you prize.

Next, a new Garapon has been added to the Shop, Weekly Gara. Like the name says, the prizes for Weekly Gara will change every week. This has released the Mecha Gara. Also two new Rt Weapons have been added to Shop. They will be 30% OFF for a limited time. There is the Cocktail Bomb (1 slot) A fairly simple bomb made with a fuse and liquid fuel. Explodes when given impact 20 Rt 14 Rt. And the Altair Blaster (1 slot) A blaster designed after Aquila's internal weapon 24 Rt 18 Rt.

Next the prizes for the following campaigns and events have been distributed: Union Wars Battle Campaign, Fanart Contest and Lily Rain EVE Challenge. The Fanart will not be used as loading screen until the next maintenance.

Next there have been two changes to the arena. The Level 5 Rooms have been bumped down from the top position on the room list and a second New Heroes Only Room has been added.

Lastly a new robot has been added to the game Tentrion. You can only get this robot by collecting all its Drop Parts. Tentrion Parts have been added to Quests and Mission's Drop List. Well that is it for this week. Until next time, have fun.