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Sunday, 13 March 2011

250th post!!!!! Cosplay Deviants: Noel and Black Ladybug - Forever

Welcome to the 250th post. I would like to talk a little about the blog before going back to the normal act of posting. It has been just two months since the 200th post and a fill things have change. In the space of time the blog went from just three of the posts have hit the 1,000 viewed mark too seven. And the Heroclix posts are starting to overtake the Cosplay Deviants one. As I write this post the top five post of the blog are:

"Cosplay Deviants: Noel - Destined" which is sitting on 1,513 views and was not over 1,000 post two months ago.

Heroclix 7th October, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Four” which is sitting on 1,588 views and was not over 1,000 post two months ago.

Heroclix 10th of February, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Eleven” which is sitting on 1,853 views and was not over 1,000 post two months ago.

"Cosplay Deviants" which is sitting on 3,185 views but it was on 2,495 two months ago.

And "Cosplay Deviants - Noel - Kokiri girl" is sitting at a whopping 4,048 views but it was on 3,125 views two months ago.

Well let me get on to the real post. This week’s gallery from Cosplay Deviants was of the Deviants Noel and Black Ladybug. They were cosplaying as Hikari Konohana and Amane Otori from Strawberry Panic. Never seen the anime. It was taken by fellow deviant Kassandra. It was a nice set, it was not reviling and they kept pants on.

Currently the known up and coming galleries I am looking forward are Noel's Sakura custom from Naruto: Shippuuden and Maka custom from Soul Eater and Jsice's Yuna Summoner custom from Final Fantasy X,  Squall Leonhart the rule 63 version from Final Fantasy and Holo custom from Spice & Wolf. Sadly I do not have a clue of any Quinn sets that are awaiting to be posted on Cosplay Deviants. Until next time, have fun.