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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 7th to the 13 of March

Mark V Iron Man Armour
Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week works was messing around with my hours, but what does is week's post have hold for me.

On Monday morning, I was phoned up by work at about 9:15AM asking if I could start at 10AM. Due the late notice I could not make it in time, however I said I could be there for 10:30AM and they said fine. So I started work at 10:30AM and finished about 3PM. When I got home I finished off write last week's Neoscream's Life. I also watched eight episodes of Naruto. In Shippuden I had finished the Three-Tailed Beast filler arch and start :spoiler: the death of Orochimaru. :end spoiler: As I went to bed, I recived a Twitter from Blaire, roughly say that she had no sleep the night before. I did not post a reply as I was too tired.

Tuesday was a day off work for me. I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post and the the next part of DreamClix Dial Designs posts. As I was working on the dial post I worked on the dials for last week's Heroclix post too. As they took too long to do I ended up not going to the gym. I also ordered the Brightness Day box set and preordered the Giant-Size X-Men set. I had them sent to the Post Office my mum worked at as it would be easier than picking them up from the sorting office. Durring the day I watched a lot more Naruto, ten episodes. With Shippuden Sasuke has put together his own team to hunt down his brother.

Kakashi's team in Kakashi Gaiden
On Wednesday morning I got a call from work at 10:15AM asking if I could start at 11AM. Due the late notice, again, I could not make it in time. However I said I could be there for 11:30AM and they said fine. So I started work at 11:30AM and finished about 3PM. After work I head to the gym for an hour. When I got home I learnt my Brightnest Day set had arrived. I ended up watch six more episodes Naruto. They finally showed Kakashi Gaiden in Shippuden. This is a flasgh back story showing how Kakashi gained his Sharingan eye. As Kakashi is one of my favourate characters, so I have been wanting to see this story.

By Thursday morning I startwed to worry there has not been any signs of Blaire. OK I might have missed her on MFC as my internet connection has been playing up, but there has not been any Twitters from her since the zero sleep one. I worked from 11AM to 3:30PM. On the way home, I Twittered Blaire asking how she was. When I got home I manage to get the time to watch a Naruto film before going to Heroclix. When I got home I went on to Cosmic Break to see what I get from the Unions Wars Campaign, the three month anniversary and the daily logging. I manage to get three new robots. Herr Victor, Boiledeck EG and Koko Gaap with pink hair. I was thinking of nicking the arms of Herr Victor to give to a true robot (not a Moe) and making Rumble from Transformers, however the arms can only be given to Air type robots.

On Friday morning, as I was writing up what happened at Heroclix, I post the trailer of the third Gundam Unicorn episode on to my blog. Thanks to Bandi for the link. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM. As I had a ton of blog posts to do today I decided not to go to the gym. When I got home I wrote and post the One Year of Neoscream's Log special as I updated the main blogs labels. I added six new labels, three major animes to my and three main comic books to me. These were Gundam, Code Geass, Evangelion, Iron Man, Batman and X-Men. Still ifing and umming about adding Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Thor, Spider-Man and Green Larntan, but I do not want to over load my label as have too many labels caused problems ages ago. Then I realised I forgot to post the CosmicBreak post. I had it all writen out on Word but never posted it yesterday. After that I posted the Heroclix post and then the third Pilot Skills list on my MS Wars blog. While doing all of this I learnt about want had happened in Japain. I hope they will be able to recover quickly. Before going to bed I manage to watch two more episodes of Naruto. I also checked HCRealms and found that the preview of the Blob from Giant Size X-Men is now out after doing the Heroclix post. Danm it.

Blaire on Saturday
At about 5AM on Saturday morning Blaire came on-line. She had been bon due to a leak of sleep. What is it with everybody this week feeling tired? That includes myself. She was telling a sexy story she found and having fun with cudda. I helped my mum do the food shopping and then headed to coffee. Oh crap and I forgot to say, I sadly have the day, well weekend off. At coffee were just Darren and Richard. Still no Jake. Richard told us he is planning a WORMS party for ever the 2nd or 9th of Apirl. You all should remember the game, worm blowing each other up. We still need to decide on a formate to play it on. Wii, X-Box 360, PC or Playstation? I might try to get it for the DS so more games can happen at once. Richard said Jake will try to see if we can do it his due to his BIG TV screen. After coffee we had a look in Waterstones and then in HMV. At HMV they have a couple of Nintendo 3DSs out on display showing off their 3D screen and Augmented Reality. WOW, it was fantastic. The new hand held felt nice and little and looks great in Aqua. Afterwards we went to two other places before heading home. Richard picked me up again at 4:30AM for role-play, as we decided that to do it today as I was off work. Peter’s game was interesting and it looks like it will go into occult stuff when the party is skilled in sci-fi stuff. I talked more about Mecha role-play and Nathaen talked me into swooping from D20 Mecha to Mekton Zeta. However I am now thinks of doing an advencer in a known anime univeres to get use to the system. Maybe something like Code Geass or Break Blade. Also Nathean said that he will not be able to do role-play next week as he is away seeing old friends. By the end of the day my throat was acting up.

Code Geass Knightmare Frames
On Sunday I was off work again. My throat was hurting. I did not do much because of it a apart from making four posts. The first one was a Cosplay Deviants which was the 250th post. The next two posts were DreamClix Dial Design post, one for yesterday and one for today. And the last post was the Watch, Listen and Read post for the full work. I phoned work in the evening to find out what time I was starting work on Monday and was told that I am next in work 12PM Tuesday. Well it gives me one more day for my throat to recover. I manage to watch eight more episodes of Naruto. In Shippuden I have gotten to the fight between Jiraiya and Pain.

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them. Oh and yes there is a change in plan for the MS Wars blog posts:

Wednesday 16th March: Human Horse Back Riders (MS Wars only).
Thursday 17th March: Cosmic Break News Update.
Friday 18th March: Heroclix.
Sunday 20th March: Watch, Listen and Read and DreamClix Dial Designs part 7.
Monday 21st March: Jaeger Small ABRACU (MS Wars only).
Tuesday 22nd March: Neoscream's Life and DreamClix Dials List part 8 (Maybe).
Unknown: Cosplay Devients.

Until next time, have fun.