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Friday, 4 March 2011

Heroclix 3rd March, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Week Twelve, THE END

Welcome to another Heroclix post. This week is doing the last week of the Campaign. The games will be round 35 is a 400 points game, round 36 is a 300 points game, round 37 is a 500 points game, round 38 is a 500 points game and round 39 was going to be a 500 points game however we did not have the time. Please note that all the 500 points games were three actions too. There was no Luce this week as he could not make it.

For Round 35, I used a non-themed DC good guy team.

Batman (Vet Legacy) 111
Cosmic Boy (Legion of Super Heroes) 70
Dream Girl (Justice League) 231
Nightwing (Crisis) 79
Robin (79 points Crisis) 79 389
=389 points and no re-rolls.

In this round I was up ageist Adrian with his Avengers team.

Iron Fist (Secret Invasion) 70
Spider Girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Luke Cage (Avengers) 85 + Fantasatic Four ATA 5 = 90
Iron Man (Mutations and Monsters) 100
Invisible Girl (Clobberin Time) 57 + Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 62
=399 points and two re-rolls.

Adrian was wild carding onto both Iron Fist and Spider Girl. I managed to take out his Iron Man, but sadly he took out my Batman and I ended up losing due to points. For next round, Round 36, I used a non-themed DC villans team. I had to recrut a new figure for this team.

Dr. Alchemy (Justice League) 62
Ra’s al-Ghul (Vet Legacy) 108
Thinker (Arkham Asylum) 55
Lashina (Arkham Asylum) 72
=297 points and no re-rolls.

In this round I was up ageist Adam with his Teen Titans team.

Nightwing (Crisis) 79 + Contingency Plan 12 = 91
Roy Harper (Crisis) 53 + Armour Piecing 10 = 63
Beast Boy (75th) 60 (Human, Bear and T-Rex)
Liberty Belle (Crisis) 84
=298 points and two re-rolls.

This was a tough I took out Beast Boy and Liberty Belle but he took out my whole team so I ended up losing. For the next, Round 37, I used my massive X-Men team.

Alex Summers (LE Mutant Mayhem) 35
Beast (Mutations and Monsters) 73
Cuckoo (Mutations and Monsters) 40
Cyclops (Mutations and Monsters) 50
Havok (Vet Mutant Mayhem) 44
Jean Grey (Rook Universe) 31
Karma (Vet Fantastic Forces) 59
Storm (Danger Room) 40
Warpath (Web of Spiderman) 70 + X-Force 4 = 74 446
Shadowcat (Exp Siniter) 54
=500 points and five re-rolls.

In this round I was up ageist Micheal with his Fantastic Four team.

Invisible Girl (Clobberin Time) 57 + Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 62
Mr. Fantastic (Secret Invasion) 100+ Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 105
Human Touch (Secret Invasion) 100+ Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 105
The Thing (Secret Invasion) 100+ Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 105
Black Panther (Clobberin Time) 46 + Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 51
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) 50+ Fantastic Four ATA 5 = 55
=483 points and three re-rolls.

I reallised at the begin of the game I had a major problem. I have ten characters and only one of them with Leadership while I only have three actions a turn. Also I was up ageist another team using the flipping Fantastic Four ATA at 19 defence. Luckly I manage to take out the Thing and one other by time and my whole team were still standing the only three guys who took damage. So I managed to win that one. For Round 38 I planned to use my Avengers team.

Iron Man (Web of Spider-Man) 202
Quicksilver (Exp Armour Wars) 62
Spider-Girl (Secret Invasion) 77
Spider-Man (Secret Invasion) 50
Justice (Vet Supernover) 94
=485 points and two re-rolls.

In this round I was up ageist Darren with his a Decetive team.

Martian Manhunter (Brightest Day) 158
The Question (Arkham Asylum) 37
Robin (Arkham Asylum) 66
Nightwing and Starfire (Crisis) 125
Batman (Justice League) 75
Question (Origin) 40
=501 points and three re-rolls.

Darren's Decetive team was really nasty. Lots of Stealth, Outwit and Perplex. Sadly my team was many a range team so I struggled to do anything. But I had only lost both Spider-Man and Spider-Girl by time. So I lost, but not as badly as it could have been. For what was ment to be the last round I could not plan anything as my remaining figures could not be used togather. Luckly I was getting the bye when people sat down to play but than Darren reallised the time and called the lost round off. Adam manage to won this week however Darren overwealmly won the campaign.

I would like to talk bit about the figures I use in the campaign. Cyclops and Storm were fantastic the amount of OK they sorced was massive and for there points valve it is a shocker. However if it was not for Jean Grey's TK, they would nort have done as will. X-Men rule. Robot was a wast of time. I only used him two or twice and then the last three weeks I could not use him at all. I should have gotten a DC or Marvel scientist of about 100 points instead. Never mind. On a slightly defferent note, even tho I did not use him, Metron was too powerful in 200 points games. Only mind control could do something about him. There are no plans on doing another campain for awhile, however I might think of doing some work on one in four to six months time.

Next week we will be running a scenario that I designed for ShounenClix called "Protect the Bridge Builder”. I will give the main details about it next week, but the build will be 300 points standard House Rules.

This week's previews for Giant Size X-Men was Hulk as the Horseman of WAR, Wolverine as the Horseman of DEATH, Caliban, Angel and Archangel. The Hulk seems great however he is too violable to Outwit for his own good and the Angels are both great. Also the Superman set will be the next main set than a single figure booster set like Green Lantern or Captain America.

This week's DreamClix I am doing for ShounenClix doing dial designs for the Marine generic from One Piece and L from Death Note. For MAClix I will be doing the Madripoor Thugs and the dial designs for Zodiac Warrior Sagittarius and the generic Armoured Soldier from the Iron Man anime and for MechaClix I will be doing Manimo, K-Ogre and maybe Destructor Girl from Cosmic Break.

First off are the Madripoor Thugs from the Wolverine anime. They should have Stealth and Close Combat Expert. They should have about three clicks of health and starting states of Movement 6, Attack 9, Defence 15, Damage 1 and Range 4 with one target. They should have no TA and the keyword Madripoor.

Next are the dial designs for the Marine generic from One Piece, L from Death Note and Zodiac Warrior Sagittarius and the generic Armoured Soldier from the Iron Man.

Next is Manimo (this might be the Japanese name) from Cosmic Break. It is a heavy melee and armoured minion of Chaos. It should have “LND” trait, Flight, Charge, Blades and Invulnerability. It should have about four clicks of health and starting states of Movement 8, Attack 9, Defence 15, Damage 2 and Range 0. They should have the Chaos TA and the keywords Chaos, Land and Robot.

Next is K-Ogre from Cosmic Break. From what I understand, he is a robot that is process by the Arc of Chaos or the Arc himself of his Guardian. He should have the “BOSS” trait, Flight, Earthbound, Sharpshooter, Pulse Wave, Psychic Blast, Indomitable, Impervious, Invulnerability, Toughness, Regeneration, Giant, Leadership, Close Combat Expert and Outwit.
BOSS: K-Ogre’s powers cannot be countered and he gains a +2 to his Attack value when making attacks.
He should have about eleven clicks of health and starting states of Movement 10, Attack 12, Defence 18, Damage 5 and Range 10 with two targets. He should have the Chaos TA and the keywords Ruler, Chaos and Robot.

Lastly it is Destructor Girl from Cosmic Break. A girl who loved Destructor so much that she joined the Unions to help him battle Chaos. Intelligent and good with big Guns. She at times has issues with the other two fangirls who arrived before her, Mecha Jetter Gierl and Zero Saber Girl. The three of them are known as the Cosmic Girls. Destructor Girl is a small moe Artillery robot. She should have the ART trait, Running Shot, Energy Explosion and Toughness. She should have about five clicks of health and starting states of Movement 6, Attack 10, Defence 16, Damage 3 and Range 10 with three targets. She should have the Union TA and the keywords Artillery, Moe, Robot and Union. Sorry I will do a Wonder Bit next week.

Next time in DreamClix I am planning on doing for ShounenClix, I will be doing two dial, I am not naming which ones as I do not know which ones I will be doing myself. For MAClix I will be doing the dial designs Chika Tanaka in her human and Zodiac forms and for MechaClix I am planning on doing a special which will most likely IS: Infinite Stratos. Also on the next Dream Dial List post, there will be a new dial, Nami from one Piece. Until next time, have fun.