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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Neoscream's Life, the 21st to the 27th of February

Mark III Iron Man Armour from
the films

Well another week of is now over and done with and it is time to write it up. Last week I play a lot of Pokemom and sadly I did not do that many hours at work again, but what does is week's post have hold for me.

On Monday I did some research into something. Nathaen was talking about Mekton, a Mecha based role-play game back in the 90s. Sadly the company that made it stopped supporting the system the system ages ago. There were rumours of the Gundam version being planned to be made for 2000, but it never happened. I manage to find a PDF copy of the 3rd edition version of it known as Mekton Zeta. I had a quick look at it and I found character creation seemed too short and the Mecha creation was very complax. Because of this and the fact that I never used the system before I decided to stick with D20 Mecha as I know the D20 system well as I have played in the past the Evercraft pen and paper RPG (infact I GMed that), Dungeuns and Dragons (both 3.5 and 4th ed), D20 Silver Age Sentails, Star Wars D20, Babalyon 5 and Starship Troopers, as well as owning Metamorths (Transformers in disgise). I have the D20 Mecha STD PDFs and the D20 Mecha Compendium, but I had a hard time finding things. So I decided to look for a PDF of the book, but could only find it as a pay to download. It was about £7. I decided to look on Amazon for the book. I found a second hand one for £17 with £3 postage.  I decided to buy the book so I would have a hard copy of it which would be earier to use. I worked from 11AM to 4:30PM. I did not really do much after getting home, watch stuff and played a bit of Pokemon. Manage to do the next to gyms. Having Fly now makes collecting berries easier.

On Tuesday it was my day off like normal. I went to the gym and went food shopping with my parents. My legs were killing me all day afterwards. I really should have rested for half an hour inbetween. Well in fact we were planning to have lunch before shopping but due to my mum have tummy problems at the last moment things changed. When I get home I posted both the MS Wars Update and last week's Neoscream's Life posts other then watching so stuff that was really it for Tuesday.

Blaire on Wednesday
On Wednesday I woke up to find that Blaire was already on cam. MFC must have crashed durring the night and I did not hear my phone going off to say that there was a Twitter from her. She spend most of the time in Private setions. After she left I did some work on my Heroclix post before heading to work. I worked from 11AM to 5PM. Then I got home I found I had received D20 Mecha in the post. I had mixed thoughts about the book. I thought in was a big book like must most rule books so I was OK with spending £20 on it, but it was a thin book. However it was pack with a lot of extras like examples of useful things that were not in the Compaium like a tank, a fighter jet and a space station. It also has a two and a half page quick guide for making mechs. Its a great book, but I am thinking that I should have gone for the PDF version than the book it self. Never mind. I did a lot more work on my Heroclix post and got the dial designs readly.

Blaire on Thurday
On Thursday morning I receved at Twitter for Blaire about 5AM saying that she would be on in half an hour’s time. So I went back to bed until she came on. About an hour after she said she would be on she finally came on. That is standard for most people I know, always late. She had adptided a new dog the she has called Kola. After she left I did some more work on the Heroclix post. The ShounenClix special was taking longer than I thought and I decided that I have to dump the MechaClix part for the week. I had decided on doing a Code Geass for it but sadly you all have to want. I so wanted to do a killer Zero. I worked from 11AM to 3PM. After Heroclix I quickly write and posted the Cosmic Break post before going to bed.

Quickly on Friday morning I posted the next MS Wars post before going out to do some clothe shopping with my mum. Both me and my mum needed two pairs of non-work trasors. After a long shop due to my mum's trasors, I headed to work while my mum headed off to get a haircut. I worked from 12PM to 3:30PM. As I forgot my gym stuff at home I went to get a well needed hair cut which took forever. When I got home at 5:30PM I worked on and finished off the Heroclix post before going to bed. Oh and I cheecked with Darren H if coffee was still happening as Richard was away this weekend. He replied yes.

Early Saturday morning Blaire come on-line. She was meant to be introduting a new model to MFC, KimmieKandie. However due to problems outside her home, she went off cam before her friend came on. She origally said she would come back later but she decided not to later. I learnt that what happened to a nabor was run over by their ex. Before head off to coffee I had another look at character creation for Mekton. I really like the character background tables for it, however other than that the game mechanic character creation is very small. I might nick the background and modify it slight. At coffee I receved a text from Darren H at about 10:30AM, when we were meeting for coffee, saying that he would be late to coffe as he had to give his brother a lift to somewhere. He ended up turning up at 11:20AM, almost an hour late. That proves that Blaire is as bad as the rest of my friend. I worked for 12PM to 4:15PM. During the evening Blaire posted a Twitter saying that she could not find what she wanted on I know that there should be on Amazon as I had seen one a while ago. So I searched and managed to find it. I gave the link to Blaire and went to bed, after some Twitter posts.

Blaire on Saturday
Like normal, Sunday was my day off work. As my mum forgot a couple of bits when she did the food shopping on Friday, we went out to get the missing bit. There was no Role Play this week as Richard was away for the weekend, the reason he was not at coffee yesterday. I posted the first of the Dial Design posts that I am doing. Then I re-added the Twitter feed to my main blog which I kept on forgetting to do. Before head to bed I download the Mektron Zeta Plus book on PDF to see if there was anything new to character creation in it and posted the late post of the week and maybe the month, Watch Listen and Read. The only thing extra Mektron Zeta Plus for character creation was adding Psionics (Psychic powers) to the game. The book just expands on the mech building rules than anything else. 

Well that is another week over and done with. Here is a list of up and coming blog post and the planned (not set) dates for them:

Thrusday 3rd March: Cosmic Brek News Update.
Friday 4th March: Heroclix.
Sunday 6th March: Watch, Listen and Read, DreamClix Dial Designs part 2 and Units: Gladstone Troop Transport and update Human Heavy Weapon Team (MS Wars only).
Tuesday 8th March: Neoscream's Life.
Unknown: Lables A to Z and Cosplay Devients.

Until next time, have fun.