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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Neoscream's Life for the week of the 20th to the 26th of August

MSM-10 Zock
Welcome to another week of my life. For those new  to the blog, the "Neoscream's Life" posts are basically a weekly dairy of mine. The week before last was Darren H's birthday party, but did last week bring.

On Monday morning both me and my mum went to BnQ to look at planets. Sadly we could not see anything my mum liked. After that I went to work for a 9:50AM start, however management had changed the time table to 'f'ing 12PM. Luckily they let me start at 11AM. I used to spear hour working on last week's Neoscream's Life post. I finished work at 5:10PM.
Watched: Batman: The Dark Knight.

On Tuesday morning I posted last week's Neoscream's Life post. I started work at 11AM and I was down to finish at 4PM. I was planning on watching the 5:30PM viewing of the new Batman film with my mum, but I ended up stuck at work until 5PM which would be cutting it too close. So we had to go wait around until the next viewing, at 7:20PM. We did kill a bit of time have dinner out at TGI Friday's and having a coffee. The film was great. I really like the name twist at the end and killer crocodiles underground joke. It was a well ended trilogy. I wise most things ended as clean cut as that. When I got home at 10:45PM, I looked to see if WizKids did a HeroClix figure of John Blake for the DC Batman: Dark Night Rises set. They did do a figure, but he was a Gravity Feed only figure and seemed impossible to get hold of, unless I spent about £65 on a full set of ten DC Batman: Dark Night Rises Gravity Feed. I was meant to do a 7TV team post, but never had the time.
Watched: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
Listened: Episode 329 of Anime Pulse.

On Wednesday morning I finally posted the 7TV team post before going to work. I worked from 11AM to 5:30PM.
WLR: Nothing.

Thursday was a surprise day off work. Me and my mum went to the City Centre again to get a couple of things from Marks and Spencer and Toys"R"Us that we never had time for last week. Like a new shirt or t-shirt for me for this weekend and some gifts. Me and my parents were ment to be going to a special birthday picnic for my cousins Claire's twin daughters. After that we went to do the food shopping. In the evening I went to HeroClix like normal.
WLR: Nothing.

On Friday I worked from 11AM to 5PM. In the evening I was busy with the MK HeroClix post and did a little bit of sculpting miniatures. Sadly I never got round to doing a 7TV teams post. Also we were contracted by my uncle Ivor that the picnic was cancelled and moved to Sunday next week. Sadly my dad can not get that day off so we will not be going sadly. I always enjoy seeing the family.
Watched: Most of episode 1004 of WWE Raw.

On Saturday morning was online Blaire. I had no work and coffee today as I was meant to be at a family picnic today, which was cancelled. At about 10AM or 11AM, me and my parents went to a garden center for some planets to go in the front garden. After that we doing the food shopping for the week. We also rented a couple of films. When we got back home I did some more painting, updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page and worked on the DreamClix dial designs I needed for tomorrow. I decided to do the 7TV team post on Sunday instead and to do them every four days. Also got a text message from Colette saying that there is a get together for drinks to celebrate Jake's birthday.
Watched: The end of episode 1004 of WWE Raw, this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown, episode 14 of season 2 of Transformer: Prime and episode 31 of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
Brought and Received: I received in the post Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for the Xbox 360.

Sunday was a normal day off work. I updated the DreamClix Dial Designs page again, did a 7TV Team post, the Cosmic Cosplay post and painted more figures. Finally finishing the full Section Nine team. At 8PM I went to Moon Underwater to celebrate Jake's birthday. I left at 9:30PM to catch the last number 28 bus home. Sadly the bus never tuned up and I had to wait until the last number two arrived, which was at 10:30PM. Beep, Beep, Beep. I could have stayed for another drink or two. This is why I do not like catching the last bus, they never turn up.
Watched: Real Steel, episode 44 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and episode 299 of Bleach.
Listened: Episode 96 of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast.
Brought and Received: I brought online Season One of Dragonball Z, volume 2 of Battle Angel Alita and 7TV Programme Guide: Department X.

Here is a list of posts that I will be posted during the coming week:

Thursday 30th of August: "7TV Teams: The Black Knights (100)".
Friday the 31st of August: "MK HeroClix".
Sunday the 2nd of September: "Cosmic Cosplay".
Monday the 3rd of September: "7TV Teams: Section Nine (150)".
Tuesday the 4th of September: "Neoscream's Life".

Well until next time, Mecha Up.