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Saturday, 18 August 2012

7TV Teams: Kung Fu Detective School (150)

We already had the 100 rating team, now it is time for the 150 rating team.

Brother Dragon was mutated by random lizard DNAs. He was a black belt in Kung Fu from a young age and spent most of his time ever training or studying. He was the oldest of the group of teenagers that, which with his training and knowledge made him the ideal chose to be the group’s leader. Now, ten years later he is running a special Kung Fu dojo with the help of Master Tiger and the assistances of Maid Siamese.

The 150 rating team is the same as the 100 rating team, plus the Extras:

The Skinner Twins
Ninja with Throwing Stars
Rating: 22 each
Models: Hasslefree Miniatures HFE002 Shimmer (a) and Hasslefree Miniatures HFE006 Shimmer (b).

Nishiko (will be replaced by Alyx at a later date)
Civilian Medical Expert
Rating: 6
Models: Hasslefree Miniatures HFC001 Nishiko.

Below is a picture of what the 200 rating team might look like.

Next time will be the Doctor Who Group (100). Until next time, Mecha up!