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Sunday, 26 August 2012

7TV Teams: Silicon Robotic Empire (150)

OK, this is two days later than originally planned, however I have decided to make these posts next every four days instead of ever three days.

Warpuck is the second oldest of Dioron and Dioron’s second in command. Warpuck has been chosen to lead an invasion force to Earth so they can gain control of its resources before the Hive does. Warpuck is an evil genius in warfare which is the reason he was given the title Lord of War.

In the 150 rating team is basicly the 100 rating team, however Warpuck has a Spear like hand weapon (not a Spear) instead of an Improves Weapon and some more Extras:

Silicon Warrior 2
Metalaut with Energy Blast.
Rating: 40
Model: A mech from Tekhnolog's Astroid range.

Tech Bot 1 and Tech Bot 2
Rating: 4 each
Model: Self Made.

There is no 200 points preview image this time. However a second Silicon Lord will be added in that upgrade. Next time will be the Black Knights (Code Geass) at 100 rating. Until next time, Mecha up!