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Thursday, 9 August 2012

DreamClix Special, Heads and Aches

Welcome to another DreamClix special post. This week's game was called off on the day, so the 500 points Avengers themed (Avengers, allies, foes) has been pushed back until next week. Now for the HeroClix news for this week. This week there were previews of two versions of the Thing from Marvel HeroClix 10th Anniversary; Batgirl and Oracle from DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary; and Green Arrow from DC Justice League 52. On personal news I have ordered and received the Marvel Chaos War Fast Forces.

Now for this week's DreamClix section. This week I am doing ideas for Makaku in his original form and maggot form from Battle Angel Alita, Fire Flower Mario from Mario Brothers and Makarov Dreyar from Fairy Tail. But first I have designs of Starscream in jet mode from Transformers G1; the flashback version of Lord Death from Soul Eater; Quincy Rosencreutz from Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040; a Cosplay card of Aglaia; and the team abilities Sailor Scouts and Decepticons.

Next is Makaku in his original form Battle Angel Alita. Makaku was a notorious criminal and Factory bounty. One of Desty Nova's patients, he was Alita's first significant adversary. Makaku had a varied appearance depending on what role he was fulfilling. He was fully human until he was severely burned by a pair of Scrapyard punks. After he was rescued by Nova, he received the Maggot Body, which reflected his innermost desires. It featured a very large head topped with a spike that could be fired once as a weapon. It was attached to a long, snakelike cyborg body that terminated in a spiked tail. The first cyborg that he was shown to have taken over was a large body over which he normally wore a robe that also obscured his face. After this body was destroyed, he cobbled together a makeshift body using Izuchi's limbs, using a head that he had stolen as a mask to hide his face and covering himself with a white robe. The last body that he possessed was the Power Body, a customised competition body for the Coliseum. This version of Makaku is in it first body. He should have a trait called "Second Body",  a special called "Brainz!", Stealth, Super Strength, Toughness, Shape Change, and Close Combat Expert.
Second Body: When Makaku is KO'd by an attack, place #BAA-B01 Makaku in the square this character was it.
Brainz!: If Makaku KOs an opposing character, heal him two clicks.
He should have about five clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 6, Attack 10, Defence 17, Damage 3 and Range 0. He should not have a team ability and his keywords should be Brute and Robot.

Next is Makaku in his maggot form (aka #BAA-B01 Makaku) from Battle Angel Alita. This should be a pog with Mind Control, Psychic Blast and Shape Change. His combat values of Speed 8, Attack 9, Defence 18, Damage 1 and Range 3 with one target. The next Battle Angel Alita idea should be Kinuba.

Next is Fire Flower Mario from Mario Brothers. As the name states this is Mario  with the Fire Flower power-up. He should have the trait "POWER-UP(Mario)" (seeing in last week's post), Running Shot, Toughness, Range Combat Expert and Improved Movement (ignores Hindering terrain). He should have about six clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 11, Attack 11, Defence 17, Damage 2 and Range 6 with one target. He should have the Mario Bros Allies team ability and his should not have any keywords. The next Nintendo idea should ever be Bulbasaur or Umbreon.

Next is Makarov Dreyar from Fairy Tail. Makarov is a person who is able to love and believe in people, which is the reason Purehito chose him to be his successor and take the position of Guild Master of Fairy Tail. He also dislikes being called a kid by Master Purehito for someone his age. Makarov shows extreme dislike for the Magic Council and all the rules they try to impose on guilds, believing that the skills and Magic of his guild members will not be able to grow if he makes them conform to the rules of the Council. He frequently attempts to balance reprimands from the council and the eccentricity of his guild. Despite this, at times he has to grow to his giant form to stop the insane revelling and destruction of the guild, and acts as a parent to the guild members, looking after them and encouraging or inspiring them. This parent attribute is noticeable when he worries over the destruction that the guild members may cause and tells them to try tone it down. This trait is especially obvious in the Phantom Lord arc when he is disinterested in revenge for the damage caused to the guild, but grows enraged and vengeful when he finds three of his "children" have been hurt. However, one can say this love for the guild takes priority over his own family as he has excommunicated both his son and grandson, Ivan Dreyar and Laxus Dreyar, for being a threat to the guild. He appears to hold little qualms over the age, strength or history of a prospective member as seen when he lets Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Lockser join despite them being former members of Phantom Lord. He also has his own eccentric side, wearing an unusual hat or doing insane poses. Another trait is his docile perverted nature, an example being when he hit Natsu Dragneel, Happy and Gray Fullbuster on the head for doing an S-class mission without permission but spanked Lucy Heartfilia, and spanked her again even though it was Natsu he was telling off. He also worries over the excessive damages caused by the guild members particularly Natsu, Gray, and Erza and even more so when they are grouped together. He should have Super Strength, Barrier, Invulnerability, Defend, Pulse Wave, Willpower and two specials called "Titan" and "Make Others Grow".
Titan: Makarov Dreyar has the Giant Symbol and Perplex.
Make Others Grow: Give Makarov Dreyar a power action, make a friendly character adjacent to him a size class larger until the end of your next turn.
He should have about seven or eight clicks of health and starting combat values of Speed 7, Attack 11, Defence 18, Damage 2 and Range 6 with one target. He should have the Fairy Tail Guild team ability and his keywords should be Fairy Tail Guild, Mystical and Team Wizard Saints. The next Fairy Tail idea should be Cana Alberona.

Lastly is the DreamClix Dial Designs page update news. On Sunday I did the second of the Naruto updates. There should be at least an update to the page on Sunday, which should be the third of the five Naruto updates. Well that is it for this week. Until next time, Mecha Up.